Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Norfolk walks....

I do enjoy walking in England - I think the climate so suits it - much cooler and less sweaty!  Saying that I'm not sure how I would go walking in the winter there!!

The Norfolk beaches are lovely.....

I did love the beach houses.....

... sand and shells for ever.....

I understand the beach houses can be purchased for around 65 000 pounds.... around Aus$110 000 - considering its only a room to store a few things in ....... 

Another lovely walk was Sherringham Park - we were just a couple of weeks late for all the rhododendrons in their finest but we did get to see some of the colour ....

The foxgloves were looking lovely though....

... and another walk in another area.... fun to see the windmill there ....

July's scrap challenge is blue..... of course blue beach houses is perfect to end this post....

Righto, Gotto Go...... quilting to do....


  1. Hi Fiona i love your pics,beautiful memories,boy those beach shacks are expensive.
    Love your blue houses,well done my friend xx

  2. Hooley dooley - that's a lot of money for very little real estate! Better to stick to your pieced houses, I would say.

  3. Beautiful places to be those beach houses are pricy!!! Love the blue pieced houses.

  4. I lived in Norwich for some time and loved it best of all my UK homes. However, it does pick up some very chilly NE winds! Yes it is amazing how much beach houses can cost these days - although of course it does depend on the desirability of the area. Lovely blue houses. xx

  5. thank you for sharing your holiday with us .. Norfolk beach houses are cute and love you Blue little houses 🏡..

  6. You certainly saw some lovely country. How pretty are those foxgloves. I love your blue beach houses xx

  7. Lovely pictures. Awesome places for a rejuvenating walk. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your vacation. Enjoy! ;^)

  8. Looks like the beach houses there are on a par with the ones here in Melbourne as far as prices go. It does loo like a lovely seaside area and a nice beach.
    Lovely scrap challenge houses!

  9. So you bought one as a souvenir, right?! Love your blue houses... :)xx

  10. Your blue beach huts fit in perfectly with the rest of the post! Norfolk sounds like a pretty area.

  11. the demand for them has grown so much over the years, love seeing what people have done with theirs


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