Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bouquet and Itsy Bitsy Pieces

Last week I told you about Jenny's 'Bouquet' BOM that I had been doing, (somewhat later than most!) - I have put all the block's together now.  I rather like the bold cherry pink in the border........

I've been doodling with some ideas for quilting.....................

I am still enjoying reading other people's blogs and learning lots more about quilting and crafting ....... for instance I'd never heard about Crumb blocks until I read it in Loft Creations who saw a tutorial HERE.  

I wonder what you do with all your little spare bits? 

We all have them .....

I'd love to hear what you do......

I've been collecting mine in an old pillow case....

any little itsy bitsy pieces went in..... even trimmed off threads.........

once the pillow case is good and plump the end is stitched up....................

and off it goes to a new home.......

she likes it............ (if you look carefully the tail is out of focus as she was wagging so much!)

and up goes another pillowcase on the cupboard door handle...............


  1. Thats a great idea for your scraps! I save mine to use in other projects and the stuff that is too small I throw out. I might just save all those little itty bits in a pillowcase myself now. I have two dogs and two cats who would love them.
    Love your quilt :)The quilt pattern looks great

  2. what a good idea. Looks appreciated!
    HOw cute

  3. What a great idea for your scraps. I just bin my.

  4. Great Job and what a fantastic idea for your scraps - Well done. I will blog about it in my frugal post today.

    Hugs - Fee

  5. Great idea for your scraps! The photo says it all! Also I just love your Bouquet quilt. I have just put a pic up today of mine. The fabrics you used are lovely. I see you did the corner blocks different too!

  6. What a great idea! I was just wondering today what I could do with all those bits and pieces.

  7. Your quilt doodling is beautiful. At first I thought it was a pre-printed stencil. What a terrific idea for your small bits of fabric.

  8. Love your quilt and your design for the quilting is really nice as well.What a great idea for all those unused scraps , I should start a pillowcase of my own , I know Luke would love it ;-)


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