Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stitching, stitching....

Nothing unusual going on here.... stitching and stitching.... I am an addict I know...

A few more blocks for Sylvia's Sampler.....

New Mexico - 77 pieces

Ocean Waves - 49 pieces

Sarah's Choice - 24 Pieces

This is now up to 122 blocks and 3964 pieces if I have counted properly as I go along...

Over the weekend I took out a long forgotten UFO this week having seen Jeanette take hers out...

My stitcheries have all been done and fabrics chosen....

.. these are all the main stitcheries....

I made up half square and then quarter square triangles..... I always find the trimming rather satisfying and then getting nice squares to work with.....

these little oval stitcheries just need turning in to sew them down...

.. they will be attached to the outer border on this piece - with a bunch of teeny weeny 1/2" hexagon flowers which are yet to be made.... that is this weeks job!

... rather fun seeing a quilt take shape... 

This quilt is called In My Garden and is designed by Natalie Bird at Birdhouse Designs

So that is on my Design Board this week (hosted by dear Cath at Bits 'n Bobs)  

Righto, Gotto Go - those hexagon fabrics need cutting out.....

I hope you have a wonderful stitching week


  1. Everything looks great, but that first block is fabulous! :0)

  2. ooooh! how gorgeous....of course I love me a stitchery quilt....I hope you keep remembering to link up so we don't miss out on any of that loveliness as it progresses! The blocks for Sylivia's Sampler are amazing counting would get lost after 100! I'm sure! Thank you so much for linking at Design Board Monday this week.....loved your post!

  3. Love your Sylvia blocks. In My Garden is looking very lovely. Hugs, xx

  4. I love the colors in the first block, and all the blocks are beautiful.
    You have gotten a lot of stitchery done, I seem to be all thumbs today so gave up finally and can finish tomorrow.


  5. so much happening...loving all your work - In mY garden is such a lovely quilt.

  6. lots of lovely stitching, happy sewing

  7. Im loving your "Sylvia" blocks too!!! Your In my garden quilt looks great on your design wall :)

  8. Beeeeutiful! Love all your lovely stitching and UFOing xx

  9. Hi Fiona,oh your blocks are looking fantastic and your stitcherys so cute,you have been making some beautiful things Fiona,well done my friend xx

  10. The blocks look great Fiona...I Will get back to mine...I'm just addicted to starting new projects!

  11. Those sampler blocks are amazing! Those pieces make my head spin.
    Love your ufo it's too beautiful to not be finished
    Looks like you are enjoying revisiting it too

  12. Dear Fiona,
    always thought there is nothing better then your stitching, but you just topped yourself. Love your Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks and the gorgeous embroidery blocks. Love the center piece they will go on, wonderful Fiona.

  13. Always lots of lovely things happening at your house and lots of variety.

  14. Your stitcheries are adorable. Good luck with the hexies. I love hexies.
    Kathleen Mary
    Kathys nest 32 at wordpress

  15. My my you have been busy with tiny little pieces , those blocks are just lovely ! Love your stitcheries too , great job 😊

  16. Wow so many beautiful projects Fiona, they all look fantastic !!

  17. Your Sylvia blocks are beautiful Fiona, as are the stitcheries. That will make up into a beautiful quilt.

  18. Oh I'm so glad you said what the design name is , Fiona... it seemed familiar to me but I just couldn't pinpoint it... Beautiful work... I love Nat Bird's designs

  19. You have been so good sticking to your sampler blocks. You have made such good progress.
    Good to have that UFO out and ready to. Too much lovely work to have sitting there unfinished.

  20. Great blocks and your garden quilt is going to be goregeous. xx


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