Friday, November 13, 2015

Blocks 'n Things .....

This week we got 3 more blocks made for our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt ......

54-40 or Fight (32 pieces)

Aunt Sukey's Choice (45 pieces)

Bachelor's Puzzle (17 pieces)

We took a picture of all of our last few weeks blocks together.... this shows just how different they look in our colourways... there will be 3 lovely quilts .... 

So far we have done 67 of the 140 blocks... so not quite half way there and I put mine up on my design wall .... I'm just loving the look so far and quite like the light background though I would go for an off white/beige colour I think..... Hubz says he fancies a green... what would you choose????

There are 1484 pieces of fabric making those up...

At retreat I made some of these cute little purses.. they don't take too long to make up but I didn't have poppers with me so this week I just hammered in some .... 6 little purses for the gift box and I think I will be making more....

I have joined in with another postcard swap for Christmas.... this is my little one I will be sending off to California....

One thing I just love about this time of year is the stone fruits coming in season... Hubz was away for work but came back through cherry territory.... he doesn't eat them but I just looooooooove them so was delighted with the pressie he brought back for me...

Righto, Gotto Go.. cherries to eat!  Have a wonderful weekend....x


  1. Everyone's blocks look great and your wall display is looking amazing!
    Cute purses and postcard. Would like to know what you call 'poppers' ... they might be what I need.
    Yummm, cherries :)

  2. your sampler quilt is looking great....lot of work!

  3. Wow, great seeing all your blocks together on the design wall.
    They look amazing! What about light sashings with green cornerstones?
    Pretty purses and postcard too.
    Enjoy your cherries

  4. Those purses are so cute! Very nice looking cherries too.

  5. That quilt is going to be what you have done so far. YUMMY cherries lucky hubby doesn't like them..

  6. All those quilts will be gorgeous...not talking about the cherries....

  7. Hi Fiona,love the blocks I think I would use ,the beige or off white ,oh those cherries look yummy,and those purses are very cute,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  8. Love your blocks Fiona, especially the 54-40 or Fight. I have to try that one soon. The little purses are so cute. Care to show us how to make one? Enjoy the cherries. ;^)

  9. You are powering through those blocks. A darker sashing could work, maybe Hubz is onto something! Love those little purses, I have some of that cute owl fabric if you need more.

  10. Your quilt blocks look fantastic all laid out, so many pieces, your persistence is amazing! The purses are very sweet, what great little catches, way better then a button or velcro.

  11. I love watching your blocks grow! Love all the Elm Creek books, the purse look like they might be addictive x

  12. Oh dear I bet most of those cherries have been gobbled up by now! Oh my the quilts are beautiful! The light background is lovely but I think dark would equally work.....have a look at page 10 where I see that it looks like 2 backgrounds. I think I might be faced with the same decision once I get back into it! Either way it's going to be stunning! I have that littke purse pattern.....very handy!

  13. I'm loving your piece count Fiona! Your little purses are so cute - very clever with the poppers, how do you 'hammer them in'?

  14. All the blocks look fabulous. Love those purses- very cute. Hugs,xx

  15. Those blocks look amazing all together like that, this is going to be a stunner for sure! But oh those tiny pieces, lol. Love your little purses!

  16. Your blocks look fantastic! Love your sweet purses. Yum Summer cherries x

  17. They look beautiful on the wall, I do like the light background too, but then I haven't seen it with the green. Love your little purses too

  18. Your blocks are amazing. They look wonderful together.
    And the little purses are a delight. Fun presents.
    Yumm....I love cherries, too!!

  19. Dear Fiona,
    it is just so obvious that this will be a wonderful quilt. Love the teal and cheddar combination.

  20. So lovely to be working on this quilt with friends - they are all going to be beautiful but so different. The little purses are cute and your card is lovely too. After raspberries, cherries are my favourite fruit! xx


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