Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial

I recently sent this little felt cupcake to my Mum in Law in the UK.... she has received it now so I can show you.....

When MIL asked for a 'little' pincushion made by me I kindof wanted one like this lovely one Marina gave me last year..... but I'm not so clever pantsie with the knitting needles as she is.....

so out came my pieces of recycled blankets/jumpers .. turned into wool felt

but then I remembered we like something to snack on....

I have these freshly baked date and pecan nut loaves...

~ best served with a generous spread of real butter ~

clean hands please - back to work

I used a cupcake case for a pattern - what better than the real thing?

for the top something a little wider than the diameter of the cupcake so I chose one of my trusty decent size wine goblets

here are all my pieces.. the base and the side (made from the cupcake casing)
a larger circle for the 'cake'... some 'icing' and a 'cherry'...

I did use a piece of firm cardboard on the base so that it would keep it's shape well and stand upright...
stitched these all together using a blanket stitch and stuffed it firmly

~ would you like another slice of date loaf?  help yourself ~

I had a few parcels to post this week .... one of them was these Santa Sack goodies going to Sherry... no peaking when they get there.....

and in my post box I received this lovely Ruby charm pack and patterns from Jenny which was a prize for my recycled T shirt inventions..... I was very excited that my hard work was noticed... even though I made some funny looking pants which made widget walk sideways... and a very very very ugly ~ almost like a warthog ugly ~  pot mat.....

There is a lovely Rose bag pattern and a Summer Showers wallhanging
I love Jenny's designs and her blog.... and of course Jenny herself - always positive and uplifting

The next 9 mini blocks for Block 3 of Butterfly Garden are stitched, drawn and packaged
prep work does take time....

Here's hoping you are having a great week


  1. I love the cupcake. So cute :)
    And I cant wait for those pressies to turn up (Id better hurry up with yours lol)

  2. The cupcake is so cute i love it. Those loaves look so delish. I love anything with dates in it. :) lol. Hugs,

  3. What a great post Fiona,love the cupcakes,boy you have been busy again,did i see that you said warthog ugly,lol

  4. I love your cupcake. And the date loaves look pretty good too. How busy you are with all these goodies coming and going.

  5. Your cupcake pincushion is adorable. And, I can almost smell the delectable date loaf. Yummy! Nola

  6. Love the cupcake and thanks for showing us how yu put it together.
    Your Date and Pecan Loaf is yum.

  7. The cupcakes are just so very cute Bubz... those cakes look great...

  8. You are so clever, I love these little pin cushions - very clever, very cute.

  9. What a darling cupcake - thanks for showing how you made it!! And big congrats on your win, I'm so glad you won after your hilarious post, lol!

  10. Sweet little cupcake....I'm sure it will be well used!

  11. That's quite an impressive cupcake pin cushion! Well done with sorting out your own pattern.
    More progress on the butterfly quilt too, I see. It is fiddly with so many pieces - like a giant jigsaw!

  12. I'm crazy about pincushions ( I've started a collection).Your cupcake is adorable, thanks for the tutorial.
    P.S.- Your QBSA block is almost finished, I'll send it very soon.

  13. You are organised with your little labelled zip lock bags ;-)

    Cute pincushion as well, love how you made it, complete with the obligatory slice of cake (or two)

  14. Love your little cupcake pincushion Fiona.. very cute and very realistic. Love the date loaf... makes me hungry just looking at it. Thanks for the tutorial xx

  15. That looks like a cherry bakewell, my favourite... will have to make one of these now! x

  16. I can see I am going to have to make some cupcakes and date loaves too:-), thanks for the great tutorial ! Congrats on the win ,lucky you.

  17. Fiona, that tutorial is great.. just in time for Christmas stitching..yumm

  18. The cup cake looks delicious, so does the date loaf. I love this with lots of real butter and a cup of tea, if I lived nearby I would ring your door bell.

  19. Thanks for the great tutorial. The pincushion is sooooo cute!

  20. Cute pincushion!

    I would love a piece of the loaf, I'm hungry!

  21. What a cutie pincushion!
    Oh and I'll be right over for some tea and a piece of that yummy cake!
    xx, shell

  22. I love the cupcake pincushion, thanks for the great tutorial. You have been very busy again!!

  23. What a great idea for a pin cushion. Your cupcake is so cute. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Love all of your goodies.

  24. What a sweet cupcake!!

    Your date and pecan loaf looks delicious!

  25. Hey Fiona! what a 'sweet' tutorial! :0) Cute little pin cushion. And I'll look forward tasting some of that date loaf when we catch up for a cuppa. :0) Have a great weekend!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  26. The cupcake pin cushion is so cute. Enjoy your parcels.

  27. What a clever idea for a pattern! Thanks for sharing your cute pincushion tutorial.


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