Friday, September 25, 2015

It's been a busy week but a lot of fun....

Last week with the Tuesday girls we sewed another 3 of these 6" blocks for our versions of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler....

Crows Foot (40 pieces)

Bears Paw (45 pieces)

Crossed Canoes (16 pieces)

We are now up to 48 blocks (of the 140) and 847 pieces.

This week we didn't sew but went off to do some of the activities at the carnival.... There was 2 quilt shows on - Creative Fields at Highfields which is where I was demonstrating and quilting... and the Toowoomba Quilters Club in Toowoomba.  I didn't take pictures except when I got to play on a new machine...

... and yes, I have ordered one for my new quilting room.... I have been saving for a couple of years now and decided the time has come .... very nerve wracking for me

... here are us girls off to play... we are in the tea pot/tea cup show and there were a couple of magnificent clocks.... we all look like we were admiring his bum but we weren't!

... of course we made time for the devonshire tea/coffees....

... there was also some aprons... who thought to put hairy legs on them??? temptation to peep!

... I did do some hand work over the week and finished off these 3 girls from the Stitchers Day Out weekend.... this is Bronwyn Hayes design...

I have a 'wool' swap coming up so I worked on that whilst demonstrating.... feathers and wool.. it comes out rather nice with the added texture....

... I also did lots of a quilt (which I haven't got pics of) but this is part of the quilting....

... and I worked on a cushion cover challenge ... little feathers...

I did display 3 of my quilts.... 

This is Bluebirds of Happiness designed by Christine Hayward....

... very pretty Ausi themed sticheries for each month...

... and this is Baby It's Cold Outside by Toni Alexander lovely applique designs...

and the other one was Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shabby... but I didn't get a picture .. and guess what as soon as I got it home I packed it in a box ....

Righto, Gotto Go.. those boxes won't fill themselves! have a great weekend everybody...x


  1. It looks like a fun group of ladies to quilt with.
    Lots of beautiful blocks and quilts.


  2. Gosh you have been busy. Hope the new house has room for your new toy!

  3. I'm so excited for you and your new machine, you'll have lots of fun with it

  4. Hi Fiona ,I love your blocks and boy your FMQ is amazing my friend and those quilts are awesome,well done on years of saving for your quilting machine,you sure deserve it ,I am so excited for you xx

  5. won't know yourself with that new machine! Have fun with your packing, you will be in your new home by the time we return from OS.

  6. So many gorgeous things on show here. Love the Bluebirds of Happiness

  7. Wow so much to see in your post Fiona..... love your blocks.

  8. Dear Fiona,
    so many wonderful projects. No idea which one is my favorite, they are all so great.
    You have been mighty busy.

  9. Love how you can pack so much goodness into a week :o)

  10. "Baby It's Cold Outside" is awesome!!!! So cute!!!! And sending huge congrats on your decision to purchase.....I just know you will love that machine as much as I'm in love with mine!!!!! Keep taking those vitamins......have to keep up your stamina!!!!! Hugs........

  11. how exciting that you're getting a long arm! I don't think it will improve your quilting though - your quilting is so professional looking that it would be impossible for it to be better.

  12. Good to be having some funs times in with that other stuff!!

  13. You have been super busy Bubz...loving all you projects xxx

  14. A very busy week. At least i didn't look up that poor blokes apron whilst admiring all those teapots. :) Wish i'd been able to visit the quilt shows too but travelling with other people didn't allow me to do that. Got to see the parade but. :) How exciting you are getting the machine. Hugs,xx

  15. Love these latest blocks, especially the bear paw, so many little triangles!
    well done on your new toy, I am sure it willl get lots of use..
    lovely to see your bluebird quilt out on display, it's so pretty.

  16. The bear paw looks fantastic !!!

  17. I might have been admiring his bum... blush.

  18. Lots of beautiful stuff there Fiona and that machine looks interesting. Glad you enjoyed your day out. Good luck with all that packing. xx

  19. How did you manage to fit all of these activities in as well as packing ready to move?? Great work with the blocks. Those pieces are so tiny!
    Congratulations on buying your new machine. That is very exciting. Perfect start for your new home!


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