Sunday, January 22, 2017


The other week when I went searching for a new dog bed suitcase in the op shop I couldn't help but wander around the unwanted tablecloths and linens.....

This table cloth has a price tag of $10 so it came home with me.  I don't really need it but I thought it was so pretty and such beautiful handwork....

cross stitch and cut work filled with crochet....

so much work in those corners..... I can't even work out how that is done!

along the edges and the hemming is beauitully done too....

It's about 3 metres long and 2 wide....

very pretty.....  I keep promising myself not to collect 'stuff' ... but then I do!  

Splendid Sampler took a break over Christmas ... which was great.  This is one of the latest blocks that I had fun stitching up....

don't you love it when a 'just because' arrives in the post?  Thanks Shez for my gorgeous little angel..... she is with me in my sewing room reminding me of the freedom I am allowed in so many things.... 

I made up a couple of tote bags/shopping bags with Ausi themed fabric.  I didn't include any wadding but the curtain type fabric is nice and sturdy.  I like using these for grocery shopping but these ones are going into my gift box....

I haven't added any pockets but there is a little loop just incase one wants to loop on car keys or something.....

and finally a few more Dutch Treat blocks....... 

these are taking a little break for a bit as I want to do something else for a little while ...  like catch up on Splendid sampler and finish binding etc....

So happy this morning to have a cool breeze come in after some very welcome rain last night ....

Righto, Gotto Go..... coffee to make, coolness to enjoy....


  1. No wonder the tablecloth came home with you it is gorgeous. Looks like you have been very busy!

  2. I can see why the table cloth came home with you, it is very pretty. The shopping bags are great as are the Dutch Treat blocks, beautiful stitchery too.

  3. The tablecloth is gorgeous. I'd have brought it home too. Love the blocks & bags. Hugs, xx

  4. Glad you rescued that table cloth...remember to use it !! Always heaps of pretty things happening happening up there.

  5. Good morning my lovely friend,wow that is one amazing tablecloth,i can see why it had to come home with you,there are many hours of work on that one.
    You sure have been busy Fiona,the bags are a great idea and those blocks amazing,well done my friend and i hope your day is a good one xx

  6. You scored big with this gorgeous table cloth. I can't stop looking at it. It is a treasure to keep for sure. Love the print on those bags. Great job on the pressies. Charming angel you've received. You have wonderful friends who, obviously, think very highly of you. ;^)

  7. The tablecloth was a great find and suits the table very well. The simplicity of the Dutch Treat blocks is so attractive, but I bet they are not the thoughts you have when working with such small gaps in the fabric.

  8. Well done for rescuing that beautiful tablecloth...
    Pretty sampler block and great Dutch treat blocks.
    Clever bags too!

  9. What a gorgeous tablecloth! I inherited some lovely ones from my mother, including a beautiful linen cloth with a wide tatted lace border made my my great-aunt. The gift box is a great idea, and one I may copy......and yes, it's cooler here today too! And we have also had rain, yay!

  10. It is so hard to walk past these lovelies in op shops. You can see how much work has gone into them. Well saved.
    Lovely work with your blocks and shopping bags.
    Hope it stays cool for a bit, for you.

  11. Table cloth is a great find....
    Nice SS block and the DTs look lovely.
    Those tote bags are always handy. I have a couple that live in my car....

  12. I wouldn't have been able to leave that tablecloth behind in the shop, either. It's really beautiful! My DH's grandmother made a pretty cross stitch one that we have lovingly stored, since the table on the boat is so small. Someday I'll have a place to use it and it won't end up sad and lonely at the resale shop...

  13. That is a beautiful tablecloth and a shame when people get rid of treasures that someone made.
    I do love the willow tree pieces, and that is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift.


  14. Fabulous find....beautiful! Love all you have been up to. Such a special Angel for a special lady x

  15. Bargain on the cloth! Hoard away I say... hold on to whatever makes you smile xx

  16. The tablecloth was a great find - it is beautiful and must have taken someone hours to embroider. xx

  17. That tablecloth is beautiful!! I always feel like I'm rescuing something precious when I find vintage your angel, and your Aussie-themed tote bags, great fabric! Those Dutch Treat blocks blow me away.

  18. Oh, that tablecloth is beautiful. I've got a tablecloth I didn't need as I had to rescue it, didn't think it belonged in charity shop after the hours someone had worked on it

  19. Oh rain, how lovely for you... I'd love some of that here!
    Great find with the tablecloth; you're right, so much detailed work & skill gone into it, enjoy!

  20. Love the cloth and so big...... Great find.. Worth so much more then the $10......


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