Thursday, October 2, 2014


September is over...  and October has started with some lovely warm days....

I have been lucky enough to have a little widget visit and so lots of different things get done here...

This was rather a fun experiment.... the dish has just a shallow bit of milk in it and widget is dropping food colouring ... just a drop or two of different colours...

then a toothpick with a bit of dishwashing liquid on it and magical swirls all over...

.... a drop or two more of dishwasher and it loops around like crazy...

.... swirls up all by itself...

I found the idea HERE ..... you don't have to be a child to have fun with that!!!! (I did it again myself when he went home!!)

We carried on with the magic theme and made magic custard cake.... I cant find the recipe I used but mr google will find loads ... nice and easy and ends up with a base, a squishy middle and a cake top....

... as such my frilly princess dress has not made much progress....

but I did finish off this flat pincushion (Nicki Tervo from Brandy Gully design)

I had all the stitching done previously and just had to sew the bits together...

... Unusual idea for pins but rather pretty I thought....

Widget also planted up some vegetables for me.... watermelon (his choice!), beans, lettuce, basil and parsley (my choice)

... and dear Michelle drove up the range and we spent the day together ... first some sustenance 

... then  a lovely browse around the tea extravaganza....

... a couple of crazy bloggers find a mirror .... 

we also went to Twba Quilters Quilt show but I didn't take ANY pictures but if you pop over to Michelle's she has some -

Hubz and I went to one of the public gardens one evening.... 

I thought the colourful background to this Queensland bottle tree was pretty

... and some more magic ... these three (and their parents) have their tickets booked to come for Christmas....

... Righto, Gotto Go... lots to do, lots to enjoy, and lots to think about....


  1. Fun magic with Widget...the swirls put me in mind of Paua shell, pretty...the flat pincushion is very pretty, so much stitching!...yay for the final bit of magic, they won't be needing those woolly jumpers this Christmas!

  2. what a fun holiday.
    The activities you did with Widget look great. I'm off to try that magic custard cake.

    The tea display in Toowoomba looks wonderful too. Ahh the bliss of a day with a good friend.

  3. I love the thing with the milk and the food coloring! And your flat pin cushion is beautiful! :0)

  4. Love this posting... so much to see and read... I bet you are looking forward to Christmas xxx

  5. Lots of fun is happening at your place Fiona. Sounds like you and Michelle had a lovely day too.

  6. Great idea with the milk. Love the pincushion. Hugs, xx

  7. Hi Fiona you crack me up i can picture you making swirls in the milk,lol.Lovely baking as usual and boy your princess dress is going to be so pretty and love the pin cushion.How wonderful that you and Michelle got to spend time together,great friends great times. Oh your 3 widgets have grown especially your GD,oh how awesome that they are coming home for xmas,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  8. I used to love doing things like that with my boys - we loved the cornstarch one too, where you mix it with water...a big tub...not a lot of water. It will let your hand sink into it, but if you smack it, it will feel like concrete, lol. You can apparently even walk on it, although I wouldn't want to try it.

    Pretty dress, pretty pincushion, and pretty pics - I'm glad you and Michelle had fun!!! Oh a Christmas visit, how FUN!!!!!!!!

  9. Lovely post Fiona. Love the flat pin cushion. hugs.....

  10. it's always great to see a little magic in the day and sharing it with us .... is special too. thanks
    in stitches

  11. Lots of fun and adventure at your place lately. Didn't Widget want to model the princess dress?!

  12. I want to play with milk too...

  13. You've certainly been busy.....have you googled for things to make with wax crayons? Some interesting the arvo tea, how very civilised!

  14. looks like you've had fun, and how exciting for the family to be coming over.

  15. Love your holiday hijinks with your little Aussie widget and very exciting having a Christmas visit to look forward to. Such a sweet pincushion. I loved my day up the hill with you xx

  16. What fun things you did with widget Fiona. That cake looks yummy. Sounds liked a wonderful day with Michelle - all that beautiful china

  17. What a fun experiment with widget , oh and the cake looks yummy. Such a fun day out with Michelle .How nice you will have some company for the holidays :-) Hugs Sheila

  18. You always seem to have as much fun with your grandchildren as you do with fabric. Maybe even more. They sure are precious. The children I mean!! ;^)

  19. It looks like so much fun with your widget, your grandkids are growing up so quickly! Yummy baking and beautiful stitching - such a lovely post :)

  20. Wow, you have has lots going on. What fun having grandies around. And a lovely day with Michelle, too.
    You even managed to squeeze in some stitching!


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