Sunday, July 26, 2015

Photo Heavy week.....

Instead of doing our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler this week we went off to Warwick, a country town about an hour's drive for us to the Jumpers and Jazz festival

The trees are decorated amazingly... we just didn't get to see them all

I felt much safer when I saw this sign outside a cafe ...

...another favourite tree art ...

.. and another done in wool felting... just amazing

...even a wallaby...

.... the first premier of Queensland dressed for the occasion too in a beany and scarf...

This lovely lady showed us her amazing Hardanger work and gave us a quick lesson too

... those centre knots are quite easy (so I am told by her!!)

... this lovely lady was making lace.. those hands move so fast I felt giddy!!!

.. this is the lace piece she was making...

... and there was vintage dresses with lace on display....

... just lovely....

... these were at the museum and we found the pub...

... apparently my family was quite important and I'm pleased to say Hubz carries on the beer tradition
(apparently Hore is a herb)

... and we found sewing machines... these are the other ladies  gals I am sewing Sylvia's sampler with

... this machine was just like the hand one I learnt to sew on (I wanted to hide it in my handbag and take it home!)

... after all that we got afraid of being kidnapped....

... we even got our picture taken by a reporter for the Queensland Country Life....

... then on Thursday a message to say "We are coming to Toowoomba" from Chookyblue, so quick messages to Kris and dinner was planned at a local pub.... We also got cajolled into a game of Trivia which we won... girls vs boys and we were the only table of people there!!

Widget came to stay overnight this weekend and thought a walk up to the lookout behind our house was a good idea....

.. that hills is steep (my calves today attest to that!!)

... a real wallaby seen on the way up ...

.. and beautiful view to enjoy.  It was fun showing Widget the landmarks and we could see our house from there too...

Righto, Gotto Go.... do you notice I didn't get much sewing done????


  1. Beautiful pictures of your little man and you did have a big weekend, looks like lots of fun....
    Love the sign...guess I'll be safe from kidnappers then..

  2. So many beautiful photos, Love the trees with all their knitted decorations.

  3. love the yarn bombing.
    such an action packed week!
    very timely safety warning, I will definitely take that on board

  4. Sounds like absolutely perfect times to me.

  5. Fun and exciting few days. Love the yarn bombing.

  6. A fun week for you. Hugs, xx

  7. Wow so much excitement and fun and so many lovely you did and saw,Thankyou for sharing your lovely week with us xx

  8. What a wonderful week you've had. Got to get to Warwick one July....glad you heeded that warning. Thanks for sending Chooky on to us in good order. Love the photo of your little man tackling the hill x

  9. Love the yarn bombing photos Fiona! And that possum in the fruit tree! Very clever! Wonderful day out and good to see Widget is helping you work off that eat some more cake to keep safe!!

  10. Wow ..... So busy and thanks for sharing Love the sign outside the cafe

  11. What a fun many beautiful creations and talented ladies...I'm so glad that no one kidnapped you.

  12. Wow - what fantastic outings! I'm so glad you shared all the pics. I think you can afford a day off from stitching now and then. :-)

  13. OH the sewing can wait - Jumpers & Jazz won't wait - nor would Chookyblue - the only thing missing was you down here in Brisbane for the BIG meetup!~

  14. Loved seeing a little bit of your country and all of the crafts.
    Mama Bear

  15. Lots of lovely pictures Fiona - looks like a great trip. xx

  16. What an exciting week and wonderful pictures of it Fiona.
    Love all the different crafts, wonderful to see them around on the other side of our globe.

  17. such a fun night with you girls.........thank goodness we beat the boys...........and now with all those social gatherings between you too you now have to go out for lunch to use the for the bed too.............

  18. Looks like you had a grand time! A visit to Australia is at the top of my bucket list.

  19. What a great exhibition of crafty bits and pieces

  20. Ha! I laughed hard when I read the blackboard outside the cafe!! I am in awe of the amazing talents showcased by your photos. Those decorated trees are just wonderful.

  21. What a fabulous day out, so many wonderful things to see, that tree art is amazing


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