Saturday, July 22, 2017

Visiting some quilts....

It was fun seeing some of the quilts I had made and given away when I went visiting....

This is one I made my son and daughter in law.... It was done using Quilt As You Go method and the blocks sewn together with the black sashing.... (I made a smaller one with the leftovers a few years later and there is a tutorial for this HERE)

I backed each black and white pieced block with different Japanese fabrics so it is a totally reversible quilt....

As you can see I did this one in 2008.....

We had lovely warm weather when we were in the UK and whilst on the farm this was the quilt we used....  One of the black/white colours has faded but all the others have held their colour well...

This is one I made for my Mother-In-Law

It's actually one of my favourites - I love the colours and fabrics and the piecing and applique in it

I was just learning free-motion- quilting and though I am happy with what I did I can see how I have improved over the years....

It's easier to see from the back....

Mum always introduces me as her daughter in law who made her quilt (rather sweet isn't it?)

Another favourite of mine was this scrappy one which I made more recently

I have shown more about it on my blog HERE.

It was on our bed at my daughters house and I nearly took it back!!

So fun going to the houses and seeing the quilts being used....

Righto, Gotto Go.... I've got some crushed walnut shells to play with......


  1. such great compliments to see your quilts being used and loved. I would have kidnapped that last one too, it's one of my favourites of your creations.

  2. Hi Fiona awwh thats so special getting to see them being used first hand,they look great on the beds and boy i love the one you made for your MIL,and boy i think your FMQ on that is awesome,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  3. How lovely is know your quilts are appreciated, for sure!

  4. Wonderful to see hou lovely quilts & that they are being used. Hugs, xx

  5. How lovely to be able to visit your quilts. it is a fun trip down memory lane.

  6. Isn't that lovely to see your beautiful quilts loved and appreciated xx

  7. Isn't it wonderful to see that the quilts really are loved and used? They're all beautiful.

  8. It really is wonderful when the quilts we gift are used and loved . They are all lovely quilts 💖

  9. How fun to see your quilts "in action"! I was just thinking about your black and white QAYG tutorial as I am making a scrappy strings version this week. I have to go back and read the tute again when I'm ready to do the sashing.

  10. it's so lovely seeing them used too

  11. It's so good to know that your quilts are being used and loved. I love the one you made for your MIL. xx

  12. Gorgeous quilts and so nice to know they are loved! I really like the lattice quilt... want to make one of them one day... :) xx

  13. Nice to see your quilts being appreciated and loved Fiona. I remember the odd one of these from when you made them - I even went out and bought the book that the last one is in!


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