Friday, March 22, 2013

A scarf, two aprons and a couple of blocks.....

I've told you before about the lovely scarves at Maya Kotan

On my trip to UK last year I was given the opportunity to put some colours together

and look what was given to me....

Here's the ticket that shows who made it... the design name (see the FIO - that's me!!) and the colours used

my very own unique scarf... made from the colours I had chosen

how lucky am I?

PS ... there is a SALE on at Maya Kotan at the moment......

Jude (my DIL) suggested that I could cut the woven fabric and make something..... I'm thinking about it?

... and so onto aprons for little peoples who want to help nana in the kitchen ...

On one of my 'op shop' hunts for pre-loved fabric I found some unused sheeting.... not wonderful quality but I like the pictures.....

.... so that is what I used to make up a couple of little aprons ....

I used a pattern from Annette that I had won in a giveaway.... soooooooooo eeeeeaaaassssyyyy and designed in a way that only one piece of cord is used which can tighten or loosen depending on the size.

The edges aren't hemmed - just went round them with the overlocker - that made it even easier to do!

Perhaps I need one of these in a large size for me.... that can adapt to my shape?
(wonder how many bears I would take)

Righto, Gotto Go.... I have blocks for North Pole quiltalong to do.....

Oh... and it's

Handmade by Heidi


Sign Ups are at Heidi's over HERE

no prizes for guessing what I'll be sewing!


  1. Love the colours in your scarf and the aprons look so cute. See you tonight. hugs

  2. wow Fiona that scarf is awesome the colours are so vibrant,you are lucky.Love the widgets new aprons,clever you and enjoy your day stitching my friend.xx

  3. beautiful scarf! Widget will be very content with his aprons.
    Happy appliqueing! What are the threads that you are using for your applique?

  4. Love your scarf, those colours are gorgeous together.
    Cute aprons, that sounds like a clever pattern.
    See you at the sew in(I'll probably be knitting).

  5. Lovely scarf and cute aprons Fiona. I'll see you tonight!

  6. A beautiful bright scraf to cheer you up in the winter months..
    Such cute aprons. LOL how bears do you need Fiona???
    Nice North Pole Block shaping up there.
    Stitch with you tonight...

  7. Your scarf is gorgeous , I would find it hard to cut that up. Cute little aprons , perfect for little helpers and I see a rather charming house being constructed for FNSI , have fun!

  8. Cute aprons, colourful scarf...but dont think i could bring myself to cut it up!

  9. I love those little aprons, they'll be wanting to come and help even more now

  10. Lovely scarf, I'm sure your grandies will love their cute new aprons, happy sewing

  11. How special is that scarf, the colours are so lovely what great choices.

  12. Your scarf is beautiful, love the colours. There are going to be some very excited little people in your house when they see those aprons! I am sure you would only need one more bear for your apron ;-) Hugs xxx

  13. What a fabulous scarf. I love the colours you chose. Hope you get lots done for the sewin.

  14. Widget is going to love his apron! You definitely need a matching one - maybe just one picture on a plain apron??

  15. Beautiful, beautiful scarf! The aprons are adorable. There will be some giggles in your kitchen, to be sure!

  16. Lovely scarf I know I would have a hard time cutting it up... I have a few from Mexico to make something for my daughter and I still have not cut them......I'll let you know when I do.
    And what cute little aprons... little bear hugs for them when they are your helpers'. Sew if you get one made for yourself it will be a big bear hug ;)
    glad you are enjoying the pattern
    in stitches

  17. You definitely need a matching apron for when you are cooking together. Lovely scarf, I love the colours in it.

  18. The little aprons are perfect and your scarf is stunning.


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