Monday, November 13, 2017

Lucky me......

... to get to go to a retreat this weekend (well I managed 2 of the three days).  Marion from Quilters Angel hosts this for us and it's always such fun with a lovely group ....

First thing I did was put the sashing and corner stones on quite a few of my Anthology blocks as I had got behind.....

... and they are now fitting in with all the other blocks.....  over half way now

Then I added ribbons and went around the edges for my Christmas decorations this year....
(woohoo 32 OPAM finishes in one fell swoop!!!)  Most of the work for these had been done but I just needed a bit of sit down sewing time to finish them off.

Then I sewed up the block for this months Stitch-a-long....

and finally I worked on sewing up blocks to make these stitcheries into cushion covers....  I still need to quilt them and add backings etc etc..... but it's progress.....

... once I had done the sewing I brought I just generally made a nuisance of myself - as captured here by Kris.... (hmmmmm... so much for what happens at retreat stays at retreat!!!)

We stayed at a new to us venue... lovely big room and stunning views of the local bushland

The reason I left early is our little local family signed up for a charity colour run (for RSPCA)

even after 2 washes I still have pink streaks in my hair!!

Widget needed some motivation to get covered in pink.... I was very persuasive!

Lucky me received a lovely gift this week from a friend who is downsizing her home....

Since I started my quilting about 10 years ago I have fancied a treadle machine.... this one is beautiful on the outside....

... and the inside.....

I spent a bit of time on Thursday on the phone with a friend who knows these machines and with some oiling and cleaning and learning the treadle motion I got her working... and she stitches beautifully.

I'm thrilled......

Righto, Gotto Go... I need to recouperate from the last few days....


  1. Lol! YOU, a nuisance? Noooo, I can't believe that. Anywho! You still got a lot accomplished. Love your stitchery tuned into new cushion covers. Just gorgeous! and your new toy is sublime. Oh! the fun you will have with it. Enjoy!! ;^)

  2. Hi Fiona,wow what a lovely fun post ,boy you sure did get a lot done while at retreat,well done,and boy your new machine looks awesome and how fantastic that it works,I can see you having fun on this.
    Your fun run looks like you all had so much fun,loving your pink hair,hope your day is a good one my friend 💋

  3. A very productive retreat!! Lovely seeing your work.
    And well done on the colour run, too.
    Love the old treadle. I wonder if I still know how to use one.

  4. what a beautiful machine, and so lovely to be able to use it too. Looks like a fabulous weekend

  5. You managed to get a lot done at retreat and still had time to have fun....🤣🤣
    Well done on the 32 ornie, reminded me I need to get organised too.....
    Love the way you persuaded Widget to get PINK....
    Oh how lucky are you to have such a good friend and become the owner of that magnificent treadle...something I have always wanted too! One day....

  6. Lots of luck in this post - a retreat and a new machine - looks like you were very productive too!

  7. What a busy few days. Very productive at your retreat. I’m sure pink streaks suit you. The old treadle machines are lovely.

  8. Lots of lovely projects worked on at retreat and looks like loads of fun also. Beautiful treadle machine.

  9. Oh, those stains from the colour run... good luck with getting rid of them!
    Great work from your Retreat. Do I recognise those stitcheries from a Rosalie Quinlan quilt?
    I tend to get naughty too, if I run out of project when on Retreat... but hey, someone had to do it, so it may as well be you!!

  10. Very productive whilst having fun, sounds like a win win retreat. Beautiful treadle machine, I too am lucky to have one, handed down from about 3 or 4 generations, it needs a new belt but otherwise works a treat. I saw a programme once about someone doing the most intricate work on one. Enjoy having a play. xcx

  11. Lucky you - all that stitching time, and you made good use of it.
    I have a Singer treadle but unfortunately it needs a bit more that oiling and cleaning to get it going. I learnt to sew on my Mothers and it was brilliant. I hope you enjoy your new machine. xx

  12. Your quilt is looking so lovely!!!! Lucky you going on retreat. The cushion covers are stunning. I'm so in awe of your new machine, someday I'll find a treadle - you really got a beauty hon, enjoy it!!!

  13. You've been very productive. Love the treadle machine. Hugs,xx

  14. Lots happening here Fiona....and all capped off with that lovely sewing machine...have fun!

  15. Love all the projects you worked on. What fun was the colour run lol! Poor Widget getting "pinked"! Your new machine is beautiful and well done getting it operational xx

  16. Those stitcheries for pillows are just lovely! And your new Singer machine is very exciting! My grandmother had a cabinet just like that, and I used to love opening it up and admiring how everything fit so neatly inside. I still miss her...

  17. Oh such lovely projects! And the treadle - it is on my wish list for one day!!! Congratulations! xx

  18. What a wonderful job on your Anthology quilt! I'm so envious of your new sewing machine. I would love to own a treadle, although I have no idea where I could possibly put one.

  19. sounds like a lovely retreat time..........colour runs are lots of fun...........


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