Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Quilt Tops.....

At present there are 12 quilt tops (finished) in my cupboard awaiting quilting .....  and I would like to get them done..... especially since I have others in progress, and still others as kits, and still others that I want to do.... hmmmmm

This is a folder that youngest daughter gave me at Christmas (I think she may be psychic)

This is a scrappy rail fence quilt.... 

I used fabric I bought in Bali for this curved ruler quilt....

this is a sweet Natalie Bird design quilt.... just loved doing all those little stitcheries

These churn dash blocks were from a Block swap group a few years back....

My Sylvia's Bridal sampler us Tuesday girls each made in different colours...

and Splendid Sampler which again us Tuesday girls sewed together....

My scrappy stars made in Papillon fabrics, one of my all time favourite ranges and I wish they would bring back ...

I have already made one quilt with my 9 patch from a swap a few years ago... this uses up the last of the blocks....

this was a sweet 1930's style layer cake.... I made mistakes with my cutting but it is still a pretty quilt....

chevron made with scraps from a range... or maybe charm packs... anyway it is sweet and happy....

Natures Journey done in a Stitch-a-long..... done in French General (not sure which range)

... and my sweet Alphabet bear (bear designs by Michelle Ridgeway).  I had 5" strips of this pretty range (no idea what is was called) 

So there we go.....  now I've put these out there I hope that will make me get them done....

Will you show us yours???????

Righto, Gotto Go... off to make blocks with the Tuesday girls... for another quilt!


  1. Those are all beautiful quilts, definitely need to be finished so you can put them out.


  2. I agree with Debbie! You need to get those quilted and out of the cupboard. Get busy, girl! Up until a couple of days ago, I only had two that needed to be quilted. But I've been cranking out some small stuff, so there are more now. But Other projects are taking priority right now.

  3. That's not a bad collection, and I look forward to seeing how many are quilted by the end of the month.....no pressure, you understand.....

  4. I feel guilty now for encouraging you lol! My you have some beautiful quilt tops there Fiona. I am envisaging how gorgeous they will be with your clever quilting. At least they are flimsies...I have bits!

  5. Beautiful tops there. You've seen my ufo tops as you've been quilting them. 😂😂. Hugs, xx

  6. Beautiful quilt tops! good luck getting them all quilted.

  7. doesn't sound so bad when you say it's one a month :) look forward to seeing them as quilts. My quilt tops? I've put them in a safe place, just need to find it

  8. I'm sure you will get through them....one by one!

  9. Hi Fiona oh your have some beautiful quilts there my friend ,you will get them done and they will look fabulous,like Susan said tackle one by one xx

  10. Oh they are all lovely! Now you need to stop quilting for others and do yours :) xx

  11. Beautiful tops Fiona xx

    I'm thinking of digging out all my 'almost a flimsy' projects and get them to a finished flimsy ... will dig out my 'awaiting quilting' too 😉

  12. That little lot should keep you busy for a minute or two. Good luck with it.

  13. Quilting tops is so much fun, I’m almost jealous!

  14. A fabulous pile of tops and memories there Fiona - good luck on your quest... maybe I will show mine, when I am feeling brave!!!

  15. Daaaaaaang......those are all amazing!! Can't wait to see you work your magic on them!

  16. i'm sounding like you...........except you can quilt.........LOL...........I need to learn how to...........my pile of tops sure is growing........already have a few in the cupboard let alone what I have to finish now.....goodluck.......maybe aim for one a month?

  17. A very lovely pile of tops, Fiona! I especially like the Natalie Bird piece and am looking forward to seeing it finished :)

    We were just cleaning up my studio today in order to get under the bed for some boat maintenance work. I should snap some pics of my UFOs and post them up.

  18. What a beautiful collection Fiona, maybe you can make a list like Chooky did and cross one off as you do it. ...or we could keep asking how many you have done?😆😆

  19. What a great collection of quilt tops. Why not take the approach that you will do one a month for 2018, that way there is a lot less pressure to do them all at once. Good luck.


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