Sunday, September 25, 2011

A short intermission

A few weeks ago Scott wrote and asked to do a short profile on my blog......  I have to admit I was surprised but it seems my fame has spread.....

However, I did think George Clooney may have called by - but he hasn't ... and no paparazzi have visited... I have tried to be scandalous... in fact I did shock one awfully talented quilter who said my way of needleturn was a 'waste of time' by suggesting that people can have different ideas to hers..... oooopppsss... 

Anyway... should you be interested to have a visit over HERE... there are some links to some other interesting blogs... good for passing a few hours on a Sunday morning .....

A few pretty Spring colours from my garden.....

...... and later we can walk in one of our lovely local parks all done up for Carnival time ......

...... next week we will get back to normal blog activities...... my sewing machine needs oiling.....

Hope your weekend is going just the way you want it to....


  1. A lovely little piece you had on your link,

  2. Ha ha, I always say 'dare to be different' and what works for someone else doesn't work for everyone. More reason to find a way that suits you even if it isn't 'correct' according to others.
    Love the flower pictures.

  3. What a great post. George said to tell you HI! and that his computer has been down......giggle.

    Love your flowers and each to his own way of doing anything!

  4. How nice to have others recognize you. And psshht to the person who didn't like your needleturn method. There are many ways to skin a cat after all. I enjoy reading your blog. Haven't commented a lot lately because I've been way too busy but I'm out here lurking :)

  5. Oh how dare you! How dare you not accord strictly to the quilt police code of conduct!!! You wicked wicked woman...*ROFLOL*
    Don't care how "talented" the woman is or thinks she is there is more than one way to do everything and you keep on doing whatever it is that suits you...mmm, think I'm on my soapbox here...
    Well done on being "featured" and I'm sure George is just waiting for a flight from Italy...

  6. I am so delighted to know someone like you who is famous. I cannot understand why George Clooney hasn't called - maybe tomorrow. As for the paparazzi - you do know they have tele photo lenses so you may not see them up close. The first thing you will know is that slightly blurred long distance photos will turn up in magazines. Watch out!!!

  7. Hey, congrats! Will you still talk to me now you're famous? And good on you for telling that quilter!!

  8. Personally, I love your tutorials...I always learn a lot and have a great time with the refreshments.
    Mama Bear

  9. Congrats Fiona! Your Spring flowers are gorgeous! I'm sorry George hasn't called he told me would!! There is only right way to do something Fiona and that is your way and if it helps someone else all the better...if not hey will find their own way.
    What criteria must you meet to be part of the 'quilting police'??

  10. i have heard nothing of george for about a month now and i reckon you have him locked away in your spare room ... and just pretending you have not seen him .... anyone who is norti enough to do needle turn incorrectly is norti enough to hide george and not share him ....

    and as always .. lovely photos ... thanks for sharing ...

  11. Well congrats Fiona, now I can say I knew you when!! And by the way, there are MANY different ways to do needleturn - use the one that works for you, there is no right or wrong way! Unless you're me, and you can't get it no matter what method you use, lol!!!! Your flowers are stunning!


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