Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bitsa This and Bitsa That.....

I did some large swirls on my Boys Story quilt.... since it has a flannel back I didn't want to do too tight quilting and these swirls reminded me of winds and seas and they help sailboats and kites and things....

It has kept the quilt soft and snuggly..... now the binding.....

My bloggy friend Keryn was selling some of her delightful Christmas creations off her blog shop HERE .....  I could not resist....

These are pompom ones .... look at those faces!

,..... my larger Santa arrived with a mate to keep him company on the trip over....  these two are weighted and sit nicely....

... Santa can sit and his arms and legs change position... this is sitting waiting... (and maybe needing to pee...)

.. this is just chillin'..... (and maybe a bit of flirting!)

... and this is yoga pose.... (and maybe some UMMMMMMMM sounds)

These are going to make a lovely addition to my home made decorations..... they are adorable...

Long long ago I did the stitcheries for Bluebirds, designed by my friend Christine....

I have added the peepers on the sides ....

... here they all are waiting for me to get on and make the sashing....  they really are delightful pictures...

.... but they will have to wait since I am finishing off some secret projects .....

... which may, or may not involve this little friendly stitchery .... designed by Bronwyn Hayes at Red Brolly

Righto, Gotto Go..... spots to quilt, binding to sew, shirts to slice up.....

It's supposed to be a wet cold weekend here ... ...I might need to stay indoors...


  1. Such pretty little bluebirds! Finish them soon, please!

  2. Lots of lovely things happening at your your new friends and the bluebirds are gorgeous x

  3. Your pile looks like mine, lots of things to finish;)
    The bluebirds are beautiful and I can't wait to see them with the sashing.


  4. All your projects are looking lovely.
    Those swirls are perfect for the boys story and your friends look like they're sharing secrets with their tea and cake.
    Enjoy your pretty birds.

  5. Your projects are totally amazing and Keryn is so talented...

  6. Your Santa cracks me up :o)
    Hope you're cosy indoors with your sewing ... happy weekend.

  7. Very busy at your place, Fiona. I love the new decorations you have bought - they gave me a little chuckle. Good on you with your Boys quilt, the allover swirls sound like a good idea. Also your bluebirds are very sweet. PS The Red Brolly stitcheries are also always a delight.

  8. Love your blue birds. Everything you sew is delightful. You star.

  9. A cold windy weekend is a great excuse (not that we need one, do we?) to stay inside and sew!

  10. If its anything like Brisbane today - you would do well to stay inside and sew... those santas are so cute, your stitchery is so lovely.

  11. Such lovely yummy things, lots of projects, I'm sure you will not be minding what the weather is doing :-) xcx

  12. Lots of lovely stitcheries being done at your house, I can't wait to see the bluebirds made up :) Barb.

  13. Looking forward to seeing the blue birds all finished...should be stunning!

  14. Your wet, CID weekend will be perfect for your projects Fiona! Happy Sewing!

  15. Love the swirls on your Boy's Quilt. Very exciting to be nearly finished.
    Gorgeous blue for the bluebirds!
    Lovely Red Brolly stitching, too.
    Aren't Keryn's Christmas decs a lot of fun. Looks like you got up to too much mischief with yours.

  16. Lol you crack me up ,you always give me a chuckle,love your Santa show offs,Kerryn is so clever and they have gone to a loving home,your sticking is beautiful my friend,enjoy your weekend.xx

  17. So many lovely things you are working on Fiona,and love Keryn's gorgeous xmas creations. Some of them came to live at my place too

  18. More lovely quilting and sewing Fiona. Love the Chrismassy things your friend made. You amaze me all the things you get done in such a short time. Hugs.....

  19. I understand why you couldn't resist Keryn's lovely creations. Adorable. All of them! The bluebirds quilt will be so beautiful. I love it. Those two ladies having tea are plotting a new quit design I think. Lovely stitchery.

  20. Cute Christmas decorations, so organised! Love the stitcheries, such neat work. Hope the weather stays nasty so you can be inside and sew!

  21. Love those decorations. The bluebirds are gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  22. Nice little stash of things you have there. Love the santa!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  23. Gorgeous Santa :) Looks like you got the shy one, lol. What an adorable poser. So wonderful to see someone else contorts their softies ;) Lovely bluebirds :)


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