Thursday, November 2, 2017

Open Gardens and some sewing.....

Last weekend Hubz and I visited some Country Open Gardens nearby.  We love to see what others do with their gardens and of course get some ideas from them.....

I liked this whole setting with the old fence and corn behind it... sunflowers and in front of that beetroot with the colourful leaves... then the straw and rusted tin ducks.... very clever....

in the country it is lovely having the garden extend on forever by incorporating the view

... like this...

big expansive lawn areas....

At the next house the old man shed had a fun window....  again with a fantastic view outside

this particular garden had parts that went back many years.... old old trees and new plantings - a garden in progress....

I loved how they incorporated some of the old family vehicles and other equipment into the garden

the Jacaranda's (and those about town) are looking just stunning, especially after the rains and the lovely green grass....

The next house was right on the side of the main road.... I thought it was well disguised...

a very different garden, much smaller and full with quirky little characters...

... they used their favourite old vehicle painted and filled with plants - taking pride of place....

It was  hot day and I was glad for the breeze.  I do admire people who let others come and stomp around their place looking around.... they also had plants to sell  and a couple of them had coffee's, sandwiches etc to have there..... All funds raised went to charity.....

This week on my sewing table I am trying to sort out some of my French General scraps.  I used this range a couple of years ago for Natures Journey (yet to be quilted) and I want to make a few cushions

I am cutting as many 2 1/2" squares as I can .... then smaller squares and strips....

I do wish I was one of those people who did this at the time of finishing a project - instead of having them messed up in a big box and needing all that ironing!!

 These two little stitcheris have been done for Gardeners Journal... I still have a few to go....

I had only a little bit of this Dutch Treat one to finish ... it did take a while getting through all those edges... the next one is nice easy straight lines!

Tuesday girls did another 7 blocks.... these are mine....  We are over half way now!

Christine had her progress with her ... she is sewing her blocks into strips as she goes along and doing quilt as you go.  Doesn't it look fantastic and so different with a change of fabrics.....  It's really fun doing a project like this together. 

Righto, Gotto Go..... have a lovely day!  I'm off to sew (surprise surprise!)


  1. Thank you Fiona for sharing these wonderful gardens with us. It was fun walking thru them with you. Love your DT as always. I guess this one isn't reverse applique, right? The golden fabric was applique on top? It's awesome! Great job!! ;^)

  2. Those are wonderful gardens and fun ideas to give you inspiration.
    I was thinking of cutting my scraps into squares, but somethings I need a piece and it is just right, so for now, they sit in a box.


  3. Thee gardens are beautiful & very inspirational. Gorgeous blocks. Hugs, xx

  4. Great garden pictures Fiona - always good to see other peoples ideas. xx

  5. Hi Fiona wow those gardens are amazing,love they used everyday things and made them into art pieces,they are amazing.
    Boy you always amaze me my friend with the amount of beautiful work you do,well done my friend xx

  6. I love the repurposing of items, especially when they are completely different from their original purpose. Some really querky things in these gardens though. Inspiring. Xcx

  7. Stunning gardens. Also looks like a lovely day to be out and about.
    And great stitching, too.

  8. Thank you for sharing the gard3n tour. Your sewing looks great and a sweet embroidery project.

  9. Such a fun garden tour! Yay, spring!

  10. The gardens look wonderful Fiona, love the rusty ducks. Your DT block is beautiful and the other vlocks are growing very quickly!! Great idea to do quilt as you go..Christines quilt looks amazing.

  11. I loved the garden tour....especially love the welded tools in that window. You are really making some lovely projects. It is always so interesting to see how different fabrics etc make the same project. Gee lucky I didn't know about your stash of FG scraps....I would hve done a drive by...or would that be a drive up and by lol! I think I need my coffee xx

  12. love that shed window! I really want to have a go at QAYG quilt, it's getting closer to the top of my list

  13. I love that window with the tools all welded together! What a clever idea for a man cave :)

    Your French General fabrics are in all the colors I'm sewing today. Kat's charity block this month is those same muted reds and taupes. Not my usual, but I'm really enjoying it. I hope your lovely sunny weather continues!

  14. Oh I just love those gardens... I dream that one day mine will look like that... mine in Oz that is, not garden here, lol! Love your French General scraps, they will make a lovely cushion... xx


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