Sunday, November 26, 2017

This week's blocks......

I did finish off this Dutch Treat block which had been taking me ages - lots of little curves....

I'm struggling with motivation for this one at the moment - must keep going though

Some progress has been made with my cushions.... I have quilted the tops and backs ...

I like doing the envelope style back... two pieces that overlap

I need to get out my overlocker and join them together - then I will finish off with a binding in red...

Us Tuesday girls made up 6 of our blocks each this week... here is my group....

Christine gave me a wee little piece of hers with a tiny little cat for my house.....

(my house is quite wonky - it needed quite a bit of renovating (unpicking) since the door and the cat etc were put in upside down at first! - and just was never the same after that!)

On Friday Hubz and I treated (our joint Christmas gift to each other) to a day at the Gabba Stadium to watch Day 2 of the first Ashes game....

We had a good view and has fun watching both the game and the antics in the crowd....

... of course we had a taste of the local.....

... and more for Gardener's Journal... this is actually 3 blocks but I had them all together...

So a fair bit accomplished this week ...

Righto, Gotto Go - Sunday to enjoy.... and there is loads of Cricket on TV so hopefully I will get some hand stitching done!  I still have quite a few blocks of Gardeners Journal to finish - itching to start sewing Angel Story!


  1. That such great looks a doozy....... You can have the cricket...... But glad you enjoyed a nice day out.......

  2. Hi Fiona love your Dutch treat block and you are going great guns with your other blocks,well done on those gorgeous cushion covers.
    What a lovely gift to give each other,I am with Chooky don't understand cricket,it looks boring,lol,but I am glad you both had a lovely time 💋

  3. Love your projects. Glad you had a great time at the cricket. Hugs, xx

  4. That is a lot of work with the curves, but a beautiful piece. You get a lot done with your sticheries, takes me forever for one.


  5. Your cushions are beautiful! I cannot get over your DT block! Glad you had a great day at the cricket.....there has been a bit of viewing here too x

  6. Very productive! Lovely work again on all of the blocks. And the cushions are looking great, too.
    Love going to the cricket. And it is on in the background now.

  7. Well done with persevering with that block, some seem to have that effect on us. Love the cushion fronts, they're going to be lovely. Enjoy another productive week ahead

  8. Lucky you to go to the cricket. Poor Mick has only grabbed snippets here and there so far. However, today we were diving home and he had it on in the ute all the time and now that we are home and the van unpacked he is quite settled in front of the tele. I love the way your cushions are progressing.

    1. The DT block looked tricky!
      Your cushions are great.
      You're doing well making 6 blocks with the girls each Tuesday.. hmm small blocks are hard to unpick and redo...
      Great day out at the cricket......
      Have you nearly finished the GJ ?

  9. Ooh fidly DT block - looks great though. Lovely cushions and pretty GJ block. The less said about cricket the better. xx

  10. Gosh your latest Dutch Treat block is amazing - all those curves - well done!! Your cushions look great too - are they from the Blue book? Or am I getting muddled? Cute little cat in the house block, a friend used to talk about 'needing a really good steam blasting' maybe that will help? Sounds like a fun day out at the cricket.

  11. How cute to place the kitty cat in the window... and your struggle looks like it paid off... love your Dutch Treat...but you can have your cricket... I am not a fan... and your GJ takes me back to our friends big O birthday quilt... we made it for her as a group...

  12. I'm always amazed at those Dutch Treat blocks, and this one looks like maybe the hardest of the lot? I'm also curious about using the overlocker on the pillows. Do you feel that the binding alone doesn't hold the pieces strongly enough? I haven't made very many pillow covers since I started quilting. How much overlap do you use in the back flap?

  13. You did get a lot done! The cushions are so pretty.. xx

  14. That Dutch Treat would have finished me off for sure!!! Love the house too - isn't it annoying when you get something wrong you just cant get it right again??

  15. Your Dutch treat block is beautiful, I am with Susan, it would have done my head in too! Good to hear you enjoyed the cricket, went to a game many moons ago at the MCG, it was sooooo hot, I spent the afternoon with my feet in the chillybin (eski) was a NZ vs Aus game. Your pillows look wonderful and you are making great progress with the Tuesday blocks..I like the house with the cat, it looks good! Love the gardeners journal blocks too, you are getting heaps done.

  16. I always love to see what you're up to Fiona... such a great variety of projects happening... how cute is that tiny little cat in his window?!... DT, wow so many tiny short curves, but of course so skillfully stitched... Oh the cricket was so good, Joe Root did a great job & had me worrying there for a bit.


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