Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Quilting....

This is the last of my quilting 'jobs' for the year.....

... and it's perfect for this time of year...

 oh my gosh aren't these cute faces?????

This is Toni from The Red Boot Quilt Company newest Christmas Design....


I pin my quilts and I have a lovely view outside - lots of natural light..

a lovely silvery metallic thread for loops and stars after going around the edge of the applique with a monofilament invisible thread....

... I love the texture of a quilted quilt...

... my preference is custom quilting... going around the shapes and then filling in the background.... I feel it can show off the applique pictures which is of course the main focus of the quilt....

This Christmas quilt is already in Toni's shop - I love it....

Toni has a couple of Christmas freebies ... of course I had to give them a go...

These are the cutest little reindeer ornaments..... I made them up using my home made felt (from woolen blankets and clothing)

of course I couldn't stop at one!!!

The other one this year is mug rugz..... which I love.  I decided to whip these up for me and my friends who sew together regularly on a Tuesday... so we each have one to display and use when we get together....

I chose raw edge applique this time,, gives it a bit of a scribbly outline look which I wanted.

I actually used the raw edge sewing as the quilting too ....

It gives both an outline and the little bit of dimension too.....

Just visit Toni and go to the Freebie page to find these....  

I notice quite a few designers give out freebies at this time of year.... which is a wonderful way of saying thank you to us.

 Some of them have had complaints about it!!! Pfffftttt.... that's a bit ungrateful...  

It's easy to download a freebie - but it's worth taking that little bit of time to drop a line and say thanks....

Then share pictures and links for the designers, follow them on any social media you can... It gets their word out and you are the first to know when there is a new design (or a freebie!)  It's just our way of saying thank you to them.

Since I'm telling you about Toni's lovely Christmas things I'll show you one of her designs that I am making up for a young man

This is Wild Things from Toni's book Happy Quilts....

I'll be starting the quilting on this today

Righto, Gotto Go - I need coffee first!


  1. You are way to sweet and too kind Fiona, but don't stop! LOL Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it. Thank you also for the wonderful quilting you have done for me this year, I'm very grateful that Kris introduced us, for your friendship especially. xx

  2. You are the reigning queen of cute applique projects these days, Fiona! It's really nice that you are making matching mug rugs for your friends :)

  3. Hi Fiona ,wow i love Toni's new design,thankyou to the link to Toni's blog i am now following her and i couldnt find anywhere to thank Toni for her freebies.
    I will make up some of those love reindeer decorations and post everywhere and thank Toni that way.
    We are very lucky with the clever designers that we have here in Australia,thankyou Fiona for making me aware of Toni's beautiful work,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  4. Love Toni's new quilt. It's fabulous. Your reindeers are cute. Hugs, xx

  5. Wait! What? You made another applique quilt? Gosh! When did you work on this one? It is so charming and amusing. You did an excellent quilting job. A heavier quilting on the background fabric does make the characters pop. Love it, big time! As I do your reindeer. My! You had a fantastic week in front of the sewing machine. The mug rugs are so awesome. It's a great idea to share with your quilting buddies. They will appreciate your work I'm sure. Congrats on all those finishes. ;^)

  6. Oh lucky you to be able to play with Toni's gorgeous quilt...
    LOL I also love those reindeer and have made several.. such fun..
    Haven't made any Mug Rugs yet..
    Go girl on the Monsters sew it will be finished for Christmas...

  7. That quilt is adorable. I need to start cleaning my room and practicing my free motion.


  8. Love that Christmas quilt and how you have quilted it Fiona, it looks amazing. Now for the monsters!! Love the reindeer decorations and the mug rugs, will go and find the patterns, thanks for the link. I am sure your sewing buddies will be very happy.

  9. That Christmas quilt is a fun quilt, to be sure! Definitely Christmas at your house, isn't it?

  10. You are totally amazing 💖💖💖

  11. Your quilting has bought Tonis wonderful designs to life...gorgeous! I do love your Wild Things quilt. Very cute ornies and mug rugz xx

  12. The Christmas quilt is just gorgeous, and I love how it just comes to life after the quilting - you did a great job! xx

  13. that Christmas quilt is gorgeous! Love the reindeer and the mug rugs too. People have been complaining about free designs? Eh?

  14. Love the quilts and the quilting, awesome ! Those mugrugs are adorable too , I have downloaded them , thanks .

  15. There are definitely some very generous designers around Fiona, & I totally agree it's terrible to see folks whinging about the freebies.
    Great work with the quilting (as always) & the mug rugs are super-cute

  16. The quilt is lovely Fiona - such a fun design! Your reindeer and mugrugs are so cute - thank you for the link! Wise words about free designs and giveaways - a word of thanks is the least one can do.

  17. Lovely work with your quilting, Fiona. It looks stunning. And the reindeer and mug rugs are such fun. I do love these designs.
    Love comments about the designers and their freebies.


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