Monday, June 30, 2014

Today ....

I made one of these pot holders a while back in an Easter swap... I couldn't resist cutting a couple more out  and I got these done over the weekend..... for the present box...

They are a Tilda pattern and I think very sweet either as a teapot holder (which is what they were designed for)... or a pot holder in the kitchen or a mug rug for those of us who love our mug rugz....


This is one of Hubz and my favourite meals in front of the TV....
(of course it is easy peasy scrummy yummy)

Roasted cherry tomatoes.... 

I punnet of ripe tomatoes (these were quite big ones so I halved them but I don't usually)
dried thyme to taste
salt and pepper to taste
a good glug of olive oil

roast for about 30 minutes....

... we like it best served with a lump of camembert cheese which has been melted in the oven for 5 minutes, some fresh crispy bread and chilli/garlic olives....

... and of course a glass of excellent home brew...

Today Hubz and I are celebrating an anniversary....

I looked up what 35 year gifts could be....

Traditional... Coral.... (forget that I like our reef!!)
Coral apparently has the power to prevent sterility.... not sure why that might be an issue after 35 years.... but still.. whatever blows your hair back...

Modern... Jade..... (I have some pretty green beads already)
Jade is associated with increased body strength and longevity...  if you've got this far you've had your fair portion of it already????

Gemstone .... Emerald..... they are pretty but pitifully I don't wear a lot of jewellery
The Egyptians buried emeralds with mummies... not a good sign thanks....

Gifts... Tropical cruise... holiday to a tropical island ... I wonder if the children will pick up on that one...

I think I will just serve peas with the yummy slow cooker dinner tonight..... (they look like pretty green beads?

Righto, Gotto Go..... time to sit back and dream of that cruise.....


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! Wow 35 years! That is VERY special in our time and age. Enjoy the dreams about the cruise ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 35 years.

  3. lol you always crack me up ,you are such a funny buggar,lol.Seriously congrats to your hubby for putting up with you for 35 years ,lol,now i am serious a big hug congrats to a lovely couple who have reared a beautiful family,all the best for your future years together my friend.xx

  4. Happy Anniversary. Every one is a good one!
    Enjoy that cruise, if only in your dreams.
    Love the tomatoes and the little tea pot holders. That Tilda keeps popping up everywhere.
    It is cold today - single digits. Hope you are warmer.

  5. 35 years - how wonderful!
    I'm drooling at your dinner but I'm guessing you don't want an uninvited guest on this special occasion! :D

  6. Love the idea of the tomatoes and camembert...ever tried it with some garlic cloves stuck in it...or dukkah and honey poured over then melted a bit...Im sure you have the idea!!

    Congratulations on 35 years...

  7. love your little bunny pot holders they are so cute.
    Happy anniversary to you both!!
    Love the then and now pics.
    yummy dinner too, must try that.
    Not being a fan of peas I think I would go for the Emeralds, hold the mummy!

  8. Congratulations on your 35th anniversary! For our 35th a few years ago my husband had some beautiful jade earrings made for me, because he know I love green.

  9. Love the pot holders. Hope you both had a wonderful day, a very happy anniversary to you both

  10. Happy anniversary to you both, Fiona. I love your little rabbits. They are so cute. mmm Feeling a bit peckish now I've seen those tomatoes and melted camembert!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby Fiona. Love the pot holders. Hugs....

  12. Fiona that plate of food looks so good it could be restaurant worthy. Such a wonderful achievement to get to 35 years, what a lucky man your husband is. Have a great night.

  13. Huge Congratulations to you both. You plate is making me hungry but can I swap the Home Brew for a wine ;o) hugs

  14. happy anniversary to both of you!

  15. Happy Anniversary to both of you enjoy !!

  16. Congratulations, that's a wonderful milestone. Lovely to see you both still looking so happy. X

  17. Congratulations.....huge hug coming..those nug rugs are so cute...ant those tomatoes, yummo

  18. Happy Anniversary! Let's all go on a cruise! Now, wouldn't THAT be fun?

  19. Very cute pot holders Fiona. Congratulations on 35 happy years married - my husband and I celebrated 28 years on the weekend

  20. Congratulations to both of you! 35 years a wonderful milestone. Love the look of those yummy nibbles too. Very cute teapot holders.

  21. Congrats on your 35th Anniversary
    Your TV snack looks delicious..
    Nice bunny s .

  22. Happy anniversary! Your tomato recipe looks yummy...I think I'll have to try that one! :0)

  23. Congratulations with your anniversary. We also have 35 years ann. this year. Lots of nice things you have made this spring (for us in Norway). I haven't had time to look so much now, but hopefully it will be better after the holliday.
    I will try to drop by more often...
    Take care....

  24. Sweet photo's and congratulations on 35 years of togetherness. Those tomatoes looks awful yummy. The bunnies are too cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  25. Congratulations on 35 years!!! I think a homecooked meal is the best way to celebrate, especially with green peas representing green jade beads. Your bunny pot holders are so cute too!!

  26. I hope there was a brew with dinner.
    Cute pot holders, they'd brighten up any kitchen.
    Tomatos and Camembert - can't go wrong with that combination.

  27. Happy, happy anniversary.
    That tomato recipe is definitely on my "to make" list. Yummmm

  28. Congratulations....and here's to many more happy years together. If you keep cooking such delicious food for him....that won't be hard!!! Finally, love the bunny pot holders/mug rugs.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  29. Happy 35th Anniversary!! Your potential present run down is hillarious... I'm still laughing and thinking of you with your pretty peas!! I really hope the kids spring for that cruise... you deserve it. Keep on having fun...XX

  30. Happy Anniversary! The wedding photo is lovely. It's amazing the two of you don't look a day older.

  31. Happy anniversary to you both!! Keep putting out that cruise thought you never know what might happen!!

  32. Congrats to you & Mr Bubz on your anniversary, you look even more gorgeous now than your Wedding pic!!

    I am very familiar with the Easter tilda creation(!) and I love it! Am I a rare person in that I do actually like mug rugs??!

  33. Happy anniversary... a little late, but I just ran across your blog from the FNWF from "Country Fragrance". Sharm and I have been bloggy friends for a little while. I laughed so hard at your rendition of the "anniversary gifts". We've been married a few short years and I so wish I had met and married my sweetie many years earlier.
    Beautiful handwork. We are in the midst of our summer, so not much stitching being done at my house these days. Too much gardening calling to me. I love both equally in their seasons. Happy day to you. I'll visit again soon.


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