Saturday, December 3, 2016

I give up......

Being 'that' time of year there are parties and this week I duly did my bit of baking...

First some yummy crunchy cheese biscuits a bit more golden than I hoped....

... then a bunch of mini cupcakes (and a few big ones to leave at home for Hubz)

Icing is easy with the squeezie bag she said (DD) ......  till the end shoots off and there is a giant bleached turd shaped mess over the cupcakes....

... so after cleaning it all up and starting again I finally got my lovely santa hat cup cakes all ready to take out to the Friday night stitching Christmas party.....

a hot night and a bump in the road ...... 

not impressed!

Several of the girls were still kind enough to eat one.....   

so should I give up on the baking?????

This week my first Christmas swap parcel arrived for the 12 days of Christmas FHFS ..... obviously it needed a tree to go under....

... it's a handmade tree.....

... but I haven't given up on catching up on the Splendid Sampler blocks and I have got another bunch done....

... there are a few more that I have done too which means I have caught up (except for bonus blocks) and ready for tomorrows new one! woohoo....

Righto, Gotto Go... the sewing room needs cleaning up after that marathon block stitching event!


  1. Your baking looks so yummy Fiona,what a shame about the cup cakes,they looked so good.
    Lol love your Xmas tree,wonder what's in that parcel,lol.
    Wow your blocks look fantastic,have fun tomorrow xx

  2. Those poor Santa hat cupcakes sure had a hard time but I bet they still tasted delicious!!!!
    WOW thats a HUGE swap parcel and it did need to sit under the cute tree..
    How good are you having caught up with the SS blocks. They look great..I am sew far behind I may give up :(

  3. Shame the cupcakes had a mishap after all your lovely decorating. I'm sure they tasted just great. Love the SS blocks. Hugs, xx

  4. I always get a giggle reading your posts.

  5. Pity about the cupcakes......but if they tasted good, all was not lost! That's one hugs box, sure to be lots of goodies in it, aren't there?

  6. No, no don't give up on baking just because you had a bad day in the kitchen. Everything look so good. Too bad for the bump in the road. (My tip for icing; use a zippy plastic bag. Cut one corner to the size you need and press. When done, throw the bag out. Easy cleaning.) Love the SS blocks. The block with the bow ties on log cabins is so cute. You will have a wonderful quilt when all is done. Congrats on catching up in this project. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. I bet the cupcakes were still delicious even if a bit tipsy!

  8. I LOVE your tree! Maybe I'll hang one of my wall hangings and forego the tree this year. I would have eaten one of your santa hats. And I'd love to get your recipe for the cheese biscuits. THey look yummy.

  9. You are so funny! "Obviously, it needed a tree to go under!" HA! And those cheesy bisquits look awesome.....any chance I could get the recipe! And yeah, I would have had one of those cupcakes, too! Who cares if they got a little smooshed! They looked good! Little Santa cute!

  10. don't give up on the cooking.........they did look good..........

  11. I think your baking skills are fine, not your fault there is a pot hole in the road! Your blocks look great.

  12. I'm sure the cakes still tasted yummy, Fiona! Your SS blocks are looking wonderful.

  13. We all know it's a tragedy of EPIC proportions when baked goods are so terribly abused!! And they were so cute with their little strawberry hats :( Sigh. I hope you had a good stiff drink last night to compensate, Fiona.

  14. I am sorry but the tears of laughter are running down my cheeks....that's why I don't bake or cook. They were very cute though. Gnome says....just his size and he would have eaten them! Your Splendid Sampler blocks are looking wonderful!

  15. Sorry, that made me laugh! If it makes you feel any better, I made cake on Friday, it was done (the charcoal corner told me :)) really shouldn't get engrossed in knitting when there is food on!

  16. Don't give up baking. That part is fine. Just don't take them to share with anyone. I am sure that will solve part of the problem.
    Well done with the blocks.
    And the substitute tree is perfect.

  17. No, don't give up! What a good hearty laugh I got from the Turd; I rarely hear that word but it makes me laugh every time. Little mishaps happen, & your efforts were appreciated nevertheless.

  18. How sad about your santas. I'm sure they still tasted good. I wonder whati Si N that large carton. Just as well you had. Tree to put it under.

  19. hahaha! Love that tree! The baking looks fab, but maybe you should save it for the cold weather, or send it to lovely friends in cold countries...

  20. Hehe I just remembered I needed to check out this post after the girls were all giggling about it the other day! I'm sure your cooking was still totally edible even if it didn't quite look that way!


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