Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lessons Learnt - Week One

When I started this blog the idea was I would learn something new each day.... by Day 4 I LEARNT that I am not going to be documenting it every day!

Busy week:
  • Hubz and Bubz celebrated our 31st anniversary.......... (I got pearls last year and chocs this year!
  • Choc Chip cookies made

Yes - that's Jamie, I think he looks like he approves - certainly they look better than the MasterChef contestants efforts last week! Chookieblue made a great batch of scones which would knock the contestants out........ I might try some scones today - I have the home-made apricot jam..... and grandie #3 is coming for sleepover and I'm sure he will like them??
  • Gained lots of new blog friends
  • Started Christmas stockings
  • Visited LOTS of blog friends (nobody warned me this is addictive!) - one person links to another, and another, and another and ...........

Jenny has challenged us to use her "Little Bird in a Tree" design in a project this month AND a new free BOM "Daisy-Do" (link on my sidebar) - they are so pretty so ...

  • I HAD to go and get some fabric and thread for stitching!

Gum Tree Designers have shared a beautiful little cushion designed by Judith. My introduction to reading blogs was through the Gum Tree Designers and I used several of their patterns for Christmas last year. One of their patterns for a Christmas bag I used to share with a small local craft group. You can find Judiths pattern HERE and this is my version....

and a close up....

Phew........... I slept so well last night to the sound of rain on our tin roof - 25mls......... wonderful, I will gladly put up with the cold and grey today for that bonus.........


  1. The cookies look so yummy it makes me want to make some too , they are my all time favorite .Happy Anniversary !
    Oh I made that little gift bag last Christmas as well , it is cute isn't it .

  2. Oh. We didn't tell you blogs were addictive? Whoopsi! We were probably too busy reading blogs to mention it...current count on my blogroll is 591 blogs. OMG if eveybody updated the same day I'd be in trouble!

  3. didn't I tell you this is addictive in the first sorry I didn't warn you........
    chockie biscuits look great.....thanks for the scones compliment.....hope yours went well.....
    and blogging daily is a bit of hard work so just do it when it fits in........I try a couple a week.....

  4. Yummy looking biscuits....your little bag is just so cute, great stitching....

  5. Yummy cookies Happy blogging It Fun.
    Hugs Mary.

  6. Welcome to the addictive world of blog surfing.

  7. Yep blogging is addictive as chocolate chip biscuits! Welcome to our world.
    hugs deb

  8. Those cookies look delicious.... Oh, and I love the little bag too!
    Can't wait to see more of your creations and welcome to blogland! :)

  9. Welcome to blogland... Love the bag and those cookies look delish....
    Hugs Dawn x x

  10. Oh those cookies look so yummy.

    Yeh!!! It is additive. If I go on in the morning I get nothing done so TRY to go on after tea. Does not always work. LOL

  11. You are a fast learner, and like they've all said, it IS addictive! Welcome to blogland.

  12. mmmmmmmmmmm yummo biscuits and great projects... welcome to blogland xxxx

  13. Welcome to blogland - enjoy your addiction LOL!!! Love the look of those cookies ... of course, if there's chocolate in them they'll be delish!!!
    Joy ;o)

  14. Welcome to blogville! I have a feeling I need to make some choc chip cookies for the hubs today!! Come on over to my blog for a giveaway, just answer a few questions on batting, if you use it, if not, leave a note anyway. We are celebrating the 4th of July Independence Day and I have a red, white and blue quilt kit up for grabs. Cheers, and keep those cookies coming, Elaine in Texas, USA

  15. Hello, yes it is kind of'll miss a couple of days and then wonder what is going on with those friends you've made...I think its like having pen pals all over the world..I'm a grandmother, too...I've added you to my list of blogs I follow..I hope thats alright...I remember when I started and went to check and see each day if I'd had visitors and how disappointed I was when I had no comments..soon I had my comments coming to my gmail account so I didn't have to check the blog all the time...You'll make lots of friends..Welcome aboard.
    Mama Bear

  16. Welcome to the blogosphere!!! :-) A beginner?! You're awesome - pics, links and buttons - better than my effort after four posts!!!

    The biccies look great - as does your sweet little bag!

    Enjoy the addiction!
    Hugs! Vikki :-)


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