Saturday, August 9, 2014

A gift, some binding and a challenge ......

How thrilled was I that Shez sent me one of her beautiful kitchen sets and a recipe book ....

it looks perfect in my kitchen and tonight there is chocolate self saucing pudding on the menu...

Thanks so much Shez (your work is so lovely and I love the colours and the pretty applique) ... it so cheers up my cooking workspace ....

I did the hand sewing of the binding on my quilt made from the Hello World range ...

I love it...

Tracee mentioned this shirt challenge a little while ago.... and I do love an 'upcycle' project so I could resist it...

This one is being hosted by the Gisborne Quilters and is due to start this month ... there is still time to source your fabrics!

Hubz is due for some new work shirts (or so I think he ought to be) so I have used 3 of the old ones as they are all the same and purchased some more from one of the op shops ... (there is allowance to use an additional purchased fabric but I think I will keep that for a border .....)

I'm not that happy about the third from the left... not enough contrast so I may need to do some more hunting... in real life it doesn't look as bland...

There is also another challenge on if you're interested in something a bit more upmarket to recycled clothing?

Righto, Gotto Go..... shirts to chop up.... roses to prune ... and more binding to sew 


  1. Love the set Shez sent... it looks so pretty in your kitchen!
    HaPPy HuNTinG for those old shirts.

  2. What a lovely present! Perhaps that shirt won;t look so muted when it's cut up and interspersed with the other fabrics?

  3. so generous, beautiful gifts...good luck with the challenge...

  4. Oh no these challenges again. I was almost in but .... aghhh too many things to do! hugs

  5. Have fun with my shirts, I loved doing my quilts from them (got another project ongoing in the background too, but can't share yet, and it's such good fun)

  6. I love upcycling shirts - am working with one right now, as a matter of fact. And in TX, I have a quilt in progress from shirts. It's such a feeling of accomplishment to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

  7. Beautiful set from Shez . Look forward to seeing the shirt quilt challenge grow. Love your hello world quilt the binding looks great !

  8. What a lovely set from Shez Fiona....she is so generous! Look forward to see how your shirt challenge goes!

  9. Beautiful gifts from Shez - I wouldn't mind a bit of chocolate pudding about now - don't have any might have to settle for a Magnum ice cream instead - bet it's not as good as yours. XX

  10. Lovely gifts from Shez. You are lucky.
    Your quilt is lovely. It is a good feeling when the binding is done.
    And good luck with the shirt challenge.

  11. Lovely present to brighten up the kitchen and inspire the cook! Gosh I don't think I would be gain to cut up hubbys old shirts...good luck with that!

  12. a lovely 'good' set for the kitchen. your quilt looks gorgeous. Love the contrast little border and binding. they really finish it off.
    Great shirts for the challenge. I need to cut the rest of mine up too.
    will be fun playing along.

  13. The kitchen set from Shez is lovely, and chocolate self saucing pudding is up there with winter comfort foods - I may need to make that soon :-) Congratulations on another lovely finish. Your shirt challenge looks like a fun idea....I am doing the Simple Shapes challenge too - trying to decide which one to do, I like quite a few of them!

  14. Beautiful set by Shez. Your quilt is looking lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the shirts.

  15. Hmmm....chopping up hubz shirts? he is always on his best behaviour!!!! lol Lots of great things happening at your place. Love your quilt, gorgeous.
    Cheers, Anita.

  16. Lovely set from Shez! I have a collection of shirts too - have to get to cut them up soonish!! Doing the Kaffe Fassett challenge much to do so little time...or maybe I just need to get better organised!! Lol!!

  17. hi Fiona ... lovely gifts you have and they do look great in your kitchen ...
    i did that recycled shirt challenge a few years ago ... my effort was rather ordinary but the other ladies managed to get some pretty awesome quilts made from thier bits ... i did make 2 x 36inch lap quilts from my fabrics ... so you can get quite a reasonable size top from it .. i know you will create something wonderful for us to drool over ...

    hugs ..


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