Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fantastic Friday .....

Mr Postie popped by (I've had so many visits lately I think the neighbours may start talking!!)
and I am so relieved and happy that a special parcel has arrived for me....

Mr Postie apologised as the parcel looked a bit worse for wear and had been rewrapped by AusPost...

... the parcel wrapping is fabric and was a bit damp so I left in a sunny spot to dry out... I think it had a swim in the sea on the way over?  (Hubz has given it a check and all is safe Sharon.)

The parcels are from Sharon, who I have not met so I had to scoot over to her blog and get to know her - she is from Upstate New York... 

I got a Christmas parcel from NEW YORK!!!!.... never in my life would I imagine that

Sharon and has such a lot of eye candy to look at there... so great to meet you and your marmalade cats....

Here it is drying out.... I lifted up to get the air in (okay ... so I couldn't resist a peak - just to check for damp of course!!!  but Sharon has it so well wrapped I couldn't see anything!!!)

one I was allowed to open and found this cutest little 'burden bear' with his darling little quilt. A poem came with it all about reminding one to ease the burdens and how life is like a quilt....
I was pleased to note he wasn't even a little bit damp.... phew
(the mind shudders at what could have happened to him!)

Thank you so much Sharon - I will 'bearly' be able to wait for Christmas day

Friday night I had a lot of slicing to do for ....

I have already started on the blocks for SKoW quilt but I never got to cutting all the pieces and strips.... wow, that took a LOOOOOONG time ....

I haven't done a quilt with lots of little pieces so this was a new experience for me...

I needed 374 squares (mostly 1 1/2") cut and a bunch of 2" strips and a few other little pieces to make up some patchwork blocks..... these are now ready to sew on my sneakyextrafnsifordownunderpeople 

Thanks to Heidi  and Bobbi for hosting this fun stitching time -

I took a break in the evening to sit and watch the sun go down

PS... these are sewn up now...... (those square blocks are 3"squares)... very cute... very fiddly for me!


  1. Looking good Fiona!! Lots and lots of little pieces in this SkoW quilt, eh?!! Lol, I've had to put off that cutting until I get back home. I've got my appliqué block backgrounds cut and ready... just gotta get that all started!! ... Loved that little teddy ... how sweet!! The rest of your gifties will be fabulous if that pressie is any indication!!! Enjoy!! Hugs!!!

  2. What!! MORE presents...I am going to have to have a word with my postie. I think you should have got a 1.1/2" die with your have more patience than I have. Hugs

  3. The colours of your SKoW blocks are really pretty! But 3"!! That's one fiddly quilt!

  4. More presents, your Santa has been real nice, I'm sure you've been a very well behaved girl this year...LOL!
    Your SKW quilt will look great. I love the colors, those tiny pieces are challenging, aren't they?
    Merry Christmas,

  5. They do look fiddly indeed!

    Glad your present arrived safely even if it did take a dip in the ocean ;) Not too long to wait now.

  6. glad your parcel arrived Fiona and you were busy friday night,well done oh and your little bear is cute.xx

  7. Looks like poor little Bear has had a harrowing experience. Thank goodness all in the past for him now. Love your try at having a peek, all to make sure its dry, I know. I love your little pieces kept in containers, great idea. Gosh haven't started the SKOW yet, thats for the week after Christmas. Tracee xx

  8. Another parcel.... you are definately on the "nice list" this year :o) Your SKOW will be lovely in those colors. You will be able to speed through it now you have all the pieces cut and the three little blocks made. I am looking forward to seeing this one take form. Hugs, Sharon

  9. Lots of lovely little bits of sewing!
    Have fun.
    So glad you could save your parcel. It is a shame when they get battered around.

  10. The little bear & quilt is so cute. Love the chocolate & pink block. Colours are gorgeous. Hugs,

  11. That little Bear had quite the adventure....did you give him a name...I bet he had lots of tales to tale....

  12. Wow, makes you wonder what does happen sometimes with the mail..lovely little bear...your SKOW reminds me there are only 2 weeks till the end of December and I didn't realise there was so much cutting...

  13. Your poor parcel took a beating but thankfully the little bear is ok, so cute . You had a very successful FNSI , I didn't get to sew after all :-(
    Your little blocks are so sweet and so tiny :-)

  14. lovely parcel, how terrible to think if it didn't get there.
    All that cutting preparation will pay off with your skof. Your little blocks are gorgeous. Love the colours and the corners match up so perfectly. Clever you!

  15. Fiona have you considered that Aust Post opened your parcel as you are getting so many lately they suspect
    you are drug running. LOL
    Hugs Tanya

  16. glad the parcel is safe and sound.......lovely gifts from Sharon.......but glad everything is safe and sound........

  17. Neither postal services,rain nor damp will stop you enjoying the wonderful gifts sent over by Sharon I'm sure!
    The bear looks great..kept warm with his little quilt!
    You were busy at FNSI...great effort!
    Merry Christmas :)

  18. Great gifts. I rally like the colors of those blocks.
    Merry Christmas!

  19. So glad the parcel arrived safely and that nothing inside was damaged - yikes! That is scary!! Darling little bear. I'm amazed at all the cutting you got done, I think that's the part I hate most, lol. The blocks turned out darling. Pretty, pretty sunset!

  20. Oh your poor must be very happy to finally arrive at your house and receive some TLC to get it over its trauma...the bear and his quilt are so cute...enjoy.
    What a productive FNSI you had...I missed out this round...and didn't even get the sneaky extra in, darn!...your little blocks are gorgeous...

  21. Glad nothing in your parcel was damaged. I've had one fabric parcel in a plastic repack bag this year.
    Your blocks look lovely!

  22. Hi Fi, I wonder what happened to your parcel?? I know I was waiting with some anxiety for my swap partner's parcel to turn up.. So glad when it arrived.. The little bear and quilt is absolutely gorgeous..

  23. I'm so glad your SSCS parcel arrived.....If a little damp!
    Happy Christmas week to you.

  24. What a great parcel! I can't believe how tiny that bear is. Your 3" blocks look great so far.


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