Thursday, February 26, 2015

Something new and different .....

I have long been a wearer of the good old apron..... no women's lib in the kitchen for me I'm afraid.... I don't like grease spots on my shirts when cooking..

.. but they still get there..

.. I drop food onto that lovely dome the boobs make  (even if I eat with an apron that top part folds open just enough for food to drop through)..

.. for me it's a good day if I haven't got food on my boobs..


..  I'm sure none of you have that problem but there it is ... I have aired my dirty washing on the www.......

Anyway... back to aprons...  my friend Loopy Jane is doing a tutorial to make an apron.... from a shirt.... of course you can buy a new shirt to chop up but I'm going for recycled....

(I was planning to use one from Hubz cupboard but I did raid that not so long ago for the shirt quilt challenge ... and he does make good beer so I better be good for a while

.. and I found this one for the princely sum of $5 at a local op shop....  it's a good size so will cover the boobs and the buttocks I think..

 (not that I drop food on my buttocks... that's a bit wild even for me!)

Loopy Jane is starting a new series of Create with Loopy classes and her first apron from a shirt make is free.... so bonus for me I will get a new unique apron for $5

HERE is the information - I don't have pockets on my shirt but I'm sure there I will be able to include some decoration ....

These are some that she has made... I love that the collar stays on and goes round the neck...

... will be a much better fit so food doesn't drop down to boobs!...


You just need to sign up to her newsletter HERE.... but be quick... closing after the weekend...  for Facebookers this is the LINK.....  Jane does a great variety of crafts... a lot are upcycling recycling - a great blog...

Jane never asked me to do a blog post... but she is a long standing bloggy friend who lives in the UK... hope to meet her one day...

Righto, Gotto Go.... need to go and soak shirts!!!


  1. I can always get a laugh from your blog posts.

  2. That shirt is going to make a lovely apron...I can't wait to see it! :0)

  3. Wow what a great idea ,looking forward to seeing your new apron Fiona xx

  4. You always crack me up with your stories Fiona. And you're always doing something different - this will be fun

  5. Oh, Fiona, that's fabulous. I wish it was a virtual class, it would be a great laugh. Thank you

  6. Wonderful idea and I will check this out right now before it is too late ;-) Hugs

  7. My mind is boggling Fiona :-) Sounds like a fun apron to make!

  8. Dear Fiona,
    just too funny, don't we all relate.

  9. I have the same problem......back when I was young and slender it never happened, Mother Nature is very should be well covered now!

  10. Yep I spill things down my cleavage and my latest disaster was potato salad dropped in my lap while eating lunch....stain placement is terrible and I fear these shorts my never see another public airing again!

  11. Looks very cute! Have to try to make at least one!

  12. Great idea, I always wear an apron too, I have one that I got in Italy last year and it makes me smile whenever i put it on as it reminds me of that trip.

  13. I have no boobs, so my belly gets it. [I do have them, they just almost don't count. Thought I'd better clarify that.] I love aprons, can't wait to see yours!

  14. Haha I shouldn't laugh but I have this picture in my mind of boobs and bellys all covered with splotches. Thanks girls for giving me a giggle. Good luck with the apron Fiona, I expect to see it smothered with food soon !!

  15. Hey Fabulous Fiona! I just about peed myself reading your post!! I had this very funny mental picture of you eating your lunch, flinging food around with abandon and all of it being drawn like a magnet to your boobs! Tee! Hee! Hee! Mind you ... I SOOOOOOOO relate! Boys have no idea how easy they get it! :0) The other problem I have is flour, food and splashes ending up on my tummy when I'm cooking ... I think it's cos that's what pokes out the most! :0) Ah ... the problems of we Rubenesque goddesses!!!! Can't wait to see your apron. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  16. lol Fiona your apron problem sounds just like mind...exactly lol!!!!

  17. Great idea. I am looking forward to seeing your finished apron!

  18. Great idea, have fun making yours xcx

  19. Lol...lovely description of food spillage here.....I think
    I'm scarred for life!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  20. Does no one else manage to scrape leftover meals from inside their top? (or bra on the rare occasion I bother at home) Giggling madly at your description- when I was a kid I would get a solid wiping of the face after a meal, now it's er further down- oh and done by me, not my Mum! ;) Thanks for the heads up on this tute :) I signed up, looks like fun :) Love the shirt you've picked :)


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