Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring is in the Air

God painted this lovely picture to say goodbye to Winter .......

and we have had a perfect start to Spring.... clear blue skies and warmer temperatures......

stimulating fat blossoms on my ornamental cherry ...

my seedlings are coming up.....

The jasmine is giving out it's heavenly scent

the bees are enjoying the grevillea (can you spot any??)

One reason I love Spring is for our annual Carnival of Flowers held in Toowoomba... the city comes alive with parades, concerts, markets and gardens, a food and wine festival.

I always like to attend a quilt exhibition put on in town, and a delightful tea pot exhibition - last year this included a great vintage button display and a growing apron and tea towel display - and of course the most delicious home made scones and tea served in pretty cups....

There are 3 main quilt speciality shops here and each of these is sure to be busy busy...

......  this year Creative Fields is being launched in Highfields ...

you can read about it in Sue's blog HERE..... where the crafty talent will be showcased (and of course lots of shopping to be done!!) and includes an exhibition of quilts....

so for those of you who live in SE Queensland and want a day out this is the time to do it .......


Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks is organising a Great Holiday Ornament Exchange..... this sounds great fun... and I am looking forward to building up my collection of special home made ornaments.... 


I am working busily  on my Spring swap...

this is a more detailed sneaky peak for @@@@@@ in @@@@@@@@@ who has a blog and likes stitching......
(I thought you might need more hints)


  1. Gorgeous Spring pics's cold and rainy here today, so much Spring for us in the West.

  2. What a lovely blue sky and a great start to Spring for you- with all the flowers on the jasmine it would be a wonderful scented spot to be--in contrast to your fabulous weather, we had 9 degrees down south here in NZ-a very chilly start to what should be Spring..

  3. i think i have guessed who your partner is for the spring swap,lol,and it looks beautiful i cant wait to see this one.Lovely pics too Fiona and i love spring also

  4. Beautiful spring photos Fiona, I love the scent of Jasmine. Your sneak peek is looking cute.

  5. Lovely signs of spring ,don't you just love when all the new little plants are springing up , the smells of spring and the thoughts of warmer temperatures ,enjoy! I think I have also guessed your partner and it sure looks like a cute present. hugs

  6. Lovely Spring photos. We have also had a delightful start to Spring with sunny, warm days in the garden. Just love it!
    Sounds like you are in for a good time with the Carnival of Flowers. Have fun!

  7. Your jasmine is way ahead of ours....but I did notice some buds today!

  8. Gorgeous sky photo, and love your other photos and your creation at the end of your post. I am rather jealous of you going into Spring, we are heading into Autumn but I want Spring back :-)

  9. Oh, how nice to see some Spring scenes when we're in a heat wave and having such dry times.
    I love Festivals...would enjoy your town there very much I'm sure.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Mama Bear

  10. All of your photos are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Wonderful photos Fiona, a true welcome to Spring.

    We have had a gorgeous couple of days as well.

  12. changing seasons ... you have a beautiful spring ahead by the looks of your pictures and we have fall like temps and a bit of rain again today . I do like each season as they come, they each have somethings special about them. Have a great weekend and enjoy your posies

  13. The first hints of Spring are gorgeous and you're so lucky to be able to get to the Carnival of Flowers. The year I went the parade was cancelled.

  14. There is nothing like the first signs of Spring. It is 100 degrees here today. You are looking forward to warmer temps and I am looking forward to cooler ones!

  15. Beautiful pics of spring, girl! Don't you love the anticipation of all the festivals and fairs and events of summer....ours are winding down, *sob* Your sneak peek looks so darling, I can't wait until you can reveal it!

  16. Spring is the time to wake up and get going , the warmth on the bones is just something and all the sprouting, every day is a new day in the garden.

  17. I can just feel how happy you must be to see these signs of spring. We are not quite seeing signs of fall yet. It was over 100 degrees F. again today!

  18. Beautiful spring pictures, especially the jasmine. Dont you love the way it seems to smell stonger in the evenings. the only downside of spring is the sneezing lol.

  19. What beautiful spring pictures. Hopefully we will get some cooler weather soon.


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