Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Christmas Grinche has been.....


and I was going to choose a few to share in Tuesday Treasures

I know I packed a box of Christmas ornaments in a safe place
(that is my really big loud frustrated roar)

some parts of aging I really hate!!!!
no doubt I will find them sometime after boxing day!!!

so anyway - this is what I wanted the buttons for......

.... looking a bit closer ......

... it runs perfectly just over a little bay window .....

The pattern is Christmas Star Swag by Nicki Tervo Designs
buttons by me (though hers are fantastic - there is a button for everything)

Thank goodness for those encouraging people (Allie and Narelle - that's you!!) who got me making things through the year... at least I have a bit of Christmas to put out...

Oh, and I saw these lovely ornaments shown HERE at A Spoonful of Sugar ... made from very similar 'stuff'..... aren't they lovely... now I NEED one of those embossing thingies and some Christmas rubber stamps......

.... and HERE are some tags that Kerryanne made last year  (now I remember where I first saw the idea!!)

I love the different shapes and the doilie idea to get a design - heaps of other great ideas on Kerryanne's site

... and look at these awesome one's at Emma's - some fun with the children

now I NEED some more of that 'stuff' to play with ... and fun cookie cutters

but I have this lovely little treasure to show you
(it's not really mine - I wonder if that is cheating?)

Last Saturday we had our Christmas tea and show and tell at one of my two favourite quilt shops .... it is just lovely to see what others have made and meet new stitchers ......  I attend a couple of the stitching mornings each month there and everyone there helped me so much when I first started quilting a few years ago....

Anyway, Julie, (no blog) who is the most prolific quilt maker I have ever met.  (I forgot my camera but she must have had at least 3 dozen quilts) gave me this darling cot quilt for Jack.... I do love this range (Pure by Sweetwater) ......

Thank you so much Julie... I will be posting it off to Jack soon soon.....


  1. Wow Jack is a lucky boy :o) and I am sure that your xmas decs will show and you will remember where you put them at about 3am (well thats when I remember things!) Huge thanks for my somthing xmas. It has arrived and now has pride of place inthe lounge room. Hugs, Sharon

  2. Don't look for the decorations and you will magically find them or fall over them! Love your stockings in the blog header.

  3. Ha, last year I did without all of my chrissy wall hangings. We had moved house and I forgot they even existed. I remembered some time in March! Good job on the little star swag. The blue and brown quilt is delightful, very restful colours.

  4. Your Christmas Star Swag is very impressive!
    Look for something else and your decorations will turn up instead :o)

  5. Lovely swap Fiona it is stunning,well done and how lovely is that cot quilt for Jack.Hope Sharon shows off your xmas item.
    Your stocking is heading off into todays mail Fiona.xo

  6. They're there somewhere, you know...I think the reason I delay decorating for Christmas is because I know I'll go through the same thing! I LOVE the garland you made, very very sweet! And I love the little quilt for Jack, that is too sweet and just perfect!

  7. Your Merry Christmas swag is fantastic. It looks great and is so festive. Good luck with the search.

  8. I read your last few posts...love the banner and the buttons, aren't you the talented one....all the stockings are so pretty..
    I couldn't find my kitchen tree. It is two piece with a base and a feather like tree. very small. I couldn't believe I would have put it in the attic as I don't like my special things up there where it gets so hot....but Jim went up and there it was....you should have heard me describing it to him, he wouldn't let me go up and look....so I'm sure you'll find your things soon, too.
    Mama Bear

  9. Love the star swag. I think i bought that pattern. Now i'll have to go look. :) lol. The quilt for Jack is lovely. Hope you find you decorations soon. Hugs,

  10. Love your star swag & all 100% made by you. What a lovely gift of the quilt for Jack. I know your pain. I'm forever putting things away carefully in very logical places I think at the time & then not being able to find them again. Lets put it down to our creative spirit. Good luck with the search! Tracee xx

  11. Well done Fi... the swag looks fantastic..especially with YOUR buttons! Merry Xmas :)

  12. Great quilt...love the festive swag!

  13. The stockings in your header look fabulous. Cute garland and what a lovely quilt you got as a gift for Jack.

  14. Your swag is just lovely Fiona and so is Jacks quilt....don't read my post or you'll scare yourself. No just kidding really they will be somewhere really safe.

  15. Your buttons look fantastic on the star swag. I know where my Christmas decs are but I have lost some work stuff, so know that frustrating feeling very well right now. The Pure range of fabrics are beautiful, love Jack's quilt.
    Hugs xx

  16. Hope you find your Christmas decorations soon! That is the cutest little boy quilt--and it has argyle in it--LOVE!! Love. Argyle. (as I sit here in an argyle pullover-ha) Jack is a lucky boy!

  17. Love your garland - the buttons are perfect!

  18. What a lovely garland Fiona :) When I can't find something, I go and do something else for a while (usually make a cuppa) and inspiration usually comes.

  19. Love the garland Fiona. Don't worry, the decorations will turn up when you are looking for something else!!!

  20. Oh, so that loud roar I heard today was you? :o) I sure hope you discover where that Grinch has hidden your ornaments...I just hate when that happens!

    Your garland turned out adorable, and what a great quilt you were gifted for Jack! That was very sweet of Julie, and I'm sure little Jack is going to like snuggling with it!



  21. If it makes you feel any better, I misplaced the lid off of the peanut butter jar today. It took me forever to find it. Problem was, I lost it within moments after sitting it down.

    Hope you find your ornaments!

  22. your christmas garland is just super!! Well done.
    Baby Jack is very lucky to have such another beautiful quilt.

  23. Hope your decorations turn up. I can find most of mine but have no idea where my precious mercury glass ones are hidden.
    The quilt for Jack is delightful.

  24. Awh! shucks, you are making me blush. I was happy to gift it to Jack.

  25. I love your garland , what a great idea and it looks terrific . I'll have to check out those links , thanks. I think Jack is a lucky little guy to get such an adorable little quilt , just sweet.
    hugs Sheila

  26. Oh I love this, going to show it to hubby just so he knows I am not the only one!! I am forever losing things I always put them in a safe place - it's that safe even I can't find them! Jack's little quilt is lovely.

  27. Love the swag you've made---I never learn, must start making Christmas decorations etc EARLY! As for the missing ornamnents they will be in your 'other' safe place,i have several of those myself! Love the cot quilt - what a nice lady to gift it to you.

  28. love what you have done with the buttons...very clever.
    I am still waiting for hubby to dig the Christmas decorations from out of his shed. I only asked 2 weeks ago!!!

  29. Gorgeous garland! thanks for the link! Hope you find your decos soon. I love the ones that you made with doilies a few posts ago - very cool. You have been very busy this Christmas!

  30. Hello Fiona,

    Fab job on the swag. Jack is one lucky little bub, super quilt just for him.
    Happy days.

  31. such a cute quilt for little Jack .... and I love your swag .... just beautiful ...
    i hope you find your Christmas decorations soon .. it is terrible when we find such marvelous hiding places ...

  32. love Jacks quilt...cute colours...
    and wow your Christmas swag is gorgeous!


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