Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A bear and some ladybugs....

Little Miss J is sitting amongst the Jasmine

(alphabet bears designed by Michelle Ridgeway)

... then feeling a bit overwhelmed with my different projects I decided to start something new....

worked on the wool project at a friends house....
... who provided just the right kind of support ....

.. and she happens to live near a quilt store....
(like 3 minutes walk near!!!!)

... so I got some pieces for another new project ...

This week the blocks for Natures Journey were done to keep up with the June Stitch-a-Long plan

I love these blocks.. those circles are made up of 25 little 1 1/2" squares each... so effective...

I bought some new nail clippers last week and they came packaged with a couple of these toe dividers....

I don't need my toes divided so I am using them to hold my bobbins .....

... here are the little heart and ladybird blocks....

... that's all the little blocks done now... next month is the biggie!!!

Righto, Gotto Go... I better get some things done so I can play ... such fun ... I love our craft....


  1. Hi Fiona,wow you have been on a roll and what a wonderful considerate friend looking after you and living near a quilt shop,think i would keep that friend,lol. Wonderful work Fiona and love the bobin idea,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Dear Fiona,
    looks like you got a plan, love your Nature's Journey blocks, lovely, lovely blocks.
    And the little Alphabet bear is just too cute.
    I don't need a toe devider either, too bad I threw them away. Not any more, great idea.

  3. of course you needed a new project!!
    Love your bobbin holders

  4. Love the bear & your NJ blocks. I've just got to sew those squares together & then i'm done for June too. Hugs,xx

  5. 1-1/2in blocks are very weeny......Jasmine Bear is very cute, isn't she!

  6. great way to use a toe divider :) and what better way to cope with lots a projects :) I do it here all the time. Get a WIP finished and start two or three more

  7. Just imagine having a quilt shop only 3 minutes walk away. Your blocks look great Fiona. I love your little bear. xx

  8. A great way to beat that overwhelming feeling is to start a new project and put the others to the back of your mind!! Love your projects - old and new. Miss J is such a sweetie! Take care xx

  9. Love Miss Jasmine...she is very cute!! Aren't sewing and quilting friends the best...that one is a keeper and a bonus being so close to the quilt shop!! Love the hearts and lady bug blocks, they are so cute!! Woo hoo for the new fabric and new project, very pretty!

  10. Love this month's instalments! absolutely gorgeous.
    very sweet stitchery
    great repurposing of your toe divider, so reassuring that all your toes get along well that they don't require separating

  11. Love the little bear !
    Happy stitching

  12. Lovely little blocks and sweet bear stitching. Love your attitude regarding starting a new project. Definitely works for me. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be to live that close to a quilt shop!!

  13. Love little Miss J Fiona. Your Natures Journey blocks are looking great. Don't think I'm looking forward to starting that big centre block

  14. Love your NJ Blocks and those new fabrics are gorgeous xx

  15. Darn it, I thought you were going to show us some funky toenail art! Very imaginative re-purposing there Fiona!
    And your blocks are looking so gorgeous, well done

  16. What a clever use of the toe separator ! Your blocks are so nice...looking forward to seeing the completed project.

  17. Love your new fabrics Fiona. Your Natures Journey pieces are lovely - the little squares are so effective but a closer close up would be great? xx

  18. Some wonderful stitching happening Fiona ,move the little bear , so sweet . Your Nature blocks are beautiful too , you have been a busy lady :-)

  19. Love your cute bear, your blocks look fabulous, love them !!

  20. I really like the sound of that friend of yours! Your blocks are all looking gorgeous! Love the new fabrics as well...MIss "J" looks pretty pleased with herself too xxx

  21. Good idea to start a new project while the others sit looking for attention. Did those yummy sweets distract you? Lovely new blocks and fabrics.

  22. your NJ blocks are looking great Fiona.....well done on staying on track.............

  23. yummy stitching, yummy food, yummy fabrics... a perfect FNSI spent with good friends!

  24. lots of lovely eye candy here.....I love it all!


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