Friday, May 26, 2017


Earlier this year I put together the top of my Splendid Sampler quilt....

I had various fat quarters of soft pastels so it is scrappy style.  I purchased fabric for the sashing and borders.

I did have lots of scraps left over - including of the sashing and borders... so I chopped and stitched and made a heap of new blocks and strips.  There were 7 of the bonus blocks I had made too which needed using...

This week I joined them together - very haphazhard..... but now I have a matching backing for my quilt.... and almost no scraps left!

Not sure whether it is my brilliance, frugal nature, insanity or just plain stupid!  No comments needed on that thanks!!! 

Wonderful to clear out this Work in Progress drawer in my sewing room... 

I also made a bit more progess on my baby quilt....

Hoping to sew the squares around the edges together this weekend.... then it needs a border ....

How pretty is my cactus outside the front door at the moment...

There is another white one behind it with big fat buds so I hope it will open up this weekend...

Yay, I have hit the triple figures with my Dutch Treat blocks.... 102/196 now...

That one on the top right was the most challenging of these blocks.... those tiny sharp points and I got a lot of frayed edges...

Ooops.. that didn't stay empty for long... giraffes and gardeners journal have taken over the drawer now!!

Righto, Gotto Go..... so many things I want to get done this weekend!  I hope you have a lovely one whatever you do.... 


  1. the quilt looks great and wonderful use of all the left overs from the are doing so well with those dutch treat block..........

  2. Love your backing. Those DT blocks look great. Hugs, xx

  3. Splendid backing for your Splendid Sampler. And no scraps left behind! Awesome! Congrats on getting that drawer empty. :^D Your giraffes are so cute. But the DT blocks are the top! Just fabulous! ;^)

  4. You are a very clever lady....crazy but clever lol! Love your SS...beautiful! Very sweet baby quilt. This cleaning out drawers is dangerous...I keep finding more ufos lol! Beautiful plant xx

  5. Good morning my friend,well done with your matching backing,this is such a lovely quilt.
    I also love your giraffe quilt,the colours are so pretty.
    Your cactus is such a pretty colour,hope you get everything you want to do done on the weekend xx

  6. I'll go with brilliant :) it looks fabulous, look forward to seeing the quilting

  7. Your backing is great - well done! The giraffe quilt is very cute too. That's a gorgeous cactus, sadly I think mine has gone to God. It was over 30 years old, though.....

  8. Wow, I am impressed with all that work. The sampler top looks wonderful and I really like the backing. How great to have so little left over.
    Love the way the giraffe quilt is coming along. That is a gorgeous design.
    And so many Dutch blocks!!
    Great work all round!

  9. You are clever with your fabrics, so good to get the backing done and have very little left over. The quilt top looks amazing. Love the DT blocks and that cactus is beautiful, such a bright colour. How quickly the ufo drawer fills huh!!!!

  10. So good to see Splendid Sampler as a top. You must be thrilled with it. I love your cactus. They are very much an indoor plant down here. Have fun with your new projects.

  11. I say brilliance, lol! Love the giraffes!

  12. Great work on both the SS and Giraffe baby 👶 Quilt ...
    Even though the DT blocks are fiddley to do they look fantastic...
    Sew many colourful flowers ar your place...

  13. Splendid sampler front & back look great. Well done on emptying the drawer, if only for a short moment. 😃

  14. I had to enlarge the sampler so I could see all those items you put in there...lovely
    Mama Bear

  15. I love a good scrappy back, and you get bonus points for using up most of your leftovers! You ARE keeping track of your quilting points, aren't you? :)

  16. I just love your splendid sampler, the fabrics you used, the whole thing... :) Well done for using the scraps on the back - I must admit I am too lazy :)xx

  17. Great way to clear up all your scraps Fiona. The baby quilt is fun and your DT blocks are looking so good. I have always called those cacti Christmas Cacti as that is mostly when they flower here, but I have a white one that has lovely buds on it too at the moment. xx

  18. Love your sampler, as always your post does not disappoint.

  19. Oh those DT blocks are just stunning... congrats on the milestone at 102!
    Splendid Sampler is looking so very pretty... there is definite wisdom in using up as much of the fabric as possible, no insanity there!

  20. The giraffes are so cute! And the Dutch Treat blocks - wow! Gorgeous. Isn't it funny how the work in progress drawer always gets filled up again so quickly!


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