Thursday, March 15, 2018

Holly Cottage

I've been co-hosting a Stitch-a-long with Raewyn, and we have been sewing Michelle's pattern (from her book) of the Holly Cottage quilt....

March is the month for sewing the borders on ....

I love all the different aspects in this pattern, there is applique, embroidery and piecing.  Just my kind of project....

I had bought the borders and binding all together, using a fat 1/8 pack of Anni Downs fabrics for the basis.  So I also made my binding up and it is now folded together with the wadding and backing waiting to be quilted... 

The aim is to have it done by Christmas!!!!!

My left over fabrics from Anthology have made up 5 lovely long strips of geese....

There are also some other pieces I am joining up - just small rectangles - all the scraps are being used

I added the final thin borders to my Shimacho quilt top.  I had used left over Japanese themed fabrics (there is still more to make the backing!!!) and a soft grey plain fabric.

I love the stained glass look it gave out in the sunshine...  and I love this pattern so I can see me using it with other scraps too

While I was out taking pictures I snapped my pretty little crocuses... they loved the rain we had last week.... 

So that is another flimsy finished ..... it has it's binding but I'm making up the backing with more Japanese fabrics (I had a goodly stash of them)

Righto, Gotto Go.... I've got a bit of quilting to do....


  1. You might want to check your counting, are charging along with your quilts now! Our crocuses haven't flowered yet, it's just a wee bit early for them.

  2. Well done!
    Such beautiful finishes and I admire your thriftiness in piecing the leftovers into a backing.
    All those flying geese are a test in patience, I reckon.

  3. I am with Marina, you have beautiful finishes and using up the left over bits and pieces is wonderful...those flying geese look amazing..what are you using them for? The crocus look pretty, we could do with some rain here, maybe next week.

  4. Hi Fiona lovely quilts my friend ,you are amazing with your finishes love your crocuses ,hope you have a lovely day Fiona xx

  5. Holly Cottage looks wonderful. Great to see it in your colourway. Wow! All those geese! Love all you've been stitching. I had a couple of Crocuses peep out too xx

  6. Holly Cottage is the perfect "Fiona Quilt"...all the things you love all together! :)

  7. You are very busy and productive Fiona. I love your Holly Cottage quilt, a lovely flimsy finish! And great use of all your scraps too...such a good idea to use them up straight away rathr than just throw them all in a box to sort out 'one day'!!!

  8. Love Holly Christmas.......its great.......and now I hope that japanese quilt is in the quilting list to do.....

  9. Wow, so many flimsy finishes. A very productive week.
    Lovely work on Holly Cottage. That is looking lovely!
    And that is also a gorgeous photo of your Shimacho top. It looks delightful floating there in the breeze. Great to use up leftovers and have such a gorgeous result.

  10. 2 gorgeous quilts there! I'm sure you'll get Holly Cottage done by Christmas, you have more than 9 months to work on it!


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