Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hot, hot, hot....

We are having a bit of a heat wave, not uncommon but I really battle in this kind of heat!!!

So what can I do but stay indoors where the aircon is .... and sew....

Some of my blocks from the Block Swap have been made up into place mats... I added on a bit to the side and practiced some quilting.... 

I have taken out the scrap box and tried to tidy it making these scrappy 9 patches which will be the centres for my blocks.... (ongoing project!!!!)

There was quite a bit of interest in the lace I showed last week... so I thought I'd show more of it...

Not only was it on Mums wedding dress but it was also on mine.... which I happen to still have!

you can see it is actually quite a big piece... 

the front of the dress....  I still fit into it.... well one leg does!!!

I'm still no further in deciding what to do with it...

It's going to be hot all week... I should get quite a bit done!!

I am lucky enough to have a designated sewing room but I have moved into the dining/lounge area where the aircon is and am working on my pretty bluebirds wallhanging...

filling in the sashing with figure 8 lines....

.. the peeper is having to be carefully moved out the way

carefully stitch around the edge of the stitching and then a fairly dense twirly background

takes a while but I think it shows off the stitcheries...

Righto... Gotto Go... there's lots more quilting to do on this one...


  1. That's the best way to stay cool. Inside, air con on and sewing...
    The hot weather hasn't hit here yet...thankfully!!

  2. Gosh October seems too early for a heatwave? Lucky you have the Aircon :-) Love the lace, how neat to have it from your Mum's dress and then yours...different dresses but same lace? Great quilting Fiona, handy to have smaller things to practise on then a good quilt too - love how you have hightlighted the stitchery.

  3. Love your 'swirly' quilting, Fiona! That aircon of yours sounds wonderful when we have this hot weather. I was admiring the beautiful wedding dress too!

  4. How special is it to have the same lace on your and your mum's dress. Your quilting is looking great.

  5. how wonderful to have had the lace for your wedding dress too, it's beautiful. Love the idea for the blocks, great for quilting practice

  6. Good plan! It has been a bit of an early stinker! Lots getting done. Love your beautiful quilting x

  7. PS loved seeing your beautiful train on your wedding dress x

  8. How lovely to be able to share your mum's wedding lace...gosh you make me laugh though..
    great quilting as always.
    Very B hot...blah!@&*%&#$^

  9. Love your placemats Fiona. What a great way to use up your blocks. And love your scrappy nine patches. Think these are my favourite blocks to sew. Beautiful wedding dress

  10. Scrappy nine patches are my favorite!! Am working with a stack right now! Am loving your embroidered block and how your chose to sash it and how you decided to quilt it. It's just as cute as can be!! Try to stay cool! Drink lots of water!

  11. I love your blue birds and the quilting you're doing is just perfect. It looks great. Love the place mats too. GORGEOUS lace!

  12. Oh gosh, it's waaaayyy to early for that heat, oh you poor thing Fiona!
    Gorgeous quilting as always.
    I think one of my legs would fit the waist of my wedding dress!

  13. The placemats are so neat!!! I think it's another "mug rug" Christmas coming up!!!! Those little mats are an addiction, once I start!!!! The embroideries are really "coming to life" with that beautiful quilting (the figure '8's are a fave of mine, too!!!)! I wish for some of that heat wave here!!! It's very overcast, 40F, damp and blustery here (ALSO perfect for quilting, hmmmmmm????).

  14. Love the figure of 8 quilting, thanks for showing a couple of shots, that has helped me work out how to try it for myself! Cute stitchery.

  15. Love it. What is a 'peeper'? It LOOKS like binding around your blocks?

  16. What a great way to beat the heat , sew , sew and sew some more . Love your quilting , your FMQ is fantastic . Your wedding gown is gorgeous , that lace is so pretty , wonder what your plans are ? Hugs Sheila

  17. Hello Fiona,

    So that lace came from your Wedding Dress, did you know you only need to fit into your Wedding Dress if the Husband can fit into his suit. Hope you do make something with it. Good luck with the heat and sewing.

    Happy days.

  18. That dress is so beautiful, you need to show it off somehow!!! And your quilting, oh my gosh, just stunning...

  19. The placemats are a good way of using your blocks. What a lovely piece of lace! And as always I love your quilting and it certainly does show of the stitching. xx

  20. Gorgeous dress !!!!!........as is your quilting and bluebird stitchery :)

  21. You are so talented. Your dress is exquisite and I've fallen in love with your bluebirds

  22. the heat hasn't curbed your creativity.
    so glad I missed out on that heat!
    love how you are quilting your blue bird quilt it is really so pretty.

  23. Oh my....the lace is just gorgeous. I agree about staying indoors with the heat....you can't possibly go outside! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  24. Perfect choice of activity for a hot day.
    The lace and the dress are so beautiful. How special to have shared this gorgeous gown.


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