Thursday, July 2, 2015


Gotta love little Miss Q on her Quilt... 

Alphabet bears by Michelle Ridgeway

.. and gotta love a new quilt to make....

... and gotta love friends who want to make the same quilt...

... only Madame C has the book till Madame L and mine arrive but I did make these block holders in preparation....

(tutorial  HERE though I used an all purpose craft glue... I found my hot glue gun was very gluggy and didnt' stick well at all - could be a user fault!!!)  and I also had some corflute (instead of the foam board) from a sign which I repurposed ...

.. so we started with a block that we thought would be easy and no templates needed (since we are waiting for our books to arrive)

Chimneys and Cornerstones - 16 pieces

....these are all 6" blocks....

... there was a bit of reverse sewing required from time to time....

Chinese Coin - 17 pieces

I love how they look so different in our chosen colourways...

Madame L is using the purples and greys and Madame C is doing the pastels

Children's Delight - 12 pieces

.. the board certainly makes it nice and easy to lay out the block ...

I am using up scraps in civil war reproduction fabrics that I have from previous projects for the moment since only smaller pieces are needed - have purchased some backgrounds and I will need sashing

Ribbon Star - 17 pieces

this next one was supposed to be foundation paper pieced but was simpler just to cut and sew....

Bright Hopes - 5 pieces

here on my first 5 blocks.... there are only 140 of them.....

... not bad for a days work.... 

I am hoping that sewing with the other two will make sure I keep up with the blocks making and don't end up with yet another half finished project in the cupboard ...

Righto, Gotto Go... prep work for next weeks sewing to do... it will be blocks with a bit of English Paper Piecing so we can take handwork to Quilt Club ...


  1. Love the bear. Beary cute. :). I will enjoy watching your progress with this quilt. Maybe it will encourage me to start. Hugs, xx

  2. The alphabet bears are so cute and that is going to be a beautiful quilt, but it looks like a lot of piecing;)


  3. Dear Fiona,
    lovely bear stitchery and your new project is so exciting.

  4. I'd love to make Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - got the book...even chose a few fabrics...but something else came will be so much better as a group thing....Looking forward to seeing all the blocks.

  5. so much fun to be quilting along with other. love the Q bear too

  6. Your new quilt will keep you busy for a while, Fiona.

  7. I bought that it! Scared myself! Put it on the shelf! Lol! You will ace it I know. Your blocks are lovely... Q looks great xx

  8. Hi Fiona,wow I love all your blocks,it's so good you friends to sew along on this project with you,,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  9. Really gorgeous Fiona, you will have those done in no time at all.

  10. Wow, this one's a big undertaking. Great to sew it with friends, will help keep the momentum going.

  11. Oh Fiona this is going to be sooo it especially in the repro!

  12. Those little blocks are super sweet!!!! I agree, sometimes it's just as easy just to piece the block (rather than the paper method).

  13. It is always fun to sew with friends

  14. Love that Q bear. Wonderful blocks too.

  15. Love your sampler blocks...I had you down for the purple fabrics, not the reproduction LOL, just goes to show how diverse your tastes are!

  16. Friends are soooo helpful in that department! Love miss Q... Xox

  17. Now I thought I may have had this book but at 11pm I couldn't stand it and had to check and I did! Maybe I might do this too and cut and sew. Are you going to do all the sashings the the 10 yards recommended...phew!

  18. What a brilliant idea the quilt board is, I am definately making one of those! You certainly did a lot in one week, keep it up there looks like plenty more to do. Love your Q bear too...

  19. Love the stitchery and your blocks are wonderful!! Imagine if you and your friends get together once a month, you will have these done in no time!!! I have the book too, just unpacked it today, looked at it, thought about it and put it on the shelf!!! Lol!! Maybe one day! Isn't it wonderful to sew with friends, so motivating!!

  20. very pretty miss q,
    loving your new project and looks like you will keep each other inspired and motivated.
    It's great seeing the different fabric choices. Only 135 to go!

  21. My gosh. You don't mind biting off big projects!! I am full of admiration for everyone who does these types of quilts. love seeing the blocks already made and will enjoy watch the count grow.

  22. Those blocks are gorgeous, although I'm with Michelle - that scares me, lol!!!! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun stitching together!


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