Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Treasure #2

Our computer ........

I feel this is such a 'worldly' item to have as a treasure so I will explain..........

We have 3 of our children and 3 grandchildren in the UK so this is my lifeline to keep in touch with them. I am so grateful for modern technology that enables me to see and chat to each of my children at least once a week (often more than that) and am able to watch my grandchildren grow.

Not forgetting brothers, in-laws and especially 80yr old MIL who has also challenged herself with learning the new technology so we can keep in touch.

We are very lucky to have one daughter and her partner and the little widget living close by so I can get in a real cuddle every now and then.

I'm sure you will understand why a computer station is such a treasure in my house..................

I am looking forward to reading about other people's treasures - if you want to join in the fun come visit us at Clare's Craftroom.

Hubz had a bad cold this last week but behaved so well I baked this ............

However.......................... he has shared the cold with me so I wonder if he should get any?????? sniff, sniff

Have a wonderful week everyone..........



  1. Oh yes I do agree, our computers enable us to be in touch that is not possible any other way...especially for precious families.

    Enjoy your time out :-)
    Robyn xx

  2. That is so true. Computers help us so much with keeping in touch and also for making new friends and getting to see what is happening around the world. My lil gs only lives 5 mins away and we skype on the days I do not get to see him.

  3. Perfect treasure.....yum to your cake....

  4. Great treasure and even greater reason for it being one. :)
    Cake looks yummy. I could go a slice right about now..... lol

  5. I totally understand!!! With a Mum trapsing around Australia and a brother living in another state, not to mention all the friends living all over the world now, the computer is the best way to keep in touch with everyone. I wish you could shove that cake into the computer (and I could have some). It looks sooooooo good xx

  6. I understand your computer being a treasure , mine is as I'm able to "meet" people like you !
    Thankyou so much for playing .

  7. That is a very good way to look at an item we often take for granted.
    Hope you get to have a nice big slice with a hot cuppa!

  8. I think we all agree that we treasure our connection to each other. I know I treasure my li'l 'puter too.

  9. I can certainly relate...I chat with my sister online..she lives 70 miles from me...Let me just say that I hate talking on the phone..that said, I've already chatted with Daughter this morning and she is less than 2 miles away...My son and family live in Texas and he will soon be deployed for the 2nd time so the computer is our lifeline too...I go on Facebook and check up on the kiddies there..
    I pay my bills online too.
    HOpe you feel better soon.
    Mama Bear

  10. i agree too!
    i'd be lost without my lappie!

  11. Yes I like my puter too.
    Yummy Cake.
    Hope you both get well soon.

  12. I know exactly what you mean as we also have sons and their families living at a distance and the computer sure helps with that separation.Take care of that cold.

  13. Such a great way to keep in touch...enjoy!

  14. I think the computer is a treasure for many people.
    I have my family around me, but I enjoy it to meet new friends on the internet.
    Have a nice day Willy


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