Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A good day's work.....

Lovely needlecase from Cheryll in the post on Monday..... isn't she sweet? Such pretty embroidery. Thanks Chez.....xx

Fish update....

At my last post there were quite a few comments about my little baby fish.  Well it did survive okay.  We ended up having to empty the whole pond, repot plants, clean all the stones and bricks, get achy backs .... but the fish all survived okay.

It still looks a bit murky but we can see the fish - here you can see 12 ... different sizes and colours...

the teeniest baby stays separate most of the time.... I have labelled it in this picture (just above 'baby') as he/she is hard to spot but you can see the difference in size - I don't think it is 1" long.... 

Tuesdays I spend the 'ChooseDay' girls and is where my main machine sewing takes place for the week...

At the moment we are all working on our UFO's so doing different projects - of course we always have advice and opinions on each others work, lots of cups of tea and coffee and chat chat and a lot of sewing ...

I worked on making the last 4 rows of my Tags quilt and added them on...

So now it is a finished flimsy ..... it's very soft and pretty pretty

I had enough of one of the browns in the quilt to cut strips for the binding... I will need to buy some backing ...

Big thanks to the hosts of the No Fuss SAL (Tuesday girls) who got this going.... I love it

 Somehow I managed to cut quite a bit more than I needed.... these will be used - maybe even a little something on the backing....

Next up I put together a block for Gardeners Journal.  I have had the stitcheries done for a while.

Then I worked on the backing for my Shimacho quilt.  I have used up left over pieces of my Japanese fabrics for this ......  the outside is quite scrappy as you can see but not much will show - most of it is so my backing is big enough for pinning and gripping during quilting.

I had the blocks already made so it was just sashing and borders to add

I started working on the backing for another quilt... still a bit to do on that...

A good day's work....

Righto, Gotto Go... real work to do today......


  1. Hi Fiona, just popping in to see what you are up to! As usual lots happening up your way...fantastic! Those fish are cool! Happy Sewing to you!

  2. Such a sweet needle case from Cheryll.
    Your Tag flimsy is lovely, it's nice to see all the different ones. The Tuesday Girls always organise great SALs or swaps...
    Nice fabrics you'er using for Gardener's Journal and great to have your Japanese Flimsy done too..
    lots of quilting there......

  3. Hi Fiona ,yes Chez sure is a sweetie ,what a lovely surprise for you and the other girls. Wow your Ruth's quilt is looking fantastic,well done and i want to do mine in tilda fabrics,lol. Your gardeners journal quilt is coming along nicely ,well done my friend xx

  4. What a sweet needlecase! You'll enjoy putting it to good use. Lots of loveliness with the quilts there. There will soon be lots of finishes

  5. What a busy day! The tags all look great and it's nice to see Gardeners Journal coming together. What a sweet needlecase. xx

  6. lovely little needlecase, lots of pretty little fish in your pond!
    The progress on all your projects is amazing.. loving the tilda fabrics and that brown adds such a great pop of darker colour to the other beautiful softer hues.

  7. Aren't we lucky with our sweet little Sue needlecases. You have been working very hard on your fishes....GJ is lovely....I love your fabrics. You have made so much progress on everything xx

  8. What a darling needlecase!! So glad your fish survived. My BIL lost all his when the heater broke over the winter. Love your flimsy and all your projects!!!

  9. You have had a very productive day..good to hear baby fish is ok!! Your tags flimsy is very pretty, Gardners Journal is lovely, I think I have that pattern somewhere 😆😆 the backing for your Shimacho,quilt is beautiful, could easily be another flimsy.

  10. Good to see the fish happy. Always very relaxing to sit and watch them swimming around.
    Lovely to see the finished tags flimsy. Looks gorgeous. And well done, too ,on the next gardener's journal block. Looking good, too.
    Love all the work you have done on the backing. That will make a great double sided quilt.
    Have a lovely Easter.

  11. Hi Fiona
    Congrats on the Ruth's Quilt flimsy finish - looks wonderful & I think the bind fabric you've chosen will be grand! Woo Hoo!
    Gosh your goldfish are pretty, and thanks for pointing out the Baby... so tiny♥

  12. I must have missed the first post about your wee fish, but I'm glad to see it's doing well! I kept a freshwater aquarium for many years, and of course enjoy seeing fish from the boat. Lots of pretty pieces in process for you :)

  13. Congrats on the finish of Ruth’s quilt top.


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