Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the Gardeners....

There was a couple of open gardens near us this last weekend so a friend and I toodled off for a Sunday afternoon drive to have a look.....

The open gardens scheme is a great idea, a small amount is charged to go in and all the money raised goes to a chosen charity....  

At the first place this house was close to the road... this was the original residence built in the early 1900's

this garden is very spacious 

... and pieces from the old residence have been used in the garden.... I loved this picture...

... and some of the old rusty machinery created garden art ......

well, having walked around the big garden we needed a bit of sustenance...

the next garden had this old shed outside....   

... and they made use of sculpture type garden art and grew plants on them... this is an example...

a smaller garden but with denser plantings around the homestead.... this garden is only about 7 years old..

I think my favourite spot was the fernery...

A lovely way to spend a few hours

On the stitching front ... another fun stitchery from Boys Story......

I just love the expressions!!!

Righto, Gotto Go..... I want to make plans for my garden now!  I hope Hubz is feeling energetic this weekend!


  1. Fantastic gardens and such good ideas. I am sure you will convince Mr Hubz that he needs to help you create what you have in mind.
    Boys story is looking good - it is a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Wonderful photos, I love going down back roads and finding old towns.


  3. Thanks for the tour. Those gardens looks wonderful. Hugs,xx.

  4. I just adore tumbledown buildings.. especially when there's rusting iron involved. Gorgeous gardens.

  5. Just my kind of places. Thanks for the tour. I loved it.

  6. so lovely - in my next life I'd like a garden like that - all cottagey.

  7. Enjoyed the garden walk Thankyou
    The only trouble with garden walks is that it makes you want to create something equally as good
    We had a garden walk here a few years ago In aide of cancer
    My garden is a bit negleted now Maybe I should have another one to get me motivated

  8. Fabulous garden . Lovely tour. The boys story is so cute.

  9. Beautiful gardens Fi... and that parachute boy, looks like his pants are about to fall off!

  10. Those gardens are fabulous, wouldn't those old pieces of furniture and machinery make a great photo with a quilt draped over it.

  11. Thanks for sharing the great photos..
    Love the bath best..
    Nice stitchery too.

  12. Oh my those are some of the most beautiful garden photos, I love the one of the old rusty plough, so iconic Australian.

  13. He'll be wishing you would stick to your stitching, lol. I am sure, with the little helpers around, he could replicate some of the ideas

  14. What a great garden, I think my favourite is the old machinery.

  15. I love going around open gardens too. These two are beautiful and I agree the fernery is magnificent.

  16. Lovely gardens,nice to go out and explore and find different ideas, the boys story looks fun

  17. Lovely gardens Fiona - love the old buildings

  18. Seeing that tub out there with the door made me wonder if the loo was on the other side. Really did remind me of the old 'out house'.
    Nice gardens and good for a bit of a walk.
    Cute boys story block.

  19. Thank you, it was fun visiting the gardens with you.

  20. What a great garden....perfect Sunday afternoon outing Fiona!

  21. Fantastic photos. Wish my garden was that big. The things I could do then .......

  22. Love the photos of the old homestead and gardens... would make nice stitcheries don't you think???!!! xxx

  23. Such interesting gardens , looks like a fun day :-)
    hugs Sheila

  24. Hello Fiona,

    Thanks for the garden tour, very much appreciated. So lovely and green, love the old machinery parts.

    Happy days.

  25. beautiful photos of the gardens. I love the old buildings.
    the stitchery progress is coming along, love that one too.


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