Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another addiction?

I certainly could get addicted to making these cute little owls

a lovely pattern I won from Tracee at Quilt Kitty Loves Life 

If you don't know Tracee it worth going by... lots of fun at her place and lovely things to read about

Thanks for this Tracee - I adore them 

I don't need to get addicted to colourwash

My friend up the road was having a clean out... this was going off to the charity shop... and I persuaded her that I was a very worthwhile charity....

isn't it fun.... just needs a border or two ..... I think she will be sorry she gave it away.... I might have to give it back!!! hmmmmm

I have spent some time catching up on doing some blocks I started last year.....

..... I have not been very enthusiastic......

lots of tiny little pieces I can't use

lots of little pieces of paper to remove

lots of pins required to hold it together

lots of careful sewing on lines

lots of time required for an 8" block (like an hour per inch!)

66 little pieces of fabric in these two

tutorial for this block found HERE

as you can see I neglected to do the reversal thing so the blocks don't fit together

.... but .....
... they match like this.....

is this a new addiction?

Righto, Gotto Go... still more little stitches to sew, little papers to remove, little scraps to chuck and big bits of time to find....

I like it in boosted colours


  1. Yes a LOT of work but so well worth it Fiona. They look fantastic. hugs

  2. wow they are amazing those blocks,and congrats on your win Fiona,you sure have been busy,well done.xx

  3. Paper piecing is an invention of the devil, it wastes fabric.....but by gosh it is the only way to do sharp points, isn't it!

  4. Beautiful Fiona, what a LOT of pieces! I do quite like paper piecing though, helps me be more accurate, lol!

  5. I used to love doing those detailed multi-sub-unit blocks - now - I just don't have the patience (or finger dexterity or eyesight, LOLOL!) to do them - a one patch is about as detailed as I get now, LOL!

  6. Sweet little owls. I take my hat of to you with all those tiny pieces, NYB is bright and beautiful.

  7. That looks as if it takes a lot of patience, I'd be forever forgetting which way I was going! Love those owls, I feel the urge to make some

  8. Love the owls! I think NY beauty and I are never going to be friends, I tried once and made enough blocks for a very short table runner! Your blocks look good and it will be a stunning quilt once finished, just not a quick project!

  9. Looks like you are enjoying the NY beauty..
    I am not into paper piecing...

  10. Great little owls and I just love that vase of flowers quilt. You have done a wonderful job with the paper piecing. It looks so neat. Quite a dramatic design.

  11. Wow your blocks look fantastic! I love paper piecing, but hate having to pick out all of the little bits of paper.

  12. OMG Paper piecing! I thought I had got over my fear of PP, but now after seeing yours I am coming out in hives again!! That is stunning, wish I was that patient, it's going to be beautiful. Hugs x

  13. Wow what an intricate design Fiona. Looks effective. Sharyn:)

  14. Fantastic blocks Bubz......great pattern you won from Tracee...

  15. The owls are so cute - love teh NYBeauty but nor for me- but the colour wash - what a lucky thing you were handy when that was on the way out! That's on my "will I ever get to it list!"

  16. good save! Charity does begin at home, or close to it.
    lovely seeing your new york beauty blocks getting added too. lovely blocks and so much work.

  17. Very cute owls. The colour wash is a great project. Your New York block is amazing... terrifying but amazing!!!!

  18. Lucky your neighbour saw the charity thing your way, that is gorgeous.
    Cute owls.
    Congratulations on all those bits - fabric and paper, the blocks look fabulous.

  19. you ahve the best books and patterns, why can't I live with you?

    Loving the NY Beauty, it's such a gorgeous pattern

  20. The Hootie Hoo Family look so cute. Gorgeous colourwash - couldnt let that go past your charity shop - oops, I mean home. lol.
    I have some paper piecing that looks a bit like that - it is on my UFO list. Maybe it will get looked at before too long.

  21. Nice pattern win! Nice owl family, and great,fresh colours in the NY. Good Luck with all your paper poercing:-)

  22. Lots of addictions happening in blogland Fiona....love your New Your beauty....it's soooo cool!

  23. So many lovely projects at your place Fiona. The paper piecing looks a little complicated for me! The 'charity' project is lovely, pansies never fail to impress me.

  24. Have fun with your owls!
    And the colour was is definitely worth saving.
    I admire your patience with the paper piecing. And I agree - it is very time consuming!

  25. Phew!! What a lot of work going on there girl. Need lots of cuppa's to help keep you charged!!
    Cheers, Anita.
    PS. Your work is lovely!!

  26. Sweet owls and I think your friend may regret giving her project away too . Oh I don't envy you all that PP , all those pieces and all that paper but it does look lovely . Hugs Sheila

  27. I have been having fun with foundation piecing. I am really enjoying it.

  28. Those owls will be very happy in their new home! xx


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