Monday, January 16, 2017

It's a Dog's life....

My little dog's bed was looking rather worse for wear....

so off to the Op Shop I went and got this brand new fake leather suitcase for the princely sum of $5.00

I chopped the top off and glued up the sides that were loose after said top was chopped off....

.... as soon as it was made up in she hopped...

Such a cool retro dogs bed.... she and I both love it!

... and yes, she has her own quilt ...
(made by 7 year old widget who adores her)

I am still doing my Dutch Treat blocks... some weeks I get none done, and some I get 2 done...

... this is where I am up to so far..... I like the look.  This is about 1/4 of the blocks.... a bit of a way to go still!

For Christmas Hubz and I put a $15 budget on our gifts for each other - we don't really need much but it's still nice to get a gift.

I spent a few nights stitching up this motive - he was there but he is so used to me stitching he doesn't ask all the time what I am up to....

Hubz brews his own beer - and a jolly good drop it is too....

I didn't finish my stitchery in time for Christmas (I did wrap a silly mug for him)

but this T shirt has now been made up..... he wears it with great pride!!! haha

... my gift was this little box.... which of course I have managed to find treasures to fill it up with....

Righto, Gotto Go - Monday morning chores to be done.  I hope you have a lovely week


  1. I love that you had a dollar limit with DH. It encourages creativity. And it looks like a huge success for both of you. And I love what you use for a dog bed. I'd say you were overdue for a new one.

  2. Such lovely gifts. Your stitchery is gorgeous! The box is so nice with all the colourful yarns inside. If I were to ask my DH do that, I'd get a $15 gift certificate. He's very intelligent but not much develop on the creativity side ... outside the garage I should add, lol. The Dutch Treat blocks are awesome. Hard to believe only 1/4 done. I have to remember they are very small blocks. Excellent work, Fiona. Love it. ;^)

  3. I like your Christmas gift idea, and you both did it well this year! Love the Dutch Treat blocks, the rainbow is very effective.

  4. Great idea for a dog bed. Luv the treasures box...xox

  5. Very cool dog bed!! Your pressie for hubby is awesome! xx

  6. That is a fun dog bed, think I would need an extra large for Bean, lol.
    Your quilt is beautiful and those blocks look beautiful together.


  7. Love the idea of the $15 gift - great T shirt idea too.

  8. Great new dog bed and loving those Dutch blocks they are amazing!
    Hubz' gift is such a nifty idea, perfect stitchery....

  9. I do love the way you re-purpose suitcases as a bed for your dog. It works so well.She looks very content.
    More gorgeous blocks. Your collection is growing.
    The t-shirt and embroidery for hubby are perfect!!!

  10. Hello my friend i have just got back from Geelong,having fun with the family.
    I love your puppy's new bed,how thoughtful of widget to make him a quilt for his bed,thats so sweet.
    Great idea of yours and hubby's once you get to our age ,you dont need alot,you both did great gifts,hope you have had a great day my friend xx

  11. Wonderful idea for the dogs bed and she looks very happy!! I remember Widget making that quilt awhile back. That is a great idea for Christmas presents...the stitchery is perfect, love your Treasures box!

  12. What a great bed for your fur baby and of course he should have at least one quilt. Mine Lacy has several....
    Oh your DT blocks looks fabulous in the different colours....
    Both gifts were really good...

  13. What a great dog's bed Fiona - very clever of you. Your blocks are amazing. Bet hubby loved his gift - it looks fantastic

  14. I love the dog bed Fiona - what a brilliant idea (I didn't realise in the first pic that he already had a suitcase)! Love that he has his own special quilt too made especially for him! Your Dutch Treat is looking brilliant, such a lot of interesting blocks. Hubby's gift looks great, so pleased to hear he wears it with pride (and outside the house too I bet!!). Lovely treasure box xx

  15. Great idea for the dog bed! And love the stitchery you made for your husband, what a great design!

  16. Love the T-shirt, it looks wonderful and what a great gift from DH.

  17. Great idea for a dog bed.
    Some of those Dutch Treat blocks are quite intricate aren't they?
    Fabulous t-shirt for your husband.

  18. Someone looks very pleased with her new bed 🐶
    Your blocks are growing impressively and perfect gifts 😊

  19. Tarka is looking very pleased with herself there. Great idea. Dutch Treat is simply amazing!

  20. Oops! Great stitching for hubby too and I love your treasures box x

  21. love the dogs bed :) and Dutch Treat is coming along very nicely :)


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