Monday, February 6, 2017

I've been working on my challenges!!!

This is a UFO that I quilted up last year using a white napkin.... It was working on a smaller scale with those feathers and stippling.....

I decided to make it into a table topper/mini quilt and add lace around the edge .... now I'm not sure I like the lace, but I'll leave it like that for now and have a think..... and see if I get enough energy to make any changes....  open to ideas....

In the meantime it is a UFO finish....

Another UFO finish is these Boro Coasters which I started in 2015 when I went to a workshop at the Craft Fair....

They are a nice size for the coffee mug....

I feel my stitching was a bit too big so I'm going to do smaller and tighter next time....

Carole kindly sent me some scraps so as a reward for my finish I started a new project with the remaining pieces....

The thread I am using is from a nice big bundle of different colours that my DIL gave me - she used to have a business that supported women in Guatamala doing weaving and the thread is from some samples.  It's just perfect for big stitching....

Working on blocks for yet another UFO - I washed pieces of background fabric for my Dutch Treat blocks.  I originally did this to check for colour run as reds can do that ..... however the colour was no problem but I found in the 12" width of fabric I lost 1/2 inch with a wash.  So I'm glad I did as it would have been a shame to have that much shrinkage after all the sewing I am doing on that quilt!

Yet another UFO is my Sylvia's Bridal sampler.. the quilt top is finished but I'm piecing the left overs to make up a backing - or at least a good portion of it...

.. and because of all that good work with UFO's I decided a new project was in order.....

Not too long for this little cot quilt to be sewn together....

I wanted it a bit bigger so I HAD to go shopping.....  That lovely floral which looks almost it was the same range (but it isn't) for a border and that amazing hexagons for the backing from The Quilters Angel ....

This quilt is going to be a donation quilt to raise money for mental illness, specifically helping towards suicide prevention....  A UK project which my nephew is involved in after losing his brother to suicide a few years ago.... 

... and of course I needed a hand stitching reward to so I started up this little stitchery...

I think it's only fair that if there is a finish there can be a new project????

Righto, Gotto Go.... see what other UFO to work on as I definitely have some new ones I want to do....


  1. You really have a lot of wonderful projects finished and started, can't wait to see what you make with the reds, that looks like it will be beautiful in a quilt.


  2. Awesome stitches on that napkin. Wow. I can look at it all night. So glad you pre-wash and the fabric did its thing right then. Imagine the disaster, on such a gorgeous quilt as DT, all puckered on one side? You definitively deserve a new project. :^D Go! Go back sewing on those UFOs while the going's good. ;^)

  3. Your quilting is a wonderful way to use that napkin! I'm with you on the lace,though......I'm wondering how a crochet-look lace would go rather than the broderie Anglais? You've been more energetic than I have in this heat......

  4. I love how you start as many projects as you finish, lol. Great variety too, you'll never be bored

  5. Definitely a new project if something else has been finished... I see to be good at the new, but not the finish!
    Very pretty little stitchery there, looks like a Leanne Beasley

  6. Great to see your boro coasters finished, I'm really glad you were able to use some of my scraps. I love the fabric choices you found for the cot quilt and hope it raises some funds. I agree with Althea, the stitchery does look like a Leanne Beasley, love that variegated thread.

  7. Good on you for tackling so many UFOs . I love your boro coasters. How pretty is fabric drying on the line!! Of course you can start a new project if there has been a finish!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your nephew's brother...would he have also been your nephew, or is this perhaps a niece's husband? In any case, it's tragic to lose someone loved to suicide. Good for you to donate this bright, cheerful quilt.

    What dimensions are cot sized? Is that what we Yanks would call a twin? Or closer to a throw size?

  9. The quilting on the napkin is simply amazing ! Love those big stitches on the coasters , interesting technique . Yes always good to start something new when we have finished a project , a reward for being so good 😊

  10. so much happening...lovely to make a charity quilt...definitely a new project if you finish one off.

  11. It's official - Fiona never sleeps. Lovely lovely projects!! So sorry about your nephew...

  12. Wonderful finishes Fiona, that little cot quilt is so pretty, and a very god reason to go shopping!!Your stitchery is very pretty too. Always a good idea to reward a finish!!

  13. Hi my lovely friend,what gorgeous finishes,boy you sure are whipping through these UFO's,well done.xx

  14. Your table topper looks great but is the lace the final edge - I think it would look nice if there was another small border for the lace to rest on. But gorgeos quilting and those fabrics look stunning blowing on the line - good job you washed them. Pretty stitchery. xx

  15. A little balance is life is good, so if you finish one project it naturally leads to the start of another. I get that.
    Your Boro Coasters look great. I have that same mug in my cupboard too.

  16. Gorgeous table topper! Your boro looks great and what a nice reward for being good some lovely new projects. A very worth while cause x

  17. Hehe busy busy Fiona...great reward projects and great progress on your ohers too. I've never prewashed fabrics - not had a problem yet but one does wonder about some of those fine little projects like your Dutch Treat. Love what you've done with the 'old napkin' and the coasters turned out pretty - and the coffee looks like a nice one too :-) Hope you're staying cool?!

  18. Wonderful work on all those UFOs. And definitely worth doing all the washing with that shrinkage!
    Lovely flimsy for the donation quilt. And great work putting the other blocks together for a backing. Of course you can start a new stitchery - everyone needs a reward.

  19. so much loveliness in one post! I love the flower stitchery! How kind to make a quilt for a UK charity, and something dear to my heart too.

  20. Beautiful and amazing art you shared with us. I liked all the designs of table tooper. Really you have a great talent. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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