Friday, January 13, 2017

The colour purple......

I mentioned before that I am joining in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by SoScrappy.  January is the colour purple.

Firstly I made up my purple scrappy basket ....

using my made up no waste quilt as you go method which I shared HERE ......

Anybody can join in to the Scrap Challenge and there is a link up HERE where it's fun to go for inspiration.

And on Tuesday I met with my Tuesday girlfriends Lyn and Christine and we started making our scrappy houses on our little vintage sewing machines....

They are pretty cute and don't take too long to sew (once you have cut out fiddly little pieces)

Here is my practice batik basket together with my new purple basket and the vintage sewing machine in my newly shabbied up bookcase....

So the bookcase used to look like this.....

We inherited the bookcase with the house but the pine with holes in it wasn't quite the look I wanted with my white cupboards

.... and at the weekend (in spite of hours of eye fluttering Hubz insisted I would get a lot more fulfillment if I did my project myself instead of him doing it!!!)

I shaked and stirred and wished it was a cocktail, but at least Poldark was there with me....

..... and here we are..... I know it's supposed to be Shabby Chic but I think I left out the chic....

... but that's the job done, I like it better than the pine brown it was and it holds my stuff just fine....

The Tuesday girls turned up with gifties the first week back......

I love the Christmas tree pincushion - with the pins being baubles and filled with sawdust which gives it a lovely weight.  It is now living with the other pincushions ..... The bottle is a home made liqueur which I tell you is just delicious, and I have a treat of it some evenings..... it's a medicinal draught to help me sleep .....

How fun.....

Righto, Gotto Go ...... now I know my fabric baskets work well I want to have the backing and wadding cut ready for next month  when we get told the new colour....


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,wow i love that basket what a great idea,think i will check the so scrappylink out,thankyou for sharing it.
    Fiona you did such a lovely job of the book case and you always crack me up,it looks fantastic ,love your gifts from your friends,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. Love the basket and quilt, fun colors too. Your bookcase came out beautifully, love how it looks with the antique white look.


  3. You did a great job on the bookcase, it looks chic to me! I like the idea of a colour a month, you will have a lovely rainbow collection of baskets.

  4. The purple basket looks great Fiona, looking forward to see your rainbow baskets. Those houses are tiny!! So many little pieces!! The bookcase looks great, well done!! Lovely pin cushion and enjoy that medicinal draught!

  5. Your colourful fabric baskets will look fabulous on the painted bookshelf....
    Nice giftie from your Tuesday friends...

  6. Wow and double wow!
    Love your baskets and your shelves...well done xx

  7. That cabinet is awesome! I love how it will hold everything. and your purple basket - perfect!

  8. You have all talents. Now you are a painter too! I think your bookshelf looks much better in white. It might not have the shabby chic look you were aiming for but it has the pioneer look that I love. Kudos to you. Love the little houses and totally smitten by your quilted basket. Thanks for the link. I believe some of these will come live at my place. ;^)

  9. Darn i thought you'd made the basket for me seeing as purple is my favourite colour. :) lol. It looks fabulous. I think the cabinet looks great. The little houses are very cute. Hugs,xx

  10. Looks like you are starting the year with some fun projects, even the painting, despite your efforts to handball that one.
    Love the idea of the baskets. I hope that the liqueur gives you beautiful dreams.

  11. Those little teensy houses are very appealing. I haven't tried any really tiny sewing. It seems like you need to be quite precise and not have too many medicinal draughts during the process...

  12. love all those purple houses, made me smile. I haven't done the RSC for a few years, used to enjoy it.

  13. Well I love your bookcase and I think it looks splendid with your baskets. I have hardly made a dent in my purple scraps with my four 6" blocks - I think your baskets are a much better idea. Cute little houses and the pincushion is lovely! xx

  14. very pretty baskets, you'll have a rainbow of them by the end of your rainbow challenge.
    love your little houses! Great makeover of your bookshelf.

  15. You are making me feel old, calling your Stella "vintage", as I've had mine since new. Don't you love that they fit nicely on a bookshelf, and a rather good looking bookshelf it is too. Once all your bits and bobs are installed th chic side of it will show its itself. It looks like you are having fun with your purples.

  16. Fun idea to make colour co-ordinated baskets for your rainbow challenge...very cute houses, liking them a lot...

  17. Great work on the fabric basket and using up scraps!!!
    Love the little houses, too. How many do you plan to make?
    And well done with the painting. I think it looks fine and already looks great with your pieces in place.

  18. Nice work Fiona...& gotta LuV your sense of humour too...xox

  19. oh you are in the rainbow challenge as well! I told Alice that I wasn't going to because I am going to do... ahem... ufo's this year :) Just catching up on all the blog reading I missed out on... you've been very busy with beautiful projects as usual! Well done and keep sewing :) xx

  20. Cute house blocks - you will have a rainbow village at the end of the year!

  21. A great start to the year with your those little houses! I'm still trying to decide on the block I want to do for my RSC this year!

  22. Your baskets look right at home in your newly shabby chic bookcase. The house blocks are fun too.


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