Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exploring the Garden....

It's been fun exploring the garden and finding pretty things.... a keen gardener set up the garden and did some lovely landscaping originally and although some plants have died there is the bones of a very pretty garden.

I really really love these soft fluffy flowers on this tree....  If you know what this is called please let me know...

It's a pretty shaped tree too though there is a bad ant infestation that is eating at it which we will have to try and deal with... you can see those dark marks at the base of the trunk.. thats ants nests and where they have destroyed the bark.

I think these are an ornamental pomegranate and there are quite a few of them... just bursts of lovely bright colour...

..and our white jacaranda is looking exquisite at the moment....

... so is our ghost tree!!!  I want to get a solar spot light for under this!

I am slowly going through and making up Christmas ornaments... for a little thing they seem to take me an awful long time but I do love sending these off...

there is a few square ones....

... some round ones fussy cut with a happy snowman....

and some with lovely buttons....

I have done quite a bit of other sewing.  Some are secret stuff so no peaking at all!! 

Some are jobs which is wonderful and I do share sneaky peaks and some pics on my work Facebook page HERE if you are interested - the blog will be mainly kept for my own private stuff....

This week I got a handmade ornie in the post... how fun.... clever little idea

Righto, Gotto Go... Tuesday is sewing blocks day with the girls.... I'm looking forward to it ... but I think I will start with a coffee!


  1. Your tree is a Persian silk tree... I would love to try one.....

  2. Good luck with the ants. They might be after the scale on the trunk or leaves, in which I would treat the scale first? If you dont think its scale try, this; a teaspoon of vegimite in a cup of hot water and a little sugar (stir til sugar dissolves) , place it in shallow bowls and they come and drink it, not sure if it is the yeast that kills them in it but at least the pets are safe if they drink it.

  3. Beautiful Persian silk ( thanks chooky ) good luck with the ants :(

  4. wow Fiona i sure do love your trees what a pretty spot your garden is.your decorations are so cute and i love the one you got in the mail,so pretty and different,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. Sew many pretty flowering trees at your home.. Do hope you can get rid of the ants.
    Yes it's fun making little oraments..
    Enjoy your Tuesday block sewing...

  6. The gardens are beautiful and love the whispy flowers. We had a bad year with ants, they are eating all the leaves on our trees, so I may have to resort to a professional, they are destroying my yard. Love your ornaments, really fun pieces.


  7. Coffee is always a good start.. the ornaments are looking lovely - like your garden - I would think that is some variety of grevillea but really have no idea!!
    oh - just read Chooky's comment - shows what I (don't) know!!

  8. thanks for the walk around the garden love those flowers, they look like fibre optic lamps and the pomegranate flowers are stunning.
    off to have a look at your facebook page....

  9. Gorgeous garden, gorgeous ornies.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. Dear Fiona,
    love your trees in the garden, they are very different to what we have over here. Beautiful flora.
    Also like your Christmas Ornaments a lot, wonderful work.

  11. What a beautiful tree. .lucky Chooky knew what it was...I was thinking wattle!! Haa!!! You have some beautiful trees in your garden...good luck with the ants...I haven't heard the vegemite recipe before!! Your ornaments are beautiful....looking forward to seeing the blocks you make this week.

  12. Love those pom pom flowers. You have a beautiful garden there Fiona. Hugs,xx

  13. You have a beautiful, huge garden. I have never seen a white jacaranda before-- we have 2 purple ones instead.

  14. Your garden is a delight. Lots of lovely areas to enjoy.
    Lovely work on your Christmas projects - so much to do!

  15. Your tree is what we call an Albizia - I think that Persian silk tree is the common name? Anyway we have one too and the flowers press beautifully. If you have one of those microfleur presses then they only take a few seconds. Your garden is full of treasures - pomegranate is one of my favourite flowers and your ornamental one is beautiful.Pretty Christmas ornaments and the lolipop is fun! xx

  16. You certainly have inherited a lovely garden. I just love your white Jacaranda. Very cute ornies too.

  17. Truly gorgeous garden love your Ornies 😍😍

    1. It will be like 12 months of surprises in your garden - watching for everything to pop up or flower Fiona. Such gorgeous and varied decorations you've been making

  18. lovely tour around your gardens Fiona - looks like there's a lot of it!

  19. It's always fun to discover what's in a new garden..looks like you have some real treasures ... there were lots of bulbs in this one when we moved here so plants seemed to appear overnight! Your little ornies are looking good :-)

  20. What a lovely garden Fiona.....sounds like the pink one is a Peesian Silk Tree...the name suits it! Good on you for all that sewing!

  21. lovely to see your new surroundings, a beautiful place to be

  22. Your garden is so lovely, but oh those bad ants!!! Love your ornaments, hon.


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