Thursday, May 26, 2016

A most amazing weekend....

This last weekend I was very lucky to be invited to a girls time away weekend - and wow were we spoilt...

Every single meal was a gastonomic delight - I have NEVER tasted food like that....

.... just not the sort of meals you would duplicate at home
(my photography is not good - you just can't see what was there - this is chocolate desert)

... there were little personal treats all the way through the weekend....

and parcels on our beds - there is enough fabric for a quilt in there!!

... fantastic views  all day long...

... everywhere you went was something more to see...

... cutest little piglets to visit and feed....

... and activities to do....
(I'm useless at any sporting thing but it was sooooo much fun!)

 ... we even did quite a bit of stitching....

.. and coctails in the evenings....

... sitting chatting around a pit fire...

Instructions were pyjamas and tiara's as the dresscode for the weekend...

(this is not everyone - and our lovely hostess hid rather a lot!)

... a weekend to remember ....

This weekend was all expenses paid - an unexpected invitation by a special woman with a big heart that was so very much enjoyed... 

Good food, good fun, good friends and a bit of stitching.....

Righto, Gotto Go - it's not easy getting back to reality!  


  1. Wow!!! How special is that! Pampering like that, with so much caring, is extra special and, ummmmm......yup, without "reality" your 'special' time wouldn't have been as 'special' (but I bet you knew that!!!!).......................hugs......

  2. OMG how good can it get.........looks wonderful........lucky you.......

  3. wow Fiona what a blast,i agree your friend has a wonderful kind heart,to share this with you all is amazing,omg archery how much fun,you so deserve to be spoilt,this is one weekend you will never forget,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  4. Oh wow Fiona how awesome is that.....the food....activities...bush...cocktails...fireside.....fantastic!

  5. What a wonderful weekend away and a sweet friend to treat you to a special weekend.


  6. Wow!!What a wonderful time and how spoilt were you all!!! Very special person to put on a weekend like that. That will give you many happy memories!!

  7. what a lovely weekend, such a wonderful treat

  8. Wowzer! Looked fabulous. Such a great fun weekend. Glad you and the girls had a ball xxx

  9. A lovely weekend - and a very generous friend, how lucky are you!

  10. Wow, that does look wonderful!!!

  11. Oh wow .... how wonderful, lucky girls.

  12. Pyjamas, tiaras, chocolate and stitching, what else can a girl ask for? Love the ladybug teacup. Too charming! A weekend to remember for sure. ;^)

  13. What a lovely treat, sounds like a fabulous weekend xcx

  14. Looks & sounds like a fabulous weekend. Hugs,xx

  15. Wowzeers what a blast, food n drinks looked delish and lots of fun with all sorts of activities....can I come next time?!

  16. Wow, that does look like a great weekend away. That first dish looks so yummy!

  17. You are one lucky lady. It is an honour know you even if it is over the net. Congratulations for having lovely friends.

  18. Sounds like a fantastic time away - lucky you. xx

  19. Sounds and looks wonderful. It should be mandatory that we all do something similar at least once a year for our health and sanity.

  20. I want that ladybug teacup! And a friend to give me such a wonderful weekend. Glad you had such a great time.


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