Monday, April 11, 2016

Outings.... and Blocks.....

I find it very easy to become completely house bound and so I kindof make myself do things and get out the house and socialise or go visit somewhere different... Of course these things are so much more fun to do with other people....

Hubz and I and the dog went for a short walk around a local Botanical park - it's realitively young but has been done so prettily and thoughtfully...

The trees seem to know it's Autumn - even if the weather doesn't (still feels like summer)

.. some plants that don't usually grow in this area - 

.. this little water feature filled with a little water plant - looked like grass and my silly little dog fell in when she tried to walk on it!!

.... I rather loved these giant ants ... clever...

...and these ones carved into the sandstone... 

Just a short walk around - there is a nice BBQ area too and lots of ground for children to play...

Us Sylvia's Bridal Sampler girls got together again this week and these are the latest blocks....

Love In a Mist (32 pieces)
Helping me to master Y seams! 

Mariners Compass (48 pieces)
The Mariners Compass took over 3 1/2 hours to do - and I was lucky this time not to have too much unsewing....   

Mexican Star (29 pieces)
To date we have done 116 of the 140 blocks - made up of 3691 pieces!  24 more blocks to go so of course we are starting to think of what our next sew together project will be....

This is a possibility.....

I am trying to think of two non tradtional colours to do these blocks.... They are 4 1/2" blocks and done in reverse applique.  Hmmmmmm .... 

Anyone else done this quilt???


  1. Hello my lovely friend ,what a beautiful park ,filled with lovely things,oh my your poor dog,bet she got a fright.
    Oh FIONA those blocks are stunning,well done my friend and boy Dutch treats looks a big challenge.
    Hope you have a good day my friend xx

  2. What a beautiful area for a walk, you are enjoying fall and I am waiting for spring, almost here.
    We have enough real ants taking over our yard, lol.


  3. How amazing to see a Sturts Desert Pea growing near you. Divine blocks.

  4. Thanks for sharing your the little carved ants. You continue to astonish me with your Sylvia blocks...beautiful! Dutch Treat looks a definite challenge!

  5. I know what you mean about liking to be home, but it's great to have had a walk with hubby around the park.
    The Syliva blocks are fabulous and the Dutch treat does look VERY challenging...

  6. What a beautiful tree in the park love seeing the leaves turn. You are so right about getting out cabin fever can get the better of you. The blocks are stunning especially the Mariners Compass this quilt is going to be so beautiful. Xx

  7. You have been very busy haven't you! What beautiful blocks! Can't believe that you are contemplating your next challenge already... I would be tired just thinking about it!!!

  8. Very nice wander you went on..the ants are amazing! Your blocks are looking sensational, that mariners compass is just beautiful Fiona!! Oh dear that next quilt looks very hard.....a challenge indeed!!

  9. What a beautiful park Fiona. Loving these blocks. That Mariner's Compass is amazing

  10. The park looked beautiful, love the idea to search for the little insects. We too find it easy to just be at home as there are so many things we like to do, but getting out of the cabin is a must sometimes too. Love your blocks xcx

  11. The blocks just get trickier and trickier but you have done a great job. Hummmm yellow and pink? Blue and orange? Just suggestions for non traditional colours. Personally I like blue/white and red/white. Reverse applique, I figure that is about as tricky as you can get, but seeing you have already mastered little pieces x lots, go for it!

  12. The botanical garden looks lovely. Love your sampler blocks. Hugs,xx

  13. Not hard to get housebound sometimes lol! Oh your poor little doggie! I really must get back into my blocks......yours are all just lovely! Never seen that book before, looks good!

  14. Loved your walk around the park. Those blocks are beautiful, and look way too difficult for me.

  15. OMG Fiona, nice to see you're all considering an EASY quilt to make as your next Girls project, after Sylvia's Bridal Sampler is finished. As for those Y seams, great work there, if it was me sewing them, they'd be WHY-OH-WHY seams!!

  16. Love the compass block but wow what a challenge of a quilt for the next project!

  17. Beautiful photos, gorgeous blocks and WOW Dutch treat what a challenge !!

  18. Your blocks are gorgeous. Next project??? I'd be be looking for small and simple!

  19. The carved ants are a brilliant idea! More lovely blocks too. xx

  20. The gardens are a lovely walk. So good to see a bit of whimsy with the ants.
    Great progress with the blocks. It must seem like the end to a marathon is near. Except it looks like you are already lining up the next one!


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