Monday, April 13, 2015

Scruffy Faux Cathedral Windows Tutorial ....

This is a well used bath mat ..... it's really good and absorbent and even if it is scruffy and a bit ugly it is a favourite as it works so well ....

... when cleaning up recently I discovered bits of flannel and cotton blanketing .... I just can't throw things away...

so slice and dice
(Michelle gifted me with this wonderful ruler cutter.... fantastic for jobs like this)

the inner squares of flannel and cotton wadding are all cut into squares (mine were 4" squares)

you can make them whatever size you like and work out the number you want by dividing the end size by the size of your inner square....

Then circles for the background fabric ..... they need to be able to fit the square in so measure and size it accordingly.... NOT too close a fit or you have a problem with the turning over part later

cut slice trim 

(I had the bundle of ready cut cotton blanketing from when I was going to get rich making breast pads for feeding mums - I didn't get rich but the cotton blanketing was pricey and I hate to throw things away!!) 

For each square you need a circle that fits the squares.. a wadding square and a colour square....

(in the denim one I used towelling for the inside... perfect)

(this can easily use up those scraps you have in any colours)

this is how they fit inside.... now I just used the square to indicate a stitching line... you can mark of course....

... sew strips of how ever many you plan to make...

... this is how the back is looking ....

.. then start joining your strips... 
(again I have used the cotton wadding simply for guidance of the stitch line here...

... stitch your strips together....

 and it starts looking like this..... are all my strips joined together..... 

then start filling the pockets... cotton waddding down first....

...and your chosen squares on top....

.. then start turning over the edges and pin in place.... including the sides ..

... then you stitch them up ... basically raw edge applique

I used my free motion foot but quite honestly I think ordinary stitching would be easier

... can always blanket stitch also if you want a neater edge..... (that would take aaaaaaaggggeeesssss)

... and there we have a new bath mat... and I have used up some bits that needed using....

... here is the back.....

... it's not a prize winner but it is a worker... and will do us well... plus it's soft....

Of course ... make it larger for a quilt... or make it smaller for a pot mat....

A great way to use up scraps, old jeans, old towels etc

Much easier to go to the store and buy a bath mat... but not as much fun!

Righto, Gotto Go... there are more scraps to use up....


  1. Hi Fiona Thankyou so much for this tutorial,I love it what a great idea my friend,well done xx

  2. This is fantastic, and so versatile

  3. This is fabulous. You are so clever and I love how it turned out. Thanks for the tutorial xx

  4. what a nifty idea, a lovely new bathmat!

  5. You are so clever, thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. Thanks for sharing .... Great idea for a child's play mat or I spy rug/mat

  7. Very resourceful, and a great finish.

  8. It's lovely, Thanks for a great tutorial!

  9. You're a genius! Good job on using what you have.

  10. That's such a cute quilt! :0)

  11. Great directions...I would love to try this one...I have done traditional cathedral quilting but this is seems so quick.

  12. this is such a clever technique, thank you! and what a fab bathmat you have! I've often thought about making my own but it's yet another project that I just haven't got round to yet.

  13. Awesome!! I have seen a quilt made like this but never thought of making my own quilted bathmat!! You make it look so easy!

  14. Thanks you for a great tutorial love the bath mat !

  15. Great tutorial thank you Fiona. I have heaps of scrap wadding but most of it is I will be taking a closer look at some of my old towels to use instead.

  16. Great idea Fiona. Thanks for the tutorial. Hugs,xx

  17. What a great ideas Fiona, thank you for the tutorial!

  18. Great idea - especailly for coordinating soemthing int eh abthroom when all of a sudden that particualr colour is no longer available.

    you could use a zig zag too I think in stead of the blanket stitching . . .

  19. What a smart idea. Thank you for sharing how it is made.

  20. You are always so clever! I love the idea of making a bath mat and I thank you for the well written and easy to follow tutorial.

  21. Such a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial, sooo clever!


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