Monday, April 25, 2016


Australian and New Zealand forces are remembered for their service and sacrifice to this wonderful country.  My family are not Australian - we are the first generation who have made this our home.... however, I do have family that served in several wars in different capacities  ...

My paternal grandfather was a Minister during WW1 and I like to think that his service included supporting and praying for ANZAC's in their service.  I never met the man as he died before I was born.  This is inside the front page of his bible, which I now have.

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Righto, Gotto Go.... widget is spending the day with us and wants to make some ANZAC biscuits....


  1. Hope you are enjoying your day today.
    I ordered the Dutch Treat book.
    I hope it arrives tomorrow, since today is a public holiday.
    Have you ever used bali fabrics to applique with?
    Kathleen Mary

  2. That is such a treasure to have. I found out my grandmother was a nurse during the war, something I never knew.
    She is the one who quilted and rug hooking, so I guess I got my gifts from her.


  3. A wonderful treasure Fiona xx
    I was going to bake but I'm all out of rolled oats :(

  4. A fabulous treasure. Both my grandfathers served in ww1 & I never knew them either. :(. Hugs, xx

  5. What a very special Bible, Fiona.

  6. A wonderful treasure to have. Sadly war touches many families from many countries. Lest we forget x

  7. So very special 💕💕💕💕bet they we yummy bikkies 💙

  8. What a special heirloom that is Fiona... hope you enjoyed the bikkies :) Joy xxx

  9. Such a lovely keepsake, hope your enjoyed your baking xcx

  10. What a precious item that Bible is, Fiona.
    I hope W enjoyed his baking, it smelt great from here!


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