Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catching Up....

Last week disaster struck... my modem went to IT heaven 

..... oh my gosh I never realised how much of an internet addict I am and how I missed being on line....  

Sorry I missed out on lots of commenting but I have read what I can (only 170 blog posts to catch up on!!!)

I have a nice new flashy one and back on track.... phew

I finished off my homework on my two EPP pieced Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks...

Grandmothers Flower Garden - 8 pieces

Tumbling Blocks - 22 pieces

I am adding the number of pieces I use in each just 'cos I'm a bit nerdy that way ....

Thrilled to have blog friends Dzintra and Susan sewing along too... we are all doing it at our own pace but just encouraging one another and sharing hints.  I am lucky to have a couple of friends local that we will sew this together regularly....

Such pretty parcels arrived for me this week from Cheryl in the FHFS swap....
look at that lovely shiny ribbon.... ooh gosh...

I went to Friday night sewing and took some treats... as usual easy peasy...

Gather your supplies..

salted pretzels,
caramel lollies
melting chocolate

lay out the pretzels on your baking tray.. (line with baking paper as it gets quite messy!)

put a piece of the caramel lollie 
(I sliced my bars to about 5ml thickness and put a block on each)

 and put them in a moderate oven for a few minutes to soften.. then take them out and squish with a fork into the pretzel 

(I told you it gets messy!)

put them on a cooling tray

 (put foil underneath as it gets messy again)

melt your melting chocolate and drizzle quite generously over them all....

.. done...

easy peasy salted caramel snacks...  a little bit naughty and a lottle bit nice...

... and I am working on my Nature's Journey centre block.... 

Hubz asked what I was sewing seeweed for.... philistine!!!!

Righto, Gotto Go..... still catching up reading to do and photo's to find ......


  1. Hello Fiona,

    Oh so that is where the modem's go to. Our whole town was without internet yesterday.Lovely to have other ladies sewing the same patterns , it will be interesting to see how different the quilts end up. Will have to give your snack a miss, far too unhealthy for me plus it would just mess up my sewing with those sticky fingers!!!
    Have a great day Fiona.

    Happy days.

  2. It is sad, how much we rely on our computers, lol. Mine is acting up and with graphics, so that is a pain for me, was hoping to get a few more years out of it, but i cannot, not do graphics;) Wonderful blocks and I am in the mood to do some appliqué, so need to get some projects started.


  3. Glad you are back. Oh those snacks looks so delicious. Love your "seaweed". lol. Hugs,xx

  4. lol good to have you back my friend,i did miss you,love your blocks and i love your seaweed,lol,thats so funny,thankyou so much for this recipe,i know i will like this one,lol,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. Thankgoodness your back online....... Your NJ centre is looking good.......

  6. I was thinking it was a longer than usual radio silence :) So glad to have you back

  7. Its quite amazing how much we rely on our computers these days isnt it. Love your tumbling block, very effective and those chocolate pretzels, just delicious.

  8. you're not alone in your addiction!
    love the seeweed so far, can't wait to see the rest of the block done, I am sure it's going to be gorgeous.
    those pretzels look interesting!
    welcome back

  9. It is a bit of a worry how reliant we have all become on the internet. I understand your frustration.
    Lovely to see the blocks growing.
    And I LOVE your recipe!

  10. Oh dear from one internet addict to another I loooove your blocks.....especially Tumbling Blocks. It's one I have always wanted to make......if anything I will learn lots doing these blocks...Good to see Susan here too!

  11. So many fun projects, and yummy snacks, too!

  12. I hear you. Lol! You are wicked with the naughty treats you created. Love your blocks x

  13. Hey you, you never mentioned you were a Masterchef, kept that one under your hat. Beautiful sewing as always and whos a lucky girl to have their FHFS parcel already - no peaking...

  14. Yum... your treats look and sound delicious xx

  15. Glad you're back!!! "Catching up" is really not possible....just pretend they don't exist and go on (I've had to do that a bit this summer with all the 'normal' busy-ness that occurs!!!!). Love those pretzel treats!!!!!

  16. I"m with you Fiona - hate not having internet or computer available. They look like my kind snacks. Lots of lovely sewing on the go. I have done my background block for NJ but need to get a move on with the needleturn. Enjoy your parcel

  17. Oh I can totally empathise with you on the internet front - ours was shut off this afternoon, with the NBN turned on (apparently), though we'd had no warning that it was actually happening today! The new pieces arrived a couple of weeks ago, but as the parental units were away we'd just left it. I actually called the telephone/internet company to find out what was going on and it was then that I was informed that it had all been switched over - took me a while to hook the new stuff up, but thankfully all is good now :) A little faster too now, though a bit frustrating as the connection is not wonderful in the loungeroom now (where my sewing area is and I usually work), but it's fabulous in the bedroom. Oh well. Hopefully we can see about getting a booster this weekend ;) ... Looks like you're having lots of sewing fun sweet one!!! Well done keeping up with the Nature's Journey SAL!! I stalled when I found I didn't have any background fabrics I was completely happy with yet, and I haven't gotten around to getting any. Will be a future project I think ;) ... Enjoy your weekend stitching! Those treats from last Friday look yummy!!

  18. What a frustration Fiona! ggrrr... I think you took advantage of the IT-free time to get some lovely sewing done!
    Now to get used to your new puter

  19. Seems computer heaven has a few new members lately . Your tumbling blocks are too cute and those snacks look so yummy :-) Love your seaweed lol!! hugs Sheila

  20. Life without the internet is just not as much fun! Glad your back online, so I can see what you have been stitching!

  21. I'm not an Internet addict either.........until you take it away from me! Good to gear you're back online.

  22. Very frustrating times when the computers die. Love you blocks and Sylvias wedding quilt. Will look forward to watching it grow.

  23. Haha - seaweed (so funny!!). I personally love your 'seaweed'! Those salted caramel snacks look very addictive...

  24. Hee hee seaweed!!!! I bet hubby is still in the bad books!! Lol!! It is very attractive 'seaweed' though!! Lol!! Watched a you tube tutorial on foundation piecing this morning so now have a better idea of what I am doing for Sylvia's Bridal Quilt. Your two blocks are lovely..amazing how quickly we get addicted to using the internet!!Good you are all back on line again.

  25. OK so am drooling over the pretzels!! Welcome back - I know, it's like losing a limb when the internet goes down. Exciting parcels - hope you get to open them soon. xx

  26. I might try making those pretzels. Very interesting


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