Monday, July 20, 2015

FNSI and first day of retreat...

On Friday morning I went off to retreat which is a gathering of the girls who go to the Friday Nights sewing at The Quilters Angel.... I have only been twice and I just love it.  There is accommodation at the venue but it is only 15 minutes away from where I live so I do come home at night.

Before I left an envelope was delivered to me.....

look what dear Anthea sent to me for Christmas in July.... a lovely personalised ornament

... now this is only 2 3/4" square so those stitches are minute... Hubz said "she must get sore eyes stitching that".  I have to say I was a bit tearful as I have never just received a Christmas in July ornament just because someone was thinking of me... thank you so much Anthea... very special and I'm looking forward to this ornament decorating my tree at Christmas in December....

This is one of the projects I got prepared for retreat... I made the quilt top some time ago and chose some border fabric on Thursday to finish it off....

...but firstly one of the girls taught us to make these lovely little bowls.. can be a thread catcher, or a thread holder, or a chocolate keeper....

very cute and I can see more being made...

It was FNSI hosted by Wonderful Wendy  in the evening so I sat dutifully by Hubz watching footy/cricket/whatever else was being watched and finished off this block for In My Garden...

I neglected to say that we had some lovely visitors up the range recdntly .. Raelene was over from New Zealand and Michelle collected her and came up the range... we met up with Kris for lunch and generally had a lovely day looking at shops... there may have been a few purchases made ....

... just a quick tip I saw and thus organised some of my machine needle boxes which seem to scatter in a drawer.... put them in a case ...

.. it's an old CD case... just the perfect size...

Righto, Gotto Go.... I want to see what else was done on Friday night....

Thanks for having us over on Friday night Wendy... it was such fun (even with footy/cricket/whatever)


  1. That is the sweetest ornament, who is a lucky girl. Your quilt is beautiful and what a good wife you are - I hide the remote when the footy is on so he has to go to the man cave.

  2. Unexpected surprises keep you smiling all day and I am sure that retreats have medicinal value and increase life expectancy. Great idea for the needle storage, thanks.

  3. Hi Fiona,that is a lovely thing for Anthea to do. Love those holders and what a great idea with those CD containers,yes I love what Elyte said ,it is true retreats increase your life expectancy ,enjoy your day my friend xx

  4. A retreat sounds like so much fun. I've never gotten the chance for that. One day for sure. Love your block and your fabric bowl. So sweet.

  5. Beautiful ornament from Anthea. Love the holder & think using it for chocolate is the best idea. :) Love the idea for needle storage. Hugs,xx

  6. Clever idea about the CD case... Still loving your thread catcher - but a chocolate bowl sounds even better....

  7. What a lovely ornament Anthea made for you. You worked on some lovely projects.

  8. Looks like you had a great time, good idea with the CD case

  9. What a gorgeous ornament! Good idea on the CD case, I have so many packs of needles that they (and any spare bobbins) are kept in a tin that once held chocolates......brings back memories every time I need a needle......

  10. What a great tip, I shall have to raid the CDs! Love the chocolate pot too!

  11. what a thoughtful little gift from Anthea,
    very pretty fabrics in your retreat quilt.
    Very nifty idea for your needle keeper.

  12. Love your wee ornament, what a thoughtful sweet gift :-) Sounds like you had your sewing well covered this weekend, with retreats and FNSI, that bowl is a neat idea and also the CD storage - must give that a try. Loved meeting you (and Kris) and visiting Toowomba, it was a great day!!

  13. Beautiful gift from Anthea! Lovely surprise! I agree with Elyte too...retreats are the best for you! So nice you got to visit with Raewyn..and the little bowl and great idea for the needle storage...must remember that!

  14. Liebe Fiona
    , das ist ja wieder ein wundervoller Post !
    Das kleine Utensilo habe ich auch schon mal genäht, ich habe auch die süßen kleinen Herzknöpfe angenäht.Ich bewahre meine kleinen Spitzen darin auf.
    Liebe Grüße

  15. Oh how cute is your ornie. Lots of lovely stitching on retreat xx

  16. What a cute little ornament! Lucky you to go to a Retreat! I'm looking forward to my next one, and it's not until November!!!!

  17. Beautiful Christmas Ornie. Anthea is such a lovely lady..
    You did lots at retreat...

  18. Sweet ornament Fiona and sounds like your retreat was fun as well as productive :-) Hugs Sheila

  19. Beautiful gift from Anthea - so thoughtful. I like your little bowl and your stitching looks like a good way to finish of your day. xx

  20. Dear Fiona,
    fun to read you had such a great time.
    Love your little Christmas in July gift.

  21. what a cute little thread catcher (chocolate holder!), and, as always, beautiful embroidery


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