Monday, November 9, 2015


Friday to Sunday was retreat time for me with the Friday Night Sewing Girls....  I come home at night (the venue is only 10 minutes away for me) but the days just go by so fast with a lot of sewing done, a huge amount of chatting and an enormous amount of laughing... 

I am not a good photographer at these and there are always a lot of 'TaDa' moments which I forget to capture.... but I did my own!!!  Sewing down the binding was all that was needed on this quilt.

Ta Da......

I got this kit quite a long time ago as a bargain unwanted kit from someone.... 

I love the twisted middle to the star

I used a sparkley thread for the quilting .... 

close up it shows on the light fabric but not much from a distance....

we have a lovely venue with these charming cottages so I couldn't resist a bit of a play with pictures....

... and a lovely tree... a storm hit not much after the pictures....

I did do some other sewing but those are still works in progress!

.. there was a birthday at the retreat.. one of the girls there has a daughter that does icing and put together this very pretty... and very tasty cake...

I am a bit naughty sometimes (I know - very hard to imagine) but I recently found this picture and sent it to Hubz.....

I am a bit silly too (I know - hard to imagine) and thought he might find a similar one with a shed so I googled 'Pleasure Room'..... noooooooo... I may be on the police radar now checking to see how we are going to set up the shed!!!

Righto, I do hope you have an amazing week... mine is going to be busy ...


  1. beautiful finish!
    you silly? couldn't imagine!

  2. Love that quilt pattern, and your quilting is beautiful. Hope your Plea$ure Room doesn't get you into trouble.

  3. good morning my lovely friend,wow i am loving this quilt its gorgeous and your FMQ is amazing,oh i love your stylish pics too,it shows it off well,so glad you had a lovely time at the retreat.
    Lol you are naughty my friend,me thinks hubby might be used to your pranks,lol xx

  4. Your quilt looks beautiful Fiona, Retreats are so much fun aren't they.

  5. You funny girl! Fiona the quilt looks amazing, I love the block design, what a gorgeous finish. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. As for your Pleasure Room, it might be the one room that Hubz won't want to go, ha ha xx

  6. You are always good for a laugh Fiona...a Pleasure room?? mmmm the mind boggles - as you intended it to do.

  7. Hello Fiona,

    Love your latest quilt, pleasure room indeed, no wonder the government wants to keep track of what we do on the internet! That cake looks far too good to eat.

    Happy days.

  8. Beautiful quilt and quilting love the photos !!!

  9. hahaha.. Love the pleasure room.

    Great quilts.

  10. Hehe love your pleasure room!! Your quilt is a gorgeous finish Fiona, the sparkly thread is a fun idea! What brand thread was it? Lovely to hear you had a fabulous retreat!

  11. You be careful he might take you up on your offer...

  12. Gorgeous quilt! Lol! If you don't answer the phone when I call I will know why lol! Lovely cake x

    1. You are a cracker. Gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting. Sounds like a fun weekend Fiona

  13. Hilarious post finish!!!!!! Awesome photo setting for all those beauties. The star w/ a twist is so appealing (but, really, who doesn't love stars???). Have a great, busy day (mine is shaping up to be that, also!!!!).........................

  14. Lovely quilt finish...hmmmm! Pleasure room, the mind boggles...LOL

  15. ha, ha, ha...have to be careful what you ask for on google! Lovely quilt, even better that it was someone else's UFO!

  16. Love your quilt. You are a bit naughty Fiona. The mind boggles over a pleasure room. Enjoy. :) Hugs,xx

  17. Lovely display of the quilt on the tree and verandah. Looking forward to seeing how the shed is going to turn out-- lol!

  18. Still chuckling over your pleasure room...what was Hubz reaction??? Beautiful quilt and photos and wonderful quilting!! Any calls from the police??? Lol!!

  19. It's a great finish Fiona - I love the colours and can't imagine it being 'unwanted'!. The photograph in the tree is brilliant. xx

  20. Oh boy.... have you been arrested yet? Should we have a whip round to post bail? lol

    Lovely quilt Fiona. I think your photography is brilliant. Did you have to climb that tree to get the quilt up there? Happy to hear you had loads of fun on retreat. Thanks for the laugh

  21. Lovely work on your quilt and a great finish. The retreat location looks delightful.
    I shudder to think what you found when you googled pleasure room!! Good luck explaining that one!

  22. lol, yes, there are some things you just can't google :D Great finish

  23. Great post Fiona. The blocks are lovely and so is your quilt. Hugs.....


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