Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bits and pieces.....

I participated in a Christmas postcard swap hosted by Sheila and recently my card arrived all the way from Ana in Portugal....

Isn't it just lovely......  both a treasured Christmas decoration and a piece of art to join others I have....  I love them...

Thanks Sheila.... 

Coming up to Christmas is always a busy time.... and that's when I find things that need to be sorted out ..

I had these old pieces of curtain fabric - and having my obsession with not throwing useful stuff out I made them up quickly....

Our little dog is a bit of a messy eater and when her mat is in the wash there is yucky kitchen paper down.....  no more... we have plenty of little mats...

I don't throw away my smaller pieces of wadding either so they have wadding in the middle but are not quilted... Instead I just layered them and used my overlocker around the edges.....

Quick and easy - the old curtain fabric is finished (the mats are double sided with the same fabric), some smaller pieces of wadding cleaned out and Tarka has new food mats!!!  Win, win.......

Next up came human place mats..... you may remember some time ago I pulled out a whole lot of Christmas blocks from a block swap and added scrappy sides to them....

This week I quilted them all and did the binding by machine .... looks like a selection of flags! ....

they are all quilted in different ways....

... some have sparkly thread....

... and some blocks are really quite complex ....

they have worked out better than I thought.....

Two of them are already in use on our trays - (yes we eat in front of the TV most nights)

A lovely ornie and hand made card arrived from Karen this week....

.... don't you love the cat....

I normally send out quite a few hand made ornies - and this year I made a good assortment - but lost time somewhere and haven't ended up getting them into envelopes!!!!  Too late now so they will have to wait till next year.  aaaarrrggggghhhhhh  (kicking self up the bum)

I am being watched while I work!!! 

Righto, Gotto Go..... I'm still finishing off some sewing I want done - before tomorrow..... and baking ..... and preparing spare bedroom...... and... and..... you know the drill!!


  1. Fiona, fabulous sewing. I love the new placemats and the use of the old curtain material for the food mats is inspired. Merry Christmas to you and yours. xxx

  2. Love your "flags" placemats. I need to make some too. First because we need some new ones and second because I need to practice FMQ. Win, win! Your bunch are inspiring me so much. I think I'll kit up a few this week. You got some lovely pressies too. Love that cat. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. Lovely postcard from Ana and your placemats are just perfect ! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs

  4. Hi Fiona ,what a great idea using the curtain fabric for placemats,and also to use up blocks to make some more placemats,we eat in front of the TV too on the couch,lol.
    Lol those eyes are great are you making a mask for one of the grandie boys? xx

  5. Gorgeous postcard! I haven't blogged about mine yet. You've been very busy. The dog mats were a great idea, and your place mats turned out great. I love making place mats with orphan blocks or whatever scraps I have left after finishing another project. Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Wonderful postcard and I love your dog mats, that is a fun design.


  7. I want to be your dog, those place mats are such great fun

  8. Fabulous placemats. Great idea for Tarka's mats. Cute kitty ornie. Hugs,xx

  9. Am totally in luv with this post........those (human) mats are wonderful but I can really see them all as a quilt....scrappy Christmas colors....they all blend together so well (whether they are the 'bright' colors or more Victorian red/greens). Funny......what is determined as "being behind" for this year, puts you "ahead" for next!!!! Good job!!! Thought about you as I was making tea with honey last eve and this morning. Something ever so cozy and satisfying about that drink!!!!! Sending Holiday Hugs, dear Friend......................

  10. Fabulous doggie and human mats! I love the way you have up cycled/recyled and made some really useable things, plus a great use for your swap stars. You've received some sweet mail too, with the post card and the ornament. Happy busy-ness!

  11. LOL I have done the same thing - hand made ornaments and then not sent cards, or sending them very late now, and not included the ornaments! So decided to give those to people when i see them, leading up to Christmas. Love your new floor mats and dining mats, look great and practical, as well as clean out a bit of space in the cupboard!

  12. Merry Christmas Fiona! Boy oh boy you have been stitching up a storm. Great finishes and no worries your ornaments will be perfect for me t year..... just think of the head start you have.:-)
    In stitches

  13. Those placemats (human ones) look so good - and yes we eat in front of the TV too...(maybe I should make some mats??)

  14. A lovely card from Ana and a great collection of Christmas placemats. xx

  15. Nice Christmas postcard from Ana..always love this swap....
    Your little dog can be as messy as he likes now as he has lots of great mats...
    The Christmas block placemats look really lovely...
    Hope you got all your prep done today...

  16. Those place mats looked like they were fun to play with. You have done heaps for others this year. Those ornies can wait without any guilt. Best wishes to you all for a safe and happy Christmas and get ready for a fun 2017.

  17. Look at how busy you have been. The mats to go under the dog bowl are a wonderful idea and a great use of the fabric. I often find it tricky when something like that is no longer in use but is still in good condition. You seem to have a knack of working out how to re-purpose a lot of things.
    And the human place mats look wonderful as they as a display on your wall. A great finish!

  18. Lucky girl Tarka :o)
    Your Christmas placemats would look awesome set around the table ... very clever lady!
    Merry Christmas xx

  19. Really beautiful designs. I liked all, but the cat is so amazing and interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Blister Packaging

  20. That is a great postcard from the swap! Love the doggie and human place mats, the human ones have come up really well! The mask is great too!!

  21. great star blocks.......great idea to use them up and also practice ideas for quilting........


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