Saturday, July 8, 2017

Some more exploring....

Much to the horror of some, I am not a lover of shopping... and especially on holiday.  But I did get a couple of momentos at places we visited...

This is my latest coffee mug from Chatsworth House - it's called Tea and Biscuits and it holds a good size cuppa..... it's very pretty - my picture doesn't show the colours so clearly as they are.....

On our way out of the Peak Disrict we stopped off at Bakewell (which is where they think Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice, possible Chatsworth House being the inspiration)

I remember my Mum making a Bakewell tart.... so I could not resist a stop off here....

Bakewell Pudding - a bit different from the tarts mum made..... 

Heaven in a pie.... just so delicious (if you like almond flavour which I do) - it was "oh my goodness" kind of delicious.

I enjoy driving around the countryside... castles and church spires so often in view....

Next stop was .......

Sherwood Forest .....

Having had a disappointment with Mr Darcy not showing up I went in search of Robin Hood.....

 Sadly over the years a lot of the trees were chopped and used but there is lots of plantings growing to get it more foresty..... it was a bit disappointing for a well known Forest... and what made it worse is there were no men in green tights!

A brisk 15 minute walk got us to the big old tree - estimated to be 1000 years old.... I'm sure Robin, John, William etc would have had picnics under it.....

There are big poles holding up those big branches now and the area is fenced - there is a big hole in the base of the tree which would easily hold a person - its a lovely big old oak tree...

Here I am in Peterborough waiting for a train to take us to Norfolk...  diligently working on my ripple blanket....

Hubz family live that way ...... a little bit of night time magic was this little snuffle, sniffle hedgehog.... shy little creatures but a couple like to come and take a bit of bird food....

Adorable much......

I'm not ignoring the ripple blanket and try and do at least one row a day.... but I did miss my stitching....

... so I have done another Dutch Treat Block.....

... and I did miss my Tuesday girls sewing of houses for June.... so I have caught up my Yellow beach houses (with some donations from Lyn and Christine - thank you)

and I did miss my quilting so I had a play on a project I am working on.....

and I did miss my Gardeners Journal which I am sewing at Friday night sewing with the girls so I went last night

Righto, Gotto Go.....  I think I want to watch my favourite version of Robin Hood again.....


  1. Gorgeous mug. Oh that bakkewell tart looks so yummy. How sad that not only did Mr Darcy not show up but neither did the men in green tights. Love your block & houses. Hugs, xx

  2. Good morning Fiona,wow what an exciting holiday you had,Sherwood forest sounds lovely what a shame they have been cutting the trees down.
    Oh i havent heard of a bakewell tart,but i do love almonds might need to look up a recipe.
    Boy you sure caught up with your sewing projects and they are all lovely,well done my friend and thankyou for sharing your holiday with us .xx

  3. Very pretty cup and a lovely memories with each cuppa. I thought of Mrs Tiggiewinkle the moment I read the sniffle and snuffle....very cute! You really weren't having much luck in the famous men department lol! Your quilting is beautiful and obviously stiil working magic. Nice stitching with you last evening x

  4. I usually like to get a new mug on trips, fun to collect them from different places.
    I tend to be on the go all day and too tired to stitch at night, so my box of stitcheries had to wait till I got home.


  5. Your new mug is beautiful, with its gold rim. Awesome! Love the DT block and the cake looks so delicious. Love the polka dot plate too. Enjoy Kevin! ;^)

  6. Beautiful mug, the cake looks so yummy and your DT block at :)

  7. England has certainly changed since the early 19th Century, never mind the 13th. Your Chatsworth mug looks like one of the better souvenirs. I love the gardens there, and it's not difficult to imagine Elizabeth Bennett admiring the fountains and leafy walks (I just had to use that expression; it's so Jane Austen!).
    If you want a recipe for Bakewell tart:

    and take your pick!

  8. Looks like you had such a fun time! Love the mug and that pie looked so yummy!

  9. No blokes in green tights? Well, that's a bit disappointing......but you have a lovely mug, which will remind you of your trip each time you use it! It's nice to go away but so good to come home, isn't it?

  10. Beautiful new mug. Lovely to have seen the Hedgehog...
    Another great DT block and love the yellow houses

  11. You managed to visit a lot of places!! Glad you enjoyed the tart.
    Maybe Robin was hiding in green?
    And it looks like you are doing some good catching up on stitching now you are home, too.

  12. Very nice mug Fiona...shame the men in green tights were no there the day you visited!! Great to see the really old trees, I remember being disappointed that the forest was not really a forest to me!! Good to see you are back to your sewing, the DT block is beautiful, as is your quilting. We grew up with hedgehogs in NZ, they are cute.

  13. I had exactly the same reaction to Sherwood Forest that you did when I visited! I was expecting deep, dark dramatic WOODS and it was just sort of thinned out and sad. Clearly I needed an almond sweet tart pie to cheer me up!

    Glad to hear you are back to your stitching routines.

  14. Lovely pics Fiona. Might be just as well you didn't find Robin (Kevin) Hood in that forest ... we may not have got you back to Aus 😉

  15. not all change is for the good, lol. Lovely to see you getting back into the swing of things

  16. Nice post - lots of great places you visited. Just been looking up the difference between Bakewell pudding and tart - seems it's all in the pastry! xx

  17. It's too bad they had to fence off the tree - so lovely! Your new mug is fabulous. Love looking at all your travel pics, and your stitching - love that Dutch Treat!

  18. Wow, such an old tree - what a shame the woods were a disappointment. Nice for you to be getting back into your stitching, sewing and quilting :-)

  19. "The big tree" is called the Major Oak. It's the symbol of Nottingham as Robin Hood is ours!


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