Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rellies in Yorkshire ......

Hubz has a cousin in Yorkshire
(which also happens to be the area my dad originally came from!)
Now, I am extremely fond of this cousin - he is such fun, very charming, a wonderful host....
and a CHEF...... 
We arrived to a light lunch.... smoked cod chowder......
...... and DESSERT.....

..... then off for a gentle stroll....
..... yes, we were going to that tower!....
(this was taken at about the half way mark)

..... almost there....

.... you can't see the inscription well here but Darwen tower was built to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.... it was opened in 1898 - so old but so sturdy.... built good and solid

we climbed to the top of the tower..... outstanding 360 degree view

..... some more view....

such a lovely walk....
lovely dinner that evening...... English hot pot....
with DESSERT....

Cuz has a lovely house where we stayed... this was the view from our bedroom window the next morning....

Full English breakfast in the Conservatory beefore setting off on the road 

Surprisingly enough I discovered that jeans shrink when washed in the English water!!
Righto, Gotto Go..... farm visit in Northhamptonshire.....


  1. Oh it's NOT just English!
    Looks like a wonderful trip so far! EnJoY! :)

  2. Really looks like a wonderful place to visit , the tower is awesome and the view breathtaking . Maybe it is the icecream shrinking those jeans;-) hugs SHeila

  3. Perfect relations!

    Foreign water always does that to my clothes too.
    Thanks for the view.

  4. Sure.... English water.....I dont think so..... but I am exhausted from the walk.....thanks for sharing

  5. Beautiful photos and so sorry to hear about your jeans! ;) Might take a few washes over a couple of weeks when your home before they come back to normal :p Enjoy xx

  6. lol they do that here too. i think i have been cooking too much yummy stuff lol.
    i am really enjoying reading about your trip and the wonderful places you are visiting. that long walk reminds me of when we visited hobart and decided to walk from muirs on the dock to the botanical gardens to see tino/pete's patch lol. got directed a very long very steep walk by the people at the tourist joint and 10 mins walk turned into over an hour just to get there. walked around like a granny for about 3 days after that assult on the muscles lol.

  7. Fabulous views from that tower! And a much needed stroll after all that wonderful food! Looked yummy!

  8. Bubz...even more amazing photos....LOL sorry about the jeans..

  9. Beautiful place to visit and love the tower and the views.


  10. What a fabulous area. I love the view from the tower. Your accommodation looks great. Desserts that are just served up with no personal effort sure do taste good. Make the most of it.

  11. That looks like it was quite a hike, but what a lovely place to visit and what beautiful views! I want a conservatory! :0)

  12. LOL! Of course those gorgeous looking desserts had nothing to do with the jeans!

  13. Oh it all sounds so "British". How lovely to be staying with people and not hotels all the time. Continue to enjoy! and you are quite right about water shrinking jeans and clothes generally.

  14. Hmmm, looks so delicious...I just love going along with you for your fabulous walks..What views.
    Oh the leadlights in the conservatory are beautiful.
    Looks like you are having such a wonderful time Ma'am. Maybe you won't want to come home to Aussie...

  15. and the weather looks so typically English too, lol. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time

  16. beautiful photos. Lovely food pics too. Hope your jeans don't shrink too much! Don't like you chances of them not shrinking with those lovely dishes yummm.
    The tower is beautiful, it looks quite eerie from the distance, amazing views.

  17. Oh now you have done it, you have gone and made me home sick...Yorkshire is where I come from. Such beautiful countryside I feel like I am there with you! PS. We exchanged contracts yesterday and Completion is today. :-) Hugs xx

  18. Is it the water or the desserts? Looks like you're having an amazing trip.

  19. I can't decide which I like best - the photos of the yummy desserts or the beautiful photos of the countryside!!

  20. Those desserts look delish. Sure they didn't have something to do with the jeans ? :). Great photo's. Hugs,

  21. Loving your holiday reports! Wish I was having a walk on the Yorkshire Dales, looks gorgous. Hmm, think I will go and find some dessert...arnt you glad you keep in touch with your relo's!

  22. I am in love with that conservatory. I can believe it about the water and I am positive it has nothing whatsoever to do with those desserts. Wonderful photos.

  23. Yep, I've noticed my clothes shrink in the English weather too!!

    that tower isn't so old, it's 12 years younger than my house!

  24. ha ha about the English water!!!!! I don't think it has much to do with the food at all *grin* xo Enjoy!!!!

  25. There must be something in that English water then..enjoying following your travels..fabulous views...and nothing could better than fine food and company to enjoy it with..

  26. You definately deserved both those desserts after that walk.
    Absolutely gorgeous scenery!

  27. wow Fiona i hope you want to come back home,what a great time and gorgeous food you are i didnt know about the english water i think we have some of that in our water tank,lol,take care.xx

  28. I wonder will your jeans be okay after they get washed in Aussie water when you are home again..... might need to repeat the washing ....glad to hear you are enjoying your holiday Fiona

  29. Looks like your having a splendid time on your holiday!
    (you like my english---ha)
    Really so happy all is going well!
    YUMMY looking foods, is that cream?
    Yes, it's the time of year for water to shrink things :)
    Enjoy sweet Fiona!
    Blessings & continued prayers for safe travel!

  30. What gorgeous views! I thnk jeans have some secret ingredient in them so they shrink and grow at will!

  31. Sounds like the perfect host! Love your photos, and thrilled to hear you're having a wonderful time. Safe travels.....

  32. Ohhh what lovely pics, its lovely to discover the english countryside with you.....and I laughed when I read your last comment about the English water shrinking your jeans....will make sure I buy a bigger size before I visit the UK just incase it happens to me too!!!


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