Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The town of Stamford ....

I just want to say I am thinking of the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.... my love and thoughts with you all.......
The town of Stamford is a nice drive from the farm.  It is an old town (records from 1000 years ago) and has some lovely park areas and interesting little shops and buildings....
After our drive Maddy needed a stroll with the ducks.....
and a chat with the swans .....
here we are with a lovely view of the town......
lots of stone buildings......
This is Browns Hospital with All Saints Church in the background..... Browns hospital was established as an almshouse in the 15th century......
All Saints Church....... wherever you go there are lovely churches, when the country was established it was deemed very important that all people should be living within walking distance of a church.... and they have lovely steeples so they can be seen easily....  they seemed like olden day GPS to me....
Righto, Gotto Go...... places to explore.....
I am managing to read blogs but not much commenting.... some lovely sewing going on......


  1. So pleased you are ebjoying visiting all the beautiful old places with your cute guide Maddy...

  2. What a beautiful town. Did you go to the Burghley House?

  3. Enjoyed seeing your photos and the beautiful town. Maddy is so sweet and adorable.


  4. I remember getting so excited about seeing white swans and squirrels when I first visited the UK! I thought white was so much nicer colour for a swan (thinking swan lake and little girl thoughts) until I saw how dirty the swans got....so black in our rivers works well = especially the Yarra!
    Love the architecture. Happy travelling.

  5. Love sharing your holiday! Enjoy what is left of it!

  6. So many I there's ting places to see , I love the architecture of these towns and the old churches would be lovely to see . Thanks for sharing your little outings with us. Hugs Sheila

  7. It is lovely traveling with you and seeing the sights.you looked a wee bit chilly there my girl. Great pics.Hugs xx

  8. wow....wow

    i wish i was in your suitcase....

  9. what wonderful pics Fiona and how cute is Maddy,love how she is your tour guide,take care my friend.xx

  10. Beautiful - those towns really are something else.
    Enjoy the sights (and the family)

  11. Oh Fiona your photos are just beautiful. Love all the gorgeous old buildings and churches, but Maddy steals the show! What a cutie. Enjoy every second!!! xxx

  12. Reading this just reminds me of how short our history is since European settlement.
    Keep having a great time.

  13. Enjoying all your pictures - what a great time you are having. When do you head back?? (Not trying to hurry you up). Great to hear you are sewing as well.


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